Free Rs. 299 Deposit in Bank Account – MyUniverse

myuniverse100000 (One Lakh) Participants will get assured prize of Rs. 299 into their bank account/ Rs. 299 voucher code. Participants who choose to get Rs. 299 into their bank account will have chance to win latest Google Nexus 6 phone and One lucky winner would get the grand prize of 14 minutes of free shopping.

Website: MyUniverse (Aditya Birla Money)

154 Responses to “Free Rs. 299 Deposit in Bank Account – MyUniverse”

  1. ubaid says:

    Yeee finally recieved after 35days…

  2. Niraj Singh says:


    Finally I received the at 299/- in my Axis bank a/c.

  3. shyam says:

    i got 299 rs in my a/c

  4. jay says:

    Finally i got the amount today in my HDFC A/C…

  5. vab says:

    i got today thanx smi in my hfdc bank ac.

  6. soumya says:

    All the useless fellows… its a thumbs down

  7. Prince says:

    I havent got 299. some one pls help me

  8. Ubaid says:

    Mujhe abhi tak nahi mila??? :’( 11-Dec ko Register kiya tha.

  9. Ravindra kumar sahani says:


  10. mahendra says:

    I got it today thanks SMI

  11. rohit saini says:

    Muje mile 900

  12. kvn says:

    thank smi and gosf

  13. kvn says:

    i got 299 rs in idbi ac

  14. Prince says:

    mujhe nhi mila

  15. Ashwani says:

    Thankyou for crediting Rs. 900…yupieeee

  16. karma says:

    mujhe bhi ni mila abhi tk. 11 ko register kiya tha

  17. rahul says:

    Muje abi tk ni mile?? Kisko ni mila abi tk?? Plz tel me guyss

  18. RAJA says:

    i got it..applied 12dec

  19. Mritunjoy says:

    I got it.Thanks

  20. suraj says:


  21. suraj says:

    Are they checking pan card no:::

  22. mohammad ashraf says:

    ubi ka 18 ko aya

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yeee i got 299 2nd time with wrong pan

  24. Arun says:

    Today i got money in two more accounts and earlier in one account.
    Thanks smi.

  25. Anonymous says:

    i got it

  26. rahul says:

    Its fake still i didnt get my money in my account… To whom i can contact regarding this???

  27. shameem says:

    it’s not fake…i received mail from ADITYA BIRLA CUSTOMER SERVICES P L

    We have initiated a credit to the Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the amount of Rs.299

    through NEFT for the below mentioned details.

  28. suresh chand jain says:

    I have not got Rs. 299 in my account. Plz deposit amt.

  29. sonu bhade says:

    I got 299 rs. In my IDBI Account..thanks

  30. Nitika says:

    i did not get Rs.299

  31. jay says:

    Arre yaar abhi tak nhi mila mujjko… Partiality kar di inn aditya group ko…
    Kisi HDFC bank A/C holder ko mila kya

  32. PRAVEEN says:

    recieved 299 rs haahahah

  33. anmol says:

    bawa!! paise credited in account! thank you aditya birla group :)

  34. ALOK CHAUHAN says:

    yesterday i recived 299 rupee in my PNB bank by NIFT

  35. aditya shishu says:

    firstly I thought it was fake website ,but later when I search on this I got article from TOI they have started new thing. addtion to that I got 299rs in my a/c today which makes him authentic website by aditya birla.

  36. suraj says:

    3 to 5 days

  37. ankit says:

    i got 299.. great. but why they doing this ?

  38. Devansh says:

    @vab abe tu kitna jutha hai.. gadhe woh iphone 6 de hi nhi rhe the.. woh nexus 6 de rhe the.. hahaha fraud insaan.. tujhe kya maza aata hai yeh sab karne mein.. ab ho gyi naa bezzati ???

  39. ANUJ says:

    I got it rs.299 in my acoount

  40. chandan says:

    got 299

  41. varinder says:

    Thanks smi i got it in a/c today

  42. ABCD says:

    got 299/-

  43. pradeep says:

    if u not recived the money then send the mail from registered mail id in my universe

  44. vab says:

    Omg I won iPhone 6 thanx thanx

  45. vishal says:

    can anyone advice how much time it takes to get amount credited after registration???

  46. ssssss says:

    ac credited with 29900

  47. Anji says:

    Amount Received my A/c

  48. SHAIK SABERA says:

    I ADDED MY ACCOUNT BUT I DIDNT RECEIVE ANY MONEY…i wonder how you people are getting money :(

  49. vinay hero says:

    I got totally 600(300+300)
    Thanks a lot smi

  50. King says:

    just think of it once, You gave bank details and PAN number..
    How crucial that information is, For them? No one gives single penny for free..

    I cant imagine what they are gonna do with the details..

