Free Shirt from Kaun Bangea StiffCollarPati

stiffcollarpatiTheStiffCollar is offering free shirt if you answer 8 questions correctly. You have 20 secs to answer every question.

• All 8 Correct – Coupon of Rs. 899 (free shirt)
• 6 to 7 right – Coupon of Rs. 599
• 4 to 5 right – Coupon of Rs. 299
• 1 to 3 right – Coupon of Rs. 99

Answers: 1. Catamaran , 2. Grapevine , 3. Sadhana Shivdasani , 4. Serfdom , 5. Rigmarole , 6. Mercedes Jellinek , 7. Earl Charles Grey & 8. Serendipity .

TheStiffCollar: Kaun Bangea StiffCollarPati

17 Responses to “Free Shirt from Kaun Bangea StiffCollarPati”

  1. Zabs says:

    @Syed Zoeb : Please share link & code i will purchase

  2. sharad parmar says:

    how to play this quiz

  3. umang says:

    todays 02/05/2013 :-

    a).A triumvirate of ‘latin laymen’ in a prestigious institute fade into the anonymity of a low grade point average?
    b).Dev Anand’s excursion into the tourism industry was instigated by the sibling of a very commonly caricatured man
    c).How was Robbie Burnes to know he had a hand in John Lennon’s death ot some such crap. (5 words)
    d).Nehru’s tryst with destiny had an element of magic realism to it. As they say in bridge – Booked?
    e).Ask that your journey be long , full of adventure and instruction, through the streets of Dublin when the flowers are in full bloom
    f).A magician who was willin. He fought a Goliath in a metallic farm.
    g).Millais’ painting was to be based on this most Oedipal of plays. Or was it not to be based on ?
    h).You can only take part in this quiz, if you intend to buy a Stiff Collar shirt. But if you have bought a Stiff Collar shirt you are probably not smart enough to take part in this quiz and so you will be disqualified. (3 words including a punctuation, no spaces).

  4. Syed Zoeb says:

    i won rs. 299 but i dont wanna purchase anything so if any1 interested i’ll share him the coupon

  5. sherlock holmes says:

    will see next wednesday ^_^

  6. ravi says:

    only 4-5 answers were correct so got only discount coupon of 299 rs which is useless for me.if any body want then pls tell me…
    and SMI next time pls provide all correct answers.

  7. Alien says:

    SMI..4th option that you provided is wrong:
    All: Below are the answers to the quiz questions from last evening. We had some overwhelming participation – everyone should get an automated email later this afternoon with a coupon code based on your % questions answered correctly. We will hold this next Wednesday as well!

    1. Which English word comes from the tamil word for ‘a bunch of branches, tied together’ .
    Answer: Catamaran

    2. This term can be traced to Civil War days when telegraph wires were strung from tree to tree across battlefields and used by Army Intelligence. The messages that came over these lines were often so confusing or inaccurate that soon any rumors was said to come from here.
    Answer: Grapevine

    3. This actress from the 50’s and 60’s gave her name to a kind of haircut. Name the actress?
    Answer: Sadhna

    4. In medieval England Serfs were not allowed to pluck fruits from trees but could take fruits that had already fallen on the ground. Sometimes with a good breeze they would get lucky. What word ?
    Answer: Windfall

    5. In 1296 , Scottish chiefs signed a treaty of allegiance with the Edward the first o England, called the Ragman Roll. Scottish nationalists led by William Wallace (Brveheart) dismissed this treaty contemptuously. What word ?
    Answer: Rigmarole

    6. Who was the daughter of the late 19th century automobile entrepreneur Emile Jellenik
    Answer: Mercedes

    7. Which English prime minister has lends his name to a Chinese tea recipe – Orange pekoe with bergamont.
    Answer: Earl Grey

    8. Which word comes from a Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of _______, whose heroes “were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of”.
    Answer: Serendipity

  8. Gourav says:

    You gave 6 correct answers making us eligible for a Rs 599 Coupon.
    Stiffcollar earlier used to give 60 participants everyfriday shirt for 99…

    No with this coupon we can buy for min. 300…So its benefit for thestiffcollar..anyways thanks

  9. ALiEN says:

    Smi..please add links of shirts in the price tag of 899

  10. gupta.yash says:


    Same happens with me ….no mail regarding the coupon

  11. Pushp says:

    i completed the quiz and got mail from StiffCollar saying “Thank you for you participation to the quizz: Kaun Banega Stiffcollarpati ?”
    But there is no coupon in the mail. Now i checked again on their site and the deal is closed.

  12. Krishna says:

    Kaun Banega Stiffcollarpati ?
    The content does not exist or is out of date.

    Please help.

  13. ankit bajaj says:

    Boss don t waste time now as the offer is over

  14. Clash of clans says:

    Offer ended i guess

  15. Badal says:

    all prize is above 999 if any one prize is 899 then plz give a link.. thnx.

  16. HEMENDRA says:



  17. Sachin says:


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