Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – Moodi

1. Login with Facebook
2. Like
3. Login with Facebook
4. Select “Yes! I would also like to open my OXIGEN WALLET with a complimentary credit of Rs. 50/-”
5. Register
6. Login at OxigenWallet and Redeem Rs. 50.

Moodi: Register

107 Responses to “Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – Moodi”

  1. yatin says:

    Got 1150 In bank account,but now the offer has expired, thanxxx SMI and mood indigo

  2. Jagadish says:

    Sry 9 accounts

  3. Jagadish says:

    Got 450 Transferred to bank account instantly from 0 Fb accounts. Looted ;) :v

  4. Ram N says:

    The offer has expired. Do come to Mood Indigo for more offers.

    Remove this offer from this site. Offer has ended

  5. Anonymous says:

    offer expired … verified by me B-) 3 times :’(

  6. neeraj says:

    Please tell me the procedure…to get it after installing the app…

  7. palash jain says:

    I got it, just mail to oxigen customer care for this issue, you will get your credits.

  8. zfr says:

    GoT ?50 :D in wallet :D

  9. Maninder Singh says:

    Mainu ta mil gya 50rs.

  10. sai srikanth says:

    I wasted 3 fb ids no money i also login with fb

  11. Nilesh says:

    Now they removed oxigin wallet from registration page :(

  12. Technext says:

    Now… Not working 3 fb id wasted. Lol

  13. yatin says:

    Now they removed the oxigen wallet option and they are making people simply registered without any money

  14. SHIVAM says:

    I didn’t got any msg in my mobile!!

  15. Avish says:

    Thanks SMI , I got 50rs instantly

  16. aj says:

    I got 50*8 by sining up from 8 diffrent fb id and mobile number but site is now overload hope to get more ???

  17. sanjita says:

    Its not fake, just overloaded at the moment.Anyone has any idea till which date is it valid ?

  18. sandeep says:

    @ shivam
    bro after completed sing up u will get msg in that u r mobile number is username and password is mentioned in it…

  19. Akash says:

    Do one thing, download oxigen wallet application on ur android/windows fne… it will be very fast… i got it in one time only

  20. Anonymous says:

    wth the site is loading in my laptop since morning…
    tried 20+ times… what to do now??

  21. SHIVAM says:

    Website OVERLOADED!!!

  22. jatin says:

    Have registered more than 5 times using same procedure but have not got it…
    I think it is working in laptop or pc…
    So mobile users stop otherwise u r gonna loose ur time …

  23. jatin says:

    Not wrking…don’t waste ur time

  24. SHIVAM says:

    @Sandeep Please Tell after registering in by Facebook.

    Do i have register with oxigen wallet with same fb account??

    Please tell me in brief..
    And explain the procedure in described way.

    Thanks to Smi and @Sandeep Kumar

  25. Bharat says:

    its working for me
    got 50rs in wallet
    u ll get password in mobile

  26. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Hey frd’s don’t go rush to rigister u r mobile no, so just one simple trick u get immediately 50 rs to u r account…

    Procedure is same as mentioned above but select ” place : Mumbai and college is: IBM ” and register, u will get msg within 10second.
    But one conditions…
    Use unregistered mobile number and facebook id…

    If it works

    Commemt me: credit to sandeep

  27. ms charan says:

    bhai logo yaar hamne subah 7 am register karaya but abhi tak balance ni aaya yaar kuch help Karo yaar

  28. kvn says:

    I think it’s fack i’m reg in 3pm today but i can’t get any amount of oxigen wallet

  29. Avish says: website is having problem in loading pages, always server timeout error. And I could not recharge MNP ported mobile number , not able to select manually too..

  30. bhargav says:

    I think you all people doing from website..
    After moodi registration..immediately you have to download from playstore/windows store app..
    And login with your number

  31. ks kumar says:

    I checked in no money given! FAKE

  32. amit says:

    did we need to download the app…oxygen wallet.

  33. amit says:

    not received talktime.

  34. Akash says:

    Got balance

  35. jhansi says:

    Fake.. It was showing website

  36. SHIVAM says:

    Guys in which account we will receive ?50.

    In which oxigen account??

  37. Rox says:

    got 50rs thanks SMI

  38. bhargav says:

    Dear arpit… You don’t have to create account… You will get a password as a message to your mobile… Just go to oxigen wallet and enter your mobile number as a username and password as you got in message

  39. rajesh reddy says:

    Fake no money found in oxygen vallet

  40. bhargav says:

    Now working like a char… Getting 50 in couple of seconds..
    Looted 500 worth talk time..
    First do 50 recharge..
    Then change the denomination to 30 once and 20 for another.. Then you will get 50 for same number..
    Just change denomination for 3rd transaction with 10 and 40

  41. rahul says:

    haha received 50 rs in oxygen wallet

    Friends oxigen passward will came in your mobile sms

  42. sumit says:

    Instantly aa rahe hain wallet me bro just see your wallet not redeem point…Cool offer

  43. arpit says:

    Do we need to create oxigenwallet after register in mood I???
    Plz help

  44. sadaf says:

    Can’t login with fb in oxygen wallet

  45. AAYUSH says:


  46. Eldho Jose says:

    It takes 72Hours

  47. sadaf says:

    Can’t login with fb. Error is showing

  48. G D AIRAN says:

    how to log
    where is password to log

  49. AAYUSH says:

    Site is taking very much time to openneven on wi fi

  50. Karthik says:

    Working good.But it will take some time to credit to wallet.

