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freecharge50Sign Up via Facebook & Get Rs. 50 Instant Discount on FreeCharge Android App.

Rs. 50 off Promo Code: FREEFB50

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72 Responses to “Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge”

  1. Arun Sathiya says:

    @Pulkit exactly my thought!

  2. sampoornesh says:

    So finally freecharge looted by all…
    Nd me 2050rs looted

  3. Pulkit says:

    How does everyone do so many recharges.. do they really have that many facebook IDs.

  4. prince arora says:

    is this offer valid today ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    but offer is closed how u recharged

  6. Sikha sharma says:

    193*50= 9650 Done….Yepeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Raja says:

    Getting error connecting via fb

  8. Koyal says:

    Total 26 Recharge done… 26*50 = 1300 Rs. recharge FREE..

  9. krishna says:

    so sad….recharge expired.

  10. abhishek says:

    got around 450 rs..haha….

  11. mohit says:

    haha ,, i read all comments .
    salo loot lia freecharge ko ,, !!
    shai h yar .. :D

  12. Manish Kumar Agarwal says:

    Done and it’s over
    I got 15 recharges on different no’s

  13. super says:

    Deal over got 3 recharges done ..

  14. shivam mittal says:

    finally 7 recharges done , got Rs. 350/- thanks SMI

  15. tewatia g says:

    I got 250 from my 5 acc. , thanku sni and freevharge with facebook , because this offer is give by facebook
    want details of recharge discount offers call me 8053737709

  16. rahulgs says:

    Got the recharge only on 1 st recharge to 1 no

  17. amit says:

    Some one hacked free recharg app?? I am trying since last 1 hour its too slow. N at last it is showing error

  18. Avtar says:

    now slow this apps but i got 10 rc off 500 rs.

  19. Avtar says:

    now freecharge app is slow but fine I got 500 rs yipee

  20. gaurav khurana says:

    plz tell how can v use facebook recharge frm diff. id no.s

  21. Rohit says:

    freecharge z my fav app….. u make me popular in my friend circle…… i lov dis app….. jis din code aata h , m apni gf ko bhul jata hu…… hehehe

  22. riya says:

    Prob. In synchronize with fb.

  23. Rahul says:

    Great offer. Thanks SMI :)

  24. Hari says:

    works great :) got recharged for mobile :)

  25. anshu says:

    Done 20 recharges worth 1000 thanks SMI U ALWS ROKS……

  26. Vignesh says:

    Recharged for 1450. thanks :)

  27. Where to enter the promocode says:

    I m not getting where to enter the code someone please help me out

  28. Ritika says:

    expixed .. Not working .. Pls help me

  29. vikram says:

    I got

  30. bharath says:

    my no getting error while logging in. plzzz anybody send 50 free charge if u r able access

  31. sam says:

    do you have any trick to create multiple facebook account ??

    because fb is alwasy blocking me to create new account. i have cleared the browser cache and session still the problem is there?? any hack to create more fb account pls

  32. Anand J says:

    Working Fine… Great SMI :-)

  33. Ankush says:

    Done recharge

  34. santosh kumar says:

    am unable to login with facebook account. Get an error something went wroing and we are sorry for that. please try again later.

  35. Ravi says:

    code invalid.

  36. Subh says:

    Mujhe a baat samjh main nehi aya sale a lok deta kaise hai…free mail mil raha hai thik hai,par fir vi..police toh nehi ay jayega na!! :P :D

  37. Arun Sathiya says:

    Seriously, you guys have so many Facebook accounts? o.O

  38. aakash says:

    Bhai smi…tx a lottt….freecharge valo aap great ho…

  39. mehul says:

    I am getting the msg its only for 1st time recharge.

  40. Rajkamal says:

    Freecharge bhai aap manage kaise krte ho yaar… Really awesome!!!

  41. sk says:

    working fine…

  42. Arun says:

    Its working…..

  43. shubham says:

    got 300 rs recharge and doing another 300 rs recharge

  44. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    In one word…FANTASTIC…done 8 nos successfully…long live SMI…

  45. ppp says:

    I got the recharge but it is not login via facebook now….and getting error:Something went wrong and we are sorry for that. Please try later.

  46. akash says:

    love you freecharge……..awesome yar….

  47. nitesh says:

    Only for first recharge.. if you have already done any recharge using FB login,offer is not applicable.

  48. Bhargav says:

    We are not fake… we really got it… Only 1 number 1 Recharge

  49. kiran says:

    got once thank u fc and smi

  50. ammy says:

    can i rechare same number twice ??

  51. sanjay shah says:

    how to work

    ??? pls give me step by step friends? ?

  52. swati says:

    not working..

  53. dhruv says:

    its nt working at all.. showing error..
    i guess these guys r posting fake comments to make people fool

  54. shubham says:

    Grt offer. thanks @SMI!!!

  55. sushant says:

    yipeeee 300rs recharge on diffrent phones

  56. nikhil says:

    grt boss…

  57. bhargav says:

    Hurray!!!! Got 7 recharges..

  58. Das says:


    I’m new to freecharge offers..already tried previous RS 20 offer.this time recharched 4 numbers..
    My QUESTION is if someone make numerous fake accounts and recharge 10-20 numbers, can FREECHARGE guys identify those unusual activity..? And make any problems..

    Any answer/suggestions/experience, would clear my doubts.

  59. Anant jain says:

    Yippiiee got recharges of rs400 on different mobiles


  60. Anuj says:

    tnx Smi :D

  61. prakash says:

    got it great offer

  62. armaan says:

    alwys rocksss

    i got it

    thanx smi & freecharge
    we miss u alwys

  63. ammy says:

    worked smoothly… :)

  64. Saras Chawla says:


  65. Gagan says:

    This transaction is only valid on your first transaction with FreeCharge…so please be aware

  66. Gagan says:

    how to login via facebook….please elaborate…i alrdy have the freecharge app on my phn..

  67. mandeep says:

    Fake…nt wrkng.. App not getting logged in by FB showing error. Why does this happens when there is offer only. Its not working why?answer?

  68. krish says:

    ho gya oyyy……1 ni 2-2

  69. andy says:

    when ever i click on sign-in with facebook i am getting error “someting went wrong and we are sorry for that please try again latter.”
    some one can please help.

  70. biki 9658547113 says:

    great working

    done 2

  71. riya says:

    Yes . it works

  72. rakesh says:

    great working awesome love u freerecaharge

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