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freecharge50Download the FreeCharge Android App & get an instant Rs. 50 discount on mobile recharges!

Rs. 50 off (no minimum recharge) Promo Code from: Give a Missed Call on 18002081005 to get your unique code.

Download: FreeCharge Andorid App

146 Responses to “Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge”

  1. Mukesh says:

    Deal Expired

  2. mohit says:

    it was for new users or u can say new registered numbers… !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    pagal bnaya h salo ne
    code not recieved

  4. prateek says:

    bakchodi hhh

    start to hua nii khatam phle ho gya

  5. Debasish says:

    Iss bar pata behi chala offer kab start hua oor kab khatam hua

  6. Anonymous says:

    start hi kb hua

  7. nama hemanth says:

    this offer is completed

  8. jagadeesh says:

    this offer is fake …night 9pm 2pm not respond…after 2pm this offer ended…

  9. navin kumar says:

    Not receive code


    Fake offer

  11. ritika says:

    Thnks freecharge .. I got 7 coupons till now .. Offer is closed now .. They are giving coupons to those numbers which are not registered with them .. Aaj se phele khabi recharge bhi kiya hai freecharge se , toh bhi nhi milega .. thnks smi

  12. amitjain says:

    Offer ended ullu banaving

  13. Arijit says:

    Guyzzz offer expired without giving any code to any person from yesterday…Freecharge just makes us ulllooobanaoing this time…

  14. Subh says:

    Offer fake nehi freecharge log kuch kuch log ko veg raha hai,jo pahle offer nehi use kiya! a khali ek chal hai.. :O freecharge kamina to hai,par mobikwik or paytm se thoda kom! :D

  15. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Received a reply that offer has ended. So Guys please stop giving them missed calls now. They are sick of it :)

  16. Kartik says:

    offer ended

  17. Anonymous says:

    No code received

  18. Deepak says:

    Totally Bakwash kuch Nahi aayega

  19. Arun Sathiya says:

    Just got the message ‘The Free Rs.50 Android App Offer has ended. Thank You.” from Freecharge. :/ :(

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anil says:

    Its fake

  22. Arun Sathiya says:

    @xyz Surprised to see that you got the code. I have been trying every two minutes from 5 numbers! Didn’t get even one! :-/

  23. Prabhat says:

    totally fake….
    SMI please come with authenticate post only..

  24. xyz says:

    @ritika I am not making fool…..I have received thats why I am saying…..
    I have done it from many nos. but received code only on one number

  25. ritika says:

    @xyz .. Yr pagal kyun bana raha hai .. No coupon

  26. shika says:

    no recd code

  27. anjali says:

    Totally fake.fake app.

  28. Sur says:

    Its fake, code not received,

  29. RVB says:

    Not received any coupons. This offer is not officially announced in their facebook page.

  30. ram says:

    Bakbas he

  31. Ankit says:

    Its fake….no receive any code

  32. sam says:

    its fake not get promo code or nothing…

  33. xyz says:

    yipeer received one…..
    Click here to install Freecharge app. Recharge
    & enjoy Rs 50 OFF. Use Promo
    code TSYZN4Z534TH3. Hurry! Offer
    valid for next 24 hours

  34. ajay saini says:

    Not working..

  35. Anonymous says:

    offer xpired

  36. Debasish says:

    It alrdy expr frndzz….

  37. Sanjay says:

    Coupon Not received. its fake

  38. harish soni says:

    Ye offer April ka tha….isliye Kisi ko bhi code nahi aa rahe hai

  39. Tushar says:

    Not working, i try frm 10 diff. Numbers..

  40. ASHISH says:

    Rohan code aaya ya phir
    Sabko mama bana raha hai

  41. shiv says:

    not received till now

  42. Parth says:

    rohan, kiya code aaya hai ? share kar.

  43. Sagar says:

    And who the he’ll r u to talk with us this way

    The dalal of this app

  44. Rohan says:

    hey yuppy code aa gya .
    my Rs.50 recharge was done .

