Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – Embee Meter VX

embeeEmbee Meter VX is offering Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge.

1. 80 Meter Points: On Sign Up
2. 100 Meter Points: Rewards > About Me Rewards
3. 150 Meter Points = Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge

Download: Embee Meter VX Android App

17 Responses to “Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – Embee Meter VX”

  1. Hemangshu says:

    sir the offer was existed 5 days ago.. i did 2 phn registration from 2 different phones

  2. PRADEEP says:


  3. Rohit says:

    Do not get recharge

  4. bibhu says:

    I got RS 50 thank u smi

  5. Himanshu says:

    Not valid for you carrier / area

  6. Abe says:

    It’s Not Fake. I got the recharge after 2 days.

  7. danger says:

    i also get recharge

  8. Kamalesh mondal says:

    recharge now

  9. Aditya says:

    Finally receive my recharge…They are not fake… They are taking to much time

  10. tako says:

    finally got 50 recharge after 3 days

  11. Omm says:

    I got recharge of 50 after 3 days

  12. B A Swamy says:

    fake offer

  13. litte says:

    its fake

  14. Radhika says:

    No recharge. 2 days now

  15. pradeep says:

    recharge not get

  16. sao says:

    @sanu wait for 24hrs more

  17. sanu says:

    Redeem the point but recharge still not done

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