Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – Haier

freecharge50Haier is offering Free Rs. 50 FreeCharge Mobile Recharge Promo Code on Following them on WeChat.

Steps: Download WeChat > Add Contacts > Official Accounts > Add HaierIndia > Offer is Displayed > Complete Profile. (promo code will be sent on registered mobile number within 24-48 hours)

Download: WeChat | FreeCharge Website

113 Responses to “Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – Haier”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Till i didnt get any msg…

  2. Sapna says:

    When I enter haierindia in official service ac
    It always display no result found.can anyone

  3. ashish says:

    I done it on next of the offer . but msg came from haier now scheme is over

  4. Uday k says:

    I got one unexoectedly without writing any issues

  5. Xyz says:

    Haier india me profile submit karte time jo mobile no. Diya hoga ospar cooupan code aayega.

  6. sumit says:

    koi bata do yr .. coupon kaha aayega ??
    msg ya mail or wechat ??

  7. Arun Sathiya says:

    Didn’t get any. Maybe I used this offer one month back or so, and old customers are not allowed to get this again?

  8. Rahul says:

    I got msg that ” Welcome To Haier India Official account. Today’s freecharge event has ended.” will I get coupon code??

  9. piyu says:

    not got any coupan…

  10. Xyz says:

    I got 5 cooupans and waiting for another one.
    Thanks smi and wechat – haierindi

    Thnx 4 ur attention to Haier India. Get Rs.50 top up using code HAZJ6GLLBUAKXYZ at Coupon
    valid till 6th July’14. TCs

  11. Rahul Ahuja says:

    bhai offer aj end ho gya??

  12. kashyap says:

    showing that today’s offer has been ended

  13. Anonymous says:

    On clicking official accounts, it is displaying message:
    We are having trouble displaying this page.
    We are having trouble eith the page you are trying to reach and can’t open it right now.

    Try the following:
    Refresh the page or try again later

  14. nizamuddin says:

    did not received any coupon or further information

  15. vishnu says:

    stuck on the page saying your information is being submited

  16. satnam says:

    will the previous user will get the code or not which does not get the code before

  17. Anonymous says:

    Fake offer code not received yet me too.

  18. Kartik says:

    Fake offer code not recived yet

  19. sham says:

    abhi bi h kya offer

  20. Avtar says:

    i received 50 rs. coupon after 12 hrs. now deal is end

  21. Rahul says:

    @tamana kya aapne haier ko follow karne ke baad apna profile submit kiya tha jisme mobile no., email id , name puch gya tha. Agar submit kiya hoga to aapko code mil jayega wail kar lo. Ok

  22. tamanna says:

    more than 24 hours but not received any code yet…….. someone help me yarrrrr…….

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am not getting coupon to my mobile via sms, what can I do ?

  24. Anant jain says:

    Yes i Got 500rs
    Thanks Smi
    now the offer has been closed

    Thanks SMI
    Please Launch Your Personal Android App To Help us to serve better….

  25. BL MEENA says:

    …hey frnz i got recharge succesfull 50 rs”"”

  26. rahul says:

    offer close ho chuka hain mere bhai

  27. ASHISH says:

    Has OFFER really closed
    Or up till 7 June
    Does I try or install we chat
    Plz anybody help

  28. piyu says:

    when u installed and register on haier

  29. shubham says:

    got 3 codes and recharged the same no. with 150 rs. smi rocks :D

  30. piyu says:

    via sms

  31. Hello says:

    Coupon code getting to our mobile or email or wechat id ?

  32. rockstar says:

    offer is valid till 7th june

  33. mohan says:

    I got the coupan code today afternoon n redom Rs 50 in free recharge apps .

    thanx smi n wechat n Haier india .

    its really working friends .

  34. venkat says:

    offer closed now.

    thank you so much SMI.

    I got for 4 numbers.

    only thing we have to wait. without waiting there is no need of blaming SMI.

    pls don’t smi when u missed offer

  35. Ashish says:

    I got recharge Rs.100

  36. Gotu says:

    I got coupon in 5 account today & recharge done in all 5 account..

  37. sunil kumar says:

    Recharge done… received on sms within 24 hours…thanks SMI….

  38. rahul says:

    piyu@ offer closed ho gya hain main check kiya hain

  39. piyu says:

    offer is closed or not can any one tell me

  40. sanjay Arora says:

    fuddu kamm, bewkuf bna rhe hain, kisi ko coupon code nhi mila

  41. sulthan says:

    Deposit cash to FC wallet
    Your deposit cash transaction was successfull
    Rs. 50
    Recharged on Desktop Website

    but balance is zero ??

  42. sulthan says:

    got the coupon but nothing added in freerecharge account order says success can you check anyone now with received coupon

  43. prani says:

    got code n recharge done…

  44. Arun Sathiya says:

    Working. Got 3. 2 more pending.

  45. tabish says:

    hvnt got the coupon yet !! u kidding mw nw??

  46. rachit says:

    is the offer closed

  47. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Yup! Got the coupon n recharge done…

  48. Prabhat says:

    Got 9 coupons on 9 diffrent numbers… Thanks SMI

  49. SAMIR says:


  50. Amit Bansal says:

    Got Rs 50 thnx smi

  51. Rajesh Murki says:

    Thanks SMI and haier got 5 coupons from 5 different numbers but 1 more pending

  52. xyz says:

    got coupons… now offer closed

  53. sivateja says:

    Got 50 recharge just now thanks smi……

  54. aan says:

    yesterday eveng dwnlded wechat juz now got coupon on mobile numbr of 50rs thankuuuu

  55. Prateek Jain says:

    yes the deal wasn’t fake and i received the coupon code on my registered mobile number today.thanks smi..