  51. rhushikesh says:

    working super …create new account and loot

  52. bhargav says:

    Reply for mail:
    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for writing to us!!

    This is with reference to your email regarding cash back not received.

    We would like to inform you that we have validated our records and established that money will be credited into your wallet within 72 hours.

    Please feel free to contact us in case of any further assistance.

  53. Anil says:

    I’ve registered, now how to redeem oxigen wallet

  54. Anil says:

    Website is offline

  55. rohit says:

    abi tak nhi aaya yr

  56. Tim Chriss says:

    Aree… someone plz tell me how to login to oxygen wallet? I registered on that Moodi website but where is Oxygen login? When I tried to sign up it says name and dob is already there. Can’t sign up.. huh!!!

  57. rohit says:

    frend 50/- kaise aaega yr…

  58. yatin says:

    I got rs 50 in my account

  59. om says:

    got it thanks moodi

  60. naat says:

    Hiii just received 50 in my wallet after 2 hrs of registration. ..frnds try to stop using paytm, freecharge, mobiwiki they are not indian apps…try to oxigen app its an Indian app..plzz guys encourage indian apps only

  61. andy says:

    yaar msg toh aaya ki 50 rs load ho gye h wallet mai but app kholi toh aaye nhi…wat to do guys??? …kitne der mai aate h yaar??

  62. shashank says:

    post here if anybody gor it earlier of after

  63. anonymous says:

    Not working
    I got sms that acount is loaded with 50rs. But in oxygen site when i login it is showing 0 balance.
    Is money truly arrive in wallet or is it fake??
    Pls guys answer

  64. aj says:

    I got rs 50 after 3-4 hrs
    Sure u guys get too

  65. Himanshu says:

    i got 50Rs in my wallet

  66. anuj trivedi says:

    I aswell got a sms of 50 rs added to your O.W but not shown in account atall banate he log

  67. shravan says:

    Sorry SMi Just Received Oxygen Credit Of rs-50,Thanx SMI And THanx MOODI!

  68. shashank says:

    completely time waste. fake offer.

  69. vipul patel says:

    bakvas fack skim he i am also creat logi and like but can not come wallet amount
    esahi hota he to fack update kyu karte ho

  70. R1 says:

    fake not got any credit in account

  71. Raghu says:

    created account also received message but amount not shown in OxigenWallet..

  72. tarun says:

    Bakwas h site

  73. Anonymous says:

    Bakwas hai

  74. parul mehta says:

    guys whtz d exact procedure to redeem.. if itz wrking thn temme step by step plzz..

  75. manish says:

    Fuddu site. Making fool.

  76. aj says:

    @ms charan app mein bhi 0 balance dikha rha hai janab

  77. Anonymous says:

    Got sms about adding Rs 50 in wallet but actually not done . Fake .

  78. meena says:

    login page is not opening…

  79. Vikas Panwar says:

    Why are you people wasting our time?? go to hell Moodi & Oxygen Wallet.

  80. faizan vakeel says:

    did all the steps, received a message that Rs.50 was added
    to wallet, but when i login to Oxiwallet it’s showing Zero

  81. aj says:

    Got sms with rs 50 loaded to your wallet but when logged in wallet balance is 0…

  82. syambkn says:

    Waste of time I have not received any credit after registration.

  83. shravan says:

    did all the steps, received a message that Rs.50 was added to wallet, but when i login to Oxiwallet it’s showing Zero balance? What’s This Babaji Ti Tullu Banadiye Pls Smi Do Not Post Such Type Of Fake Deals.

  84. abhi says:

    Fake guy’s

  85. abhi says:

    Fake open ac balance is zero

  86. Anonymous says:


  87. sunnik says:

    Farzi h janab

  88. dhruv says:

    did all the steps, received a message that Rs.50 was added to wallet, but when i login to Oxiwallet it’s showing Zero balance

  89. aryan says:

    When I click login with fb 2nd time. Its not proceeding

  90. kiran reddy says:

    i got message u got 50/ in u wallet but i con’t login

  91. ms charan says:

    site pe khologo to zero batayega app download karne k baad balance 50/- batayega ok mr & ms

  92. virender says:

    fake . time waste

  93. gokul says:

    savemoneyindia aise fake adds daal kar apne follower na kam kare

  94. Eldho Jose says:

    Yeah Friends its working

  95. aryan says:

    Koi app bhi download krna hai kya? Koi link de do fb se login krne wala.

  96. SAM says:

    bana diya subha subha… :-)

  97. Prince says:

    Hey, u all are getting code to redeem ??

  98. Ganesh says:

    Got the sms about 50 rs added to wallet, but after login i see zero balance.

  99. Umesh says:

    did all the steps, received a message that Rs.50 was added to wallet, but when i login to Oxiwallet it’s showing Zero balance

  100. Umesh says:

    Did all the steps but no money in wallet!
    I checked in no money given! FAKE

  101. SAM says:


  102. unyk says:

    Those who are seeing any options disable your ad blockers!

  103. unyk says:

    Did all that, even received a message that Rs.50 was added to wallet, but when i login to Oxiwallet it’s showing Zero balance :(

  104. Neha says:

    No such option…!!! Help pls

  105. Prince says:

    No option in that webpage !

  106. ms charan says:

    not proceeding

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