Skype Free for a Month

Skype is offering free Unlimited calls, group video, group screen sharing for a month.

Skype: Free for a Month (To make this easy for you we’ll need your payment details to start your free trial. Simply cancel any time within the first 27 days of your free trial.)

23 Responses to “Skype Free for a Month”

  1. Yoitsabhi says:

    really working !! i got in RS 1 only….

    First change the currency into kr then proceed . check out proof friends

  2. BAIBH says:

    Call phones all over the world — landlines in over 40 countries and mobiles in 7 countries.
    India not in this list.

  3. Bhavesh says:

    @Ashish and @Rajesh..
    How to change currency to INR?? currently its showing Euro.. 1 Euro= 79 INR..
    someone help me..

  4. akshay says:

    u cant call to india @zeeshan

  5. zeeshan says:

    just subscribed it and rs 71 was deducted from my account

    even i m not able to make any calls,, :(

  6. ashish says:

    charged 1 rs

  7. ashish says:

    i subscribed but i did not see india in premium account.
    cant we call unlmtd to indian cell phones using this

  8. Rajesh says:

    got to the link for deactivate payment mathode

  9. Rajesh says:

    Only Rupees 1 Charged From Bank Account

  10. atul says:

    its working with debit card also……nice offer for limited time.

  11. Karan says:

    how to cancel the subscription..?

  12. mouli says:

    i already paid
    i am unable to make calls to my friends and family
    please help me

  13. nishant says:

    will it work with debit cards or its only for ppl with credit cards

  14. Kuldeep says:

    You can deactivate even now and avail free time without a hassle to remember to cancel.

    You will get this massage ” “You’ve cancelled your Skype Premium with Unlimited World subscription. You can continue to make calls until it expires on April 6, 2013.
    No further payments will be taken unless you reactivate this subscription.”

    Also remember to delete the card details from their website.

  15. Joe says:

    Can it work for indian cellular number?

  16. gaurav says:

    thanks for telling thank u very much

  17. For Niraj says:


    It is not a scam. They way it works is that you need to cancel the subscription after 27 days else they will deduct the next month’s charge. They do this because many people forget to cancel and these people get easy money. One must just keep a reminder to cancel the subscription at the end of 27 days,

  18. Niraj says:

    Please avoid it..After 27 days they will deduct 9 euro from your credit card account without any intimation…really cheaters…..

  19. Ramesh says:

    Please somebody tell me that they will really charge 1 Euro from my account or not.

  20. God says:

    Why are they asking for entering card detail when its free for a month? It should be like that person who installed this should be asked at the ending period whether they want to continue or not.

  21. Ruchir says:

    No to India.To Indian cell or P&T.Only ISD users benefits

  22. Kuldeep says:

    You will be charged 1 Euro initially but expect to get a return of it.

  23. sheth dhrumil h says:

    very good product

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