  45. Parth says:

    anonymus, aap kiyo garm ho rahe ho bahi. chillllllllllll

  46. paras says:


  47. bond says:

    no coupon…freecharge fucks…

  48. piyu says:

    nai aaya code :(

  49. Anonymous says:

    expired hai ye offer April ka hai

  50. poklu says:

    receive my code….hulalalala hu

  51. anonymus says:

    Free me recharge chaie or chillana bhi Hai
    Ayega to ayega nikar nai ayega
    Tumhara Kuch gaya kya..

  52. anand says:

    patience rakho code jrur aayega aaj tak kbhi bhi freecharge ne dhokha nhi diya

  53. Arun Sathiya says:

    Didn’t receive code. Is it just for new users? I’ll choose to wait. Freecharge never fails me.

  54. Sagar says:

    Code kyare avse?

  55. mohit says:

    abe aa jaega shanti rakho

  56. gaurav says:

    Nahi its genuine site I have used many times gives free recharge don’t blame SMI aur free charge site its due to server problem or any other problem

  57. devesh garg nbi says:

    Code not rcvd

  58. sandeep says:

    Why coupan is not send???? Free charge is fully fraud…

  59. krishna says:

    bhai coupan to send karo…

  60. hitendra says:

    Didn’t get any code

  61. toShi Dhaka says:

    no code coming..
    let’s focus back on ipl.. :D

  62. shivamji says:

    no coupon recd

  63. ASHISH says:

    I think we have to keep patience
    Or retry
    It would work

  64. unyk says:

    It says number doesn’t exist

  65. Jayendra Varde says:

    code dosn’t comes.

  66. Prashant says:

    Didn’t receive any code…

  67. Tarun says:

    no code ..fake..

  68. vinay says:

    no coupon received.fake offer.It is about 10 minutes from missed call

  69. Ankit says:


  70. vijendra says:

    Didn’t get codes..

  71. sivateja says:

    No code received…

  72. abhishek says:

    NOt recharge

  73. sushil says:

    didn’t even get one!!!! waste of time! :(

  74. Sud says:

    Use APP50C and get.50 rs cashback on min. Recharge of 100

  75. sameera says:

    looted 5000…lol

  76. Munish mittal says:

    Got 11 out of 27 recharges…..Thanks to freecherge…Best online recharge site

  77. rachit says:

    Amazing offer looted over 500 INR thanx SMI

  78. lalit says:

    i got 2 times but now it expires

  79. Nirmit says:

    Coupon Expired

    Admin Please Remove the Post

  80. Sagar says:

    Good….recharge on 5 nos.
    Bt now the code is expired…
    Btw thanks smi

  81. Sherlock says:

    Time out guys

  82. Imran says:

    Game Over Now Expire Looted 2k ;)

  83. Mustaq says:

    Code expired …..

  84. WTF says:

    the stupid app…bull shit

  85. abc says:

    Expired Just before….

  86. sud says:

    this code has expired.. :(

  87. rishi says:

    not working says code expired what to do ?

  88. pintu says:

    Finally code expaired, ha ha

  89. Rahul says:

    Code expired now….

    Bas 17 nos pe kar paya…

  90. sam says:

    recharged 5 numbers now showing couponn expired at 1.22AM

  91. Anonymous says:

    working fine I got Rs 250 5× 5 mobile

  92. Deepak says:

    working fine.
    topup mobile with rs 50…
    thanks admin

  93. abc says:

    every time i recharge from different ids i get the message coupon can be used only once. the same message appears from all my ids

  94. Anonymous says:

    incrct code

  95. anil golya says:

    done success fully 3 mobile nos. with 3 diffrnt id, ek id se ek hi rech allow h, now the website is down not opning

  96. supriya says:

    Yoooo……recharged 7 no’s

  97. shakp says:

    App shows error!!!

