Sign up for Facebook and get Rs. 25 Talktime

Once you sign up and confirm your account, you will receive the talktime within 3 days.

Note: If you enter Phone number of person who invited you, their number will also receive Rs. 25 talktime. (not compulsory)

Facebook: Sign up (before clicking, logout from Facebook)

41 Responses to “Sign up for Facebook and get Rs. 25 Talktime”

  1. Anonymous says:

    its a fake .dont beleave it

  2. Krishnareddy says:

    Hello savepmoneyindia, i used this link and signed up on 27th dec. but still i didn’t get recharge for my mobile. Y you liked to update this type of things? Be sure while uploading anything. till now i didn’t get anything from this site as they mentioned as free.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i got the recharge

  4. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the information…Registered my doccomo and bsnl number…lets wait and see recharge…

  5. RAJ says:

    I got the recharges last week, for both numbers, people your getting 50 rs talktime for free, so why the rush & calling it fake before you know it? considering all the people here & what we are doing, just be happy you are getting it at some point, & be grateful to the one who posted this, dont call it a fake without knowing. have patience, takes a week and a lil more. but it sure gets done.

    If you are wondering, 2 numbers, vodafone & docomo. Done.

  6. Milan says:

    @tina seems like new 2 forum…givin cell no n al..!! Lol…anyways guys me too got recharge on both ma aircel n idea nos…afta long days… so Don worry those who didn gt yet…

  7. Jigar Shah says: nothing since a week. both mobiles…those who got it tried from mobile ?

  8. shahnawaz khan says:

    I got the recharge after 10 days…..

  9. Tina says:

    I did not get any Recharge till now.Please guide me though how to get.

    Tina Vishal

  10. shavali s says:

    i didn’t get the talktime,its is fake fb accout………frenz dont believe……………

  11. Ruchir says:

    My third one also got recharged-Docomo.
    So 3 diff operators,from cell,tab and PC all three worked.Vindicated as I said such a giant can’t be fraud.Wait and then decide.And so we are here.
    The only thing Facebook did wrong was to attach 3 day time.Like crazeal,it could have said that we would under promise rather than overstate and don’t deliver.

  12. AMIT KUMAR says:

    Some of my friends got recharge of 50 rs. and one of them got 100

  13. Ruchir says:

    That proves Facebook is not fake.It takes time but considering our population and Facebook balance sheet it is great.They would like to identify fake registrations.Delay should not be complained about,that would be unfair even if 50 days.And many times recharge fails like ours at Recharging sites,technical errors etc..Not fake should be clear by now.

    Two of three-Airtel,Aircel got charged.Docomo was not but sites like Sulekha etc are not recognizing Docomo number as a valid number.Only Docomo portal is recognizing it.

    One trade secret is the no. who you say has referred also will get Rs 50 recharge.Mine wasn’t as it was ported but if not you can recharge 2 nos in one go-The referrer who can be an old user and of course new user whose mobile is not in its records.

  14. milans46 says:

    Me too got de recharge but afta 1week:-):-)

  15. BALAJI says:

    I got 50/- recharge on my mobile successfully. Better do it on AIRTEL/vodafone etc. Not like Uninor etc

  16. jaydev says:

    Its a fake today is 3rd day but still I have no recive balance ……..

  17. manas says:

    it’s great

    i get recharge

  18. S MANOHAR says:

    i got the talktime

  19. Anil says:

    Got recharge for my Airtel and Docomo Numbers

  20. Jigar Shah says:

    @nikhil after how many days ?

  21. sam says:

    Its a fake offer that they are displaying its a misleading thing and they are collecting phone number it has been more then one week and i didnt receive any talktime regarding this i will file a complaint in consumer forum

  22. Ruchir says:

    @Ramu-There is no system for even websites like Paytm etc which operator have you ported to.Now you can even change the circle.Only you and Operator and Govt. know.Hard to imagine you getting recharge as no way to tell Facebook the operator anytime.FB may try with default values but will get a refund and no loss no gain to anybody.Sorry about that.Try a non ported prepaid now.

    @Rishi-That is the most meaningful comment of the decade

    It is not entirely fake.I used PC without User agent change,Android phone,Android PC.1 of them Airtel got recharged today with RS 41.5 talktime.MRP-50.Not sure which one was OK.The PC even with User agent switch may fail as the model no.IMEI cannot be invented and Facebook knows all tricks to detect it is fake.No reason for mobile to fail but it looks Tablet without SIM slot was the winner and mobile rechargeless so far.

    Kindly also state which one got recharged to help others.1 is successful of mobile,tab and PC and Airtel out of Aircel,Docomo,Airtel.Will inform if any more success is attained.

  23. nikhil jain says:

    i got the talktime yesterday

  24. Sachin Goyal says:

    Its’s fake it did not get recharge even after 10 days and when I mail to , they do not reply…

  25. Jigar Shah says:

    got nothing as tt. though i think its legit fb site.

  26. Ravi says:

    I got recharge…..

  27. ramu says:

    sir if i have used mnp will i get topup?

  28. subhash says:

    it’s fake. i have registered three four days back not received the amount in my cell. Subhash

  29. shubham jain says:

    you got the recharge ?

  30. Ruchir says:

    @Rishi-That is great.At least they mean something.Mark is something and his Facebook has changed the history and geography of the world.
    But main question was 2% or 98% getting recharge.I have made three new Ids,three different operators,one on PC,one on Android phone,one on Android tablet.If FB recharge s all three,they really mean it.If 0,it is probably a gimmick and they will do it occasionally just to prove they are not total cheats and to gain benefit of the doubt.If 1-2,they are not serious but not cheats.

  31. Rishi says:

    this is not fake. U got the sms confirmation from FB no. 9232232665 or51555

  32. RAVI CH says:

    It’s Fake!!!

  33. Ruchir says:

    Like listerine,sites are preferring mobile registrations to reduce various frauds.M not a problem.As tt is not a third mobile application,what all are saying is Facebook itself is a fraud.most in the world including me don’t think that.Have patience,you should get your recharge if Facebook is honest but 2 issues.
    1.If no. is ported,it may fail as it will fill default values.
    2.It looks only for basically mobile users so even if you get code,apply code and all,even though it is same but still it is not mobile.Depends upon policy.
    3.More than one times may be difficult as same IP and proxy captures everything you type and so is VPN.Even then it may reject it thinking it is not a home user and so on.
    4.Best is Mobile or tablet and free VPN there or hotspot shield free which is hell otherwise.

  34. Karan says:

    It’s Fake!!!

  35. Rachit says:

    not fake…it connects you to facebook right away and displays that number already exists on facebook etc…

  36. Nadzz.. says:

    Its fake.. no response after entering the numbers.

  37. Sunny says:

    Fake website . Merely collecting Cell Nos.

  38. akash says:

    Its a Fake… …………..

  39. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Facebook mobile website.

  40. akhil Kumar says:

    Its a Fake… going to what is that?

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