  51. pradeep says:

    I have recieved 299 rs from myuniverse aditya birla group thanx smi

  52. SURAJ says:

    money credited to my account

  53. Ravindra kumar sahani says:

    my Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse account is created but amount is not received yet

  54. Abhishek says:

    I recived today 299/- .Thanks SMI

  55. Mehul says:

    i got 299/-rs in my bank account…

  56. fahad says:

    me too got it today

  57. ankush sidana says:

    I have receive 299..

  58. ankit says:

    I have receive 299..

  59. ASHISH says:

    Got in 1 Ac & not in other
    Amt credited 299/-

  60. vinay says:

    I too received the money yesterday

  61. abc says:

    recieved today

  62. Anonymous says:

    After 4 days i got 299…:)

  63. zafar says:

    receive 299 today

  64. ABHISHEK says:

    I have Contacted The customer care and they are saying that who are not getting the money in their bank a/c is because they are not able to track your IFSC code and they have said me to send a scanned copy of cancelled cheque at

  65. Jazz says:

    i didn’t get the money :(

  66. narayanan says:

    i also got 299…

  67. jay says:

    Mujhe nhi aaya abi tk…

  68. bhoopendra says:

    Bhai Mera nhi aaya abhi tak

  69. ssssss says:

    hi all
    keep patient
    aditya birla credit your ac within this week to all participants.

    received info from higher authority.

  70. warriorvivek says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! i also got 299…

  71. Youth says:

    Am wondering why they are giving 299Rs,,, even i got.. without any benefit nobody will give. anybody having any idea

  72. mohammad ashraf says:

    fake pan per kiska aya hai

  73. yash says:

    i got 299rs in bank account

  74. Vijay Kumar Gupta says:

    I have received Rs 299/ today

  75. Shubham Kumar says:

    I don’t getting my money,can you give me reason why

  76. ashok says:

    I got 299

  77. devender says:

    got 299 in 1 account 2more accounts pending.. haha

  78. Anonymous says:

    wah wah wah, paisa mila!!!

  79. phani says:

    i received 10am on 15/12/2014

  80. HarDick says:

    Received 299 today

  81. dhruv says:

    recieved rupees 299 today mrng

  82. sreekanth says:

    recieved rupees 299 today mrng

  83. Akash jaiswal says:

    I received 299. thanks smi..
    i have register on 12 december and recived on 15 december

  84. Geek says:

    Registered on 10th, received today. Thanks smi

  85. Ravindra kumar sahani says:

    got a mail with your validation is in progress and once the validation is completed amount is transferred to your bank account at Saturday

  86. vijay says:

    Got mail in inbox saying we have initiated rs 299 in your account through neft hope i will get it

  87. Aryan says:

    Mujhe bhi abi tak nhi mila …aisa kyu

  88. Dr Aditya says:

    I’ve received 299/-
    thanks smi

  89. bad boy says:

    Guys high risk of scam here
    first bank account details and more over pan card details.
    You guys only think who giveaway free 299 rs that also in cash

  90. umesh says:

    ye sab detail le rahe h. bank account no, branch date of birth. make sure if they hack ur account.

  91. ASHISH says:

    Thank you for registering with us & participating in the MyUniverse-GOSF contest.

    We are overwhelmed with the response we got in the last 3 days.

    We are validating the information that you have provided towards your MyUniverse Investment account creation.

    Once validated, you will get the credit of Rs. 299 in the bank account number you provided starting Monday.

  92. sagar says:

    Abhi tak nhi mila

  93. sachchidanand says:

    bevkuf banate h advertise karne k liye…

  94. Anonymous says:

    not recieve my ac num

  95. Sanju says:

    not receive money …idiot bana rahe he

  96. Tiku Ranjan says:

    I register it by yesterday at 11:00AM and account got credited tomorrow morning at 11:00

  97. Ravindra kumar sahani says:

    abhi tak bahi mila 11/12/2014 ko kia tha register.

  98. Mohan Parihar says:

    Dear jisko mila ye to batado kab apply kiya tha

  99. ASHISH says:


  100. shekhar says:

    I also not get anything till now..

  101. Manish Rai says:

    Received 299

  102. jay says:

    Abhi tak nhi mila 11 ko kiya tha register

  103. vijay says:

    I too got 299 in sbi

  104. netrafter says:

    Recd. 299 in bank account.

  105. mukhesh says:

    @shiv Kumar ur registration which date yaar

  106. Shiv Kumar Rathi says:

    i too got rs 299.

  107. Geek says:

    Fruends After how many days u r get, aftet registeration

  108. Tiku Ranjan says:

    i too got rs 299.

  109. sam says:

    I got rs.299 in 2 of my bank accounts for 2 different pan numbers…

  110. keyur says:

    Any one received free shopping?

  111. G D AIRAN says:

    recd 299/-,thanks smi

  112. Ravindra kumar sahani says:

    Amount not received yet applied yesterday

  113. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    anyone got amount ?