  56. Malik says:

    Got the code for Rs.50 recharge within 10hrs.

  57. chandan says:

    i have recived rs 50 coupon

  58. Mandeep says:

    Got the code after say 16 hours.. Patience pays..

  59. vijendra says:

    Got coupon at 11:50am 29th may.

    registered on 8 pm 28th may..

    Thanks smi and haier..

  60. zeeshan says:

    dey have strtd sending coupons now…
    got 4 coupons at same time on differnt mobiles

  61. Rahul Aggarwal says:

    yipeeee…just now i recieved the code.. Thnx 4 ur attention to Haier India. Get Rs.50 top up using code HA26……. at Coupon
    valid till 7 June’14. TCs

  62. Alisha says:

    Thnx 4 ur attention to Haier India. Get Rs.50 top up using code HAXBKBNTAMIOAGG at Coupon
    valid till 7 June’14. TCs

    received after 12hours…
    so guys please wait.
    this code can be used so dont try to use this code :-)

  63. Mohd Talib says:

    Got coupon code on mobile number after 2 hours.
    “Thnx 4 ur attention to Haier India. Get Rs.50 top up using code HA7V53BVXTPGVDP at Coupon
    valid till 7 June’14. TCs “.

  64. sanjeev says:

    I got The code from hair thanks smi

  65. xyz says:

    the offer is closed now…..not got even I single code….total time waste….chor hai haier wale…:@

  66. rohit says:

    they are not giving code since yesterday.If they dont want to give the recharge why would they publish…

  67. venki says:

    Till not get code

  68. RVB says:

    Not working.filled the form and it is not submitting,very slow

  69. piyu says:

    not yet

  70. xyz says:

    anyone received code till yet

  71. sania says:

    Its going to bbe24 hour but not recevid codes

  72. sai says:

    I dont know who got da code…In all websites people are waiting only..

  73. Arun Sathiya says:

    It’s been more than six hours now. Didn’t get the code still.

  74. Anant jain says:

    thus anyone got his information submitted successfull..
    I mean i am getting only one message that your information is being Submitted.
    anyone got the message information submitted successfully

  75. nikarika says:

    stucked in your information is being submitted…what next??? pls anyone help me

  76. san says:

    any one please update the coupon code.

  77. akhil says:

    For completion profile… Web page is not available

  78. rockstar says:

    Anybody know till which date offer is valid….

  79. avinash says:

    ”your information is being submitted”
    this is coming since long time ,Help me how to recieve coupon

  80. zeeshan says:

    @gv. No didn’t got any verification the coupon on my registers phone number after 40 minutes of registration or completing profile

  81. gv says:

    Those who got coupon,also got the verification call????

  82. Prabhat says:

    @subhra You will recv the code via SMS…. I got the same after 2 hour… Wait 4 sometime if not get till now…

  83. Prashant says:

    @Ritika Just downloaded the app logged in, on the right top you will find “+” i.e add contacts der click on official accounts search for Haier just follow that den you will get a msg from them just give the details and you will receive a coupon code, I have received the coupon aft two hours.(wait for some time)

  84. subhra says:

    @prabhat plz response, where the coupon is comming in wechat acc or normal sms or email, kindly mention

  85. Arunn says:

    Only ” Your Information is being submitted” messafe is displayed… no updates

  86. Saras Chawla says:

    Stuck in hair page “your info is being submitted” what to do

  87. xyz says:

    doesn’t received any coupon

  88. prabhat says:

    Got the code and recharged…thanks SMI…

  89. Rajesh Murki says:

    Done in 6 numbers got only 1 coupon waiting for remaining

  90. ritika says:

    @prashant …. Dude whats the excat procedure ?? Pls lemme know in detail

  91. Geetika Hirawat says:

    muje coupon ni mila. any suggestion guys ??

  92. Prashant says:

    Thanks SMI got Rs 50 coupon

  93. Jayendra Varde says:

    coupon will be sent to registered mob. no

  94. ankit says:

    Wait for 24-48 hrs..
    Free charge offers are never fake.

  95. AJ says:

    Got the coupon but when applied it says invalid or wrong code… what the hell haier????

  96. yoyo says:

    Got the coupons…yesssss…..loosers you wont get…..misers….:-p

  97. zeeshan says:

    Just now got the coupons with msg as”Than for aur attention to Haier India,Get Rs 50 top using code HAJFETRS****** @ free,,Valid till 7th June”. :)

  98. Rahul says:

    Got the coupon now :) Wait for sometime guys :)

  99. Anonymous says:

    Recive coupn and recharge sucess

  100. xyz says:

    no conformation msg after submitting the details…..I think its fake

  101. Patha says:

    apply the procedure but no coupon. fake offer

  102. Arun Sathiya says:

    Let’s hope they send the code to the registered mobile number as promised. (y)

  103. Anonymous says:

    nhi aaya…… koi code…

  104. kanishk says:

    dont know whether it is fake or not

  105. manish gaur says:

    No coupon recieved Fake Prome….

  106. Rahul says:

    I believe the coupons would be mailed in 24 -48hrs as mentioned on the Haier Page. :) Fingers crossed.

  107. amit says:

    wait guys you wil receive call from haier india for there sale of products thats personal number and name email information is being taken from us

  108. prabhat says:

    Code not recived…..:-(:-(

  109. zeeshan says:

    Info is being submitt d and nothing else

  110. sandeep says:

    Code is not sent ….!!!

  111. Rahul says:

    Stuck in Haier Page -> “Your information is being submitted”.

  112. Rajesh Murki says:

    No coupon recieved

  113. shubham says:

    didnt received any coupon…

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