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One account can only get one for free. Pick up one yourself. Log in, enter this promo code when check out, choose 0$ free shipping is fine. It’s free, but still need go through paypal confirmation.

Free Screen Protector: 1.8″ to 5″ ( Coupon: BG3670 ) | Apple iPhone 4 2pcs ( Coupon: BG7357 )

14 Responses to “Free Screen Protector”

  1. neha says:

    Got the screen guard today… its not fake friends… :):)

  2. Manish Jain says:

    Not working as coupon BG7357 is no more valid.

  3. neha says:

    SMI is right… firstly some amount has been debited from my account but after few hours,the same has been credited back.. :)

  4. User says:


  5. Anik says:

    Coupon (BG3670 ) not working

  6. ketz says:

    #Raj #Tanmoy …. the charge and refund process you are talking about is from Paypal. And that is because Paypal very strict and allows on legit accounts.

  7. RRAJ says:

    How can we believe? If the offer is given free, it should be without any condition and payment should not be insisted and why this hassle of refunding and all that. Nobody asked for free. You are voluntarily offering free and insisting of payment is not at all
    correct and it is waste of time to carry out all these procedures. Supporting members should second my opinion.

  8. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    To confirm your card, we’ll charge $1.95 to it. After the card is confirmed, we’ll refund the amount to your PayPal balance.

  9. Tanmoy says:

    Fake site…. Don’t buy.

    Order will never go through. In fact I was charged USD 1.00 even when the amount on Checkout page mentioned 0.00. After the final page, confirmation never comes and and error page is shown.


    SMI please check the authenticity of the site/ the deal.

  10. ashish says:

    its just a trick to make accounts in website .

  11. Jatin says:

    The coupon code you have entered is no longer valid.

  12. aLiEn says:

    Apple iPhone 4 2pcs is working but not the 1.8? to 5? !!

  13. aLiEn says:

    The coupon code you have entered is no longer valid.

  14. arun says:

    i dont have PAYPAL id.if you have then give it to me..

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