Free Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover – Amazon

samsung-sviewFeatures Keep track of signal and battery status, messages, missed calls, time/date and music player details, Automatic power On/Off display, Wakes your phone automatically when opened and powers off display when your flip cover is closed & Interactive S-View window.

Rs. 2499 off Promotional Code: TM4IYW92 (in step Place Order under “Gift cards & promotional codes”)

Free Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover: White | Yellow | Orange

57 Responses to “Free Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover – Amazon”

  1. Dj says:

    opened the box just now box says s view flip cover but its not s view its plain simple flip cover without any window which covers full front screen.

  2. Dj says:

    just now received free s4 flip cover anyone else also got the same??

  3. Anand says:

    All orders cancelled no one recieved now covers are available but code expired fraud amazon

  4. neeraj singh says:

    Bhai tumne hi to galat kaam kr rakha h 50-50 tum ek hi order kr deta h isliye hume nhi milte tum kroge kya itne saare covers ka

  5. Prasanna says:

    order dilvered to me..

  6. munni says:

    i have photo proof that my friend from has received 4 covers

  7. vishal says:

    i oredered 30+ but only 23 depatched and rest cancelled.

  8. lucky says:

    All orders are cancelled by Amazon. Those who are telling 2-3 dispatched are fakes.

  9. dheeraj says:

    Yash fuddu bnaiyo kisi aur ko 10 ghante me tere ghar deliver b ho gya bhia bnana h to dhang se bna taaki yakeen b krle

  10. yash says:

    I received 5 pieces of covers yesterday at my doorstep. ..but rest orders are cancelled

  11. dheeraj says:

    sonu tu khush reh ghanta milega tujhe b sapne hi ekhta rahiyo ye kisi ko nhi denge

  12. mohith says:

    some people are acting like beggars ordered 5 r 6 what they r thinking dnt no if u have ordered y ur posting here senseless othere people orders getng cancell

  13. anix says:

    Ordered 3 , only one is canceled, and other 2 are dispatched.

  14. sonu says:

    my 5 orders has been dispatch,,, now in transit… will get delivered by 4 june,2015. and one order got cancelled… i think those who have ordered before 6:30 pm, they will get , and rest will get cancelled .. might be due shortage of stock

  15. dheeraj says:

    Bhai ye achchhe din h ab aankho k saamne dhokha krenge ye videshi amazon go back to u.s.we want amazon go back

  16. damodar says:

    dikhadi tune bhi apni aukaat amazon.

  17. sumanth says:

    ordered cancelled

  18. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    My order has also been cancelled. I have received the following message – “Your order for Original S-View Flip Cover for… is cancelled. If you have already paid, refund will be initiated shortly. Check email for more details.”

  19. Akshay says:

    All orders are cancelled.
    Aur mangao free me . ha ha ha.

    I guess it was pricing error .

  20. Rinku says:

    order cancelled.

  21. Vip says:

    Amazon is very cheat company and they cancelled all order so why put this type of offer on SMI, First of all check and after put next time

  22. dheeraj says:

    Inse ek baar claim krke 2499 rs ka gift card mangna chahiye sabko tabhi ye sudhrenge aage se fuddu banane ki himmat nhi krenge

  23. Udit says:

    Cancelled… :-(

  24. prasanna says:

    I ordered 6 piece.. 3 dispatch and 3 got cancle..

  25. dheeraj says:

    Amazon ki aukaat hi nhi h dene ki inhone last month b yahi kiya tha eveready batteries free me keh k order le k cancel kr diye the fuddu h saale amazon is worst agar nhi de sakte to offer hi mat do aur agar offer de rhe ho to mard bno sabko do free me kaha h to

  26. Aakash says:

    Order is now not even showing in account history under cancelled orders

  27. vishal says:

    same here..order cancelled

  28. dheeraj says:

    Bhai saare cancel ho chuke h msg aaya h

  29. Aakash says:

    Order canceled reply from amazon : due to technical error. :(

  30. Vivek says:

    We’re very sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to fulfill one or more items from the following order(s) due to a technical error. We have canceled items from the Order(s) listed below:

  31. Vivek says:

    The other one is also cancelled

  32. dheeraj says:

    Abhi msg aya h ur order is cancelled.sabke order cancel ho rhe h ab keh rhe h pricing error tha

  33. Vivek says:

    One of my order is cancelled need to know will they ship the other one

  34. bijay says:

    all oder cancelled

  35. Aakash says:


    Aur kisi ka order dispatch hua kya ?

  36. neeraj singh says:

    Apna to not yet dispatched likha aa rha h

  37. Vivek says:

    My order status is still not yet despatched.

  38. anand says:

    Ordered 1 white then its out of stock thanks amazon and smi

  39. Rohit says:

    No more !!!

    There was a problem
    The promotional code you entered has expired.

  40. Prasanna says:

    Order on d way.. thanks SMI

  41. gopis says:

    all 10 order has been shipped

  42. Saurabh says:

    SHOCKING!!!… Almost 5 hours and still not out of stock..
    This retailer might get bankrupt due to this deal :D
    Thanks SMI for this loot deal.. :)

  43. dheeraj says:

    bhai 1 hour se chal rhi thi khatam to honi hi thi

  44. ramesh says:

    The promotional code you entered has expired. deal expired?

  45. DHARAMVIR says:

    not working now

  46. vinu tepan says:

    it’s OVER

  47. Santanu says:

    Out of stock!!!

  48. parth says:

    excetly ye offer sab k liye he mera white mobile he or me white order na kr saka…muje orange krna pada order…

  49. bhargav says:

    OMG! Already Started, Showing as preparing for dispatch.. This time will get the products… Yeah :)

  50. pritam says:

    Ordered 35+ and ordering more… Planning to resell covers to others… I am a shop owner.. Good deal.

  51. bhargav says:

    Ordered 8.. lets wait for the amazon decision :)

  52. iShopfree says:

    Yaar 6 order kar ke kya karna hai tune? Let those people also buy one who need one

  53. Sumanth says:

    Ordered successfully.thanks smi

  54. Arshu says:

    Ordered 6


  55. Varun Sharma says:

    Placed 1 order.. Pricing error Likely to be cancelled.

  56. Appu says:


  57. pritam says:

    Ordered all 3. Thanks SMI :)

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