  114. vicky says:

    recieved 299 rs haahahah

  115. B A SWAMY says:

    I think it’s risky.. B’coz we r giving bank account details. Let’s c…

  116. ajay says:

    pan no gal at dal do … usse bhi kam chal jayega

  117. lakshman says:

    Dont give personal details

  118. Dh says:

    Bhai maine sirf account number hi sahi diya to uss se ye fraud nhi kr sakte aur sirf sccount number se ye paise daal sakte h aur naam sahi ho bas baaki sab kuchh b bhar do thats better bhaiyo.naam aur account number enough hota h paise transfer k liye to aur sab galat bharna theek h bhaiyo..

  119. GREAT Goodwill says:

    Giving pan card details and other bank details are highly risky!!!!
    check dis link

  120. sumit says:

    Hi guys i am a software engineer and i advice you to not share your personal detail for some bucks coz hackers always use personal information to hack and this is quite sufficient information for them you r gonna give… so please avoid….

  121. Abu bakr says:

    Imagine if u have 1,00,000/- rs in ur account and u are providing every details of ur bank account to some invisible organization. Is this not risky ? Just for few bucks why should we share our IFSC,AC/NO PAN NO ETC ?

    Now days even sharing mobile number is risky.So why should we play with bank account no.

    Just an advice, Depends on you.

  122. Kumar says:

    Not at all a problem to give your Bank Account details. No one can steal your money with out giving your password and pin as per RBI rules. Its just like giving your account number to your friend to transfer money.. Coming to “WHY” they are collecting these details… Aditya Birla is an investment company and they are collecting Pan and account details to get the Custumor’s CIBIL score and call the customers to suggest in investing in their shares… Hope this helps…

  123. Raj says:

    We r providing only our bank acct num. So no issue at all.

  124. ajay says:

    I got 299 in my bank accout

  125. RAJA says:

    is anyone got 299 in their bank account?

  126. Ravindra kumar sahani says:

    I am also apply successfully

  127. ritesh says:

    Those who want to know more about them should ask their customer care on call

  128. yuvraj sharma says:

    i have got rs 299 money in 2 days to my bank account

  129. Gautam kumar says:

    Bhai ye offer bahoot risky hai…

  130. GauravGM says:

    they wil know ifsc code through ur bank’s branch name.

  131. shahzada ivan says:

    Submitting your bank account details for just 299 rupees is not a good idea…after all Myuniverse opening your investment account which will definitely cost you some money is future…like other investmant account (its just my opinion, you may have different). Good Luck

  132. Avinash Gale says:

    yaar can v use bank acc nd pan no. twice..??
    page is hanging yaar..:(

  133. suraj says:

    @Prabeesh ..Don’t do copy & paste.

  134. yash says:

    my page is hanging
    not able to register

  135. martin says:

    I already got my 299rs today at 9am…:)

    It’s risk free don’t worry

    Birla 299 ke Liye apne naam nhi kharab karege -_+

  136. riya says:

    ye to ifsc code hi nahi le rahe hai kaise bhejege rs :@

  137. dilip says:

    I submitted lets see what happen…

  138. ritesh says:

    They r collecting ur bank info but this is waht freecharge, paytm, mobikwik, amazon n others companies also use to store n make money…uber is boss of all of them collecting n sending high amount of data to google servers but its misuse is not very likely…so it will just find 2 earn 299 rupees coupon

  139. dhruv says:

    can we use same pan no again ?

  140. sudhir patel says:

    Yes i have submitted
    Not risky

  141. Abu bakr says:

    Deal is over. Read terms and conditions, It was only open till 7 Dec. and it is also risky to share your bank details

  142. ritesh says:

    terms n conditions I have checked its safe guys

  143. hitendra says:

    Please don’t share your bank a/c information I have deduct money in my a/c this type offers is very risky

  144. Prabeesh says:

    it shows your pan number is already used

  145. gaurav says:

    i have submitted..lets see wt hpnd…??waise its nt risky a/c no. se kya kr skte h wo..waise bhi paise h bhi nhi…

  146. dhruv says:

    ye to mutual fund se related hai kahi ye hamara demat account to nahi khol denge.?

    ya kahi hamare bank se paise nikal jaai.?

    i have tried this one but not trying it again.

  147. dhruv says:

    is this safe and what this aditiya birla money

  148. jay says:

    Risky h but try kar liya ab bola toh h ki 1-2 working days main 299 aayega… Thoda jaldi aata tha toh karta tha shopping

  149. supreet says:

    Dont share your bank info .very risky

  150. kapil says:

    is it safe to fill our bank details in this??? SMI PLZ REPLY

  151. Vishnu says:

    Is any body submitted the details.

  152. GauravGM says:

    You may thank me smi as I made u know about it through my comment on gosf2014.

  153. Sreekanth says:

    Is it believable to produce Bank Details…

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