  98. sam says:

    recharged 2 numbers now freechage is down

  99. nischay says:

    they blocked me i recharged over 4numbers

  100. Gagan says:

    I recharged airtel no but its still pending for last half n hour

  101. Ankush says:

    We’re sorry! is unavailable at the moment.
    We’re working hard to restore it.

  102. Ankush says:

    not able to sign in now even in mobile app.

  103. sab says:

    recharged 20+ numbers

  104. Tanveer Ahmed says:

    Done 10 rc but now not working. ..

  105. Kumar says:

    now it is not even letting me to log in. waste of time. 2 years of trust on freecharge went off in just 2 minutes. will never recharge in this site.

  106. ot says:

    website not working its overloaded

  107. amit says: is unavailable at the moment.
    We’re working hard to restore it.

  108. gaurav says:

    Maja aa gya 83 nos pe rech kia….

  109. Kumar says:

    waste. totally fake. money deducted but recharge not done. worst thing is it is not even showing the recharge in history

  110. gaurav says:

    Good scheme friends I have recharged 8 mobiles with different I’d of my family members.thanks savemoneyindia for providing good deal no awesome deal and also thanks to freecharge.
    Gaurav tyagi

  111. Rahul says:

    100% working :)

  112. sabyasachi says:

    ab freecharge to lut gaya.
    it is working now

  113. rohit says:

    asking for waiting always

  114. shubhneet says:

    Done recharges on 85 no. :)

  115. Anonymous says:

    bahut maja aa gya free recharge ho gya,,,


    Deepak Chawla

  116. DEEPAK says:

    great great great offer ever in the history enjoyed the benifit of 200 rs on 4 diffrent number through diffrent different ids.

  117. Shivam says:


  118. donald says:

    Working…. ;)

  119. sabyasachi says:

    your payment received. we are connecting with Aircel to complete your recharge…..
    …………………………… now what

  120. Misbah says:

    done on almost 25 numbrs….doin this same thing since 2 hrs

  121. Keny says:

    All the recharges are pending and none of them are reflected in the transaction history!>
    Let’s see if it happens !

  122. paresh says:

    I have get recharge in one mobile.
    Other number are still pending.

  123. muni says:

    Sucess…thanks smi

  124. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Done 3 no with different AC. Wait for 20 min recharge will be done. It takes time but will follow

  125. hemant says:

    its working guys
    just wait and do not back while it is processing
    it will take time but will be done

  126. AMIT says:

    Done 4 recharges..!!
    Confirmed Received Balance..!!
    2 Pending..!! :) :) :)
    U Can use,,,,,,Same Device….But Diff. Account…Different numbers..!

  127. jaskaran says:

    Any body revieved balance friends

  128. Dipro says:

    They are recharging but there is a lot of pressure on server, just wait guys.

  129. Anonymous says:

    its pending frm last 20 minutes… fake i beleive

  130. jaskaran says:

    Successfully done with 5 no but balance not recieved

    So its not working its says wait 10 min to recharge but yet no recharge at any no

  131. sivateja says:

    it is saying taking time will be intimated later not working…………….

  132. Anil says:

    All the recharges are in pending and none of them are showing in the transaction history….

  133. Bharat says:


  134. amit says:

    not working :(

  135. Shailendra says:


  136. Viraj says:

    not working. Recharges not done.

  137. kailash kher says:

    very poor app!
    i will never use for ‘paid’ recharges

  138. Sudeesh says:

    Great FREECHARGE IS THE BEST SITE…..Hats off to u guys…you are the king of recharging sites giving such wonderful offers….

  139. chitra says:


  140. nitish says:

    3 nos of recharge

  141. Ravi says:

    bhai promo code kha apply karna h bta do yaar

  142. lalit says:

    i got it this is no 1 site

  143. rachit says:

    Recharges are taking time but it is working like a charm…

  144. Ankush says:

    Working ..

  145. Ravi says:

    where to apply promo code??

  146. amarjyot says:

    Successfully done 2 nos of recharge

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