Free Stuff India magazine (digital edition)

The Indian edition of Haymarket gadget title Stuff offers the lowdown on lifestyle gadgets, luxury gadgets, private jets, yachts and adventure sports.

Offer: Free Stuff India magazine (digital edition)

3 Responses to “Free Stuff India magazine (digital edition)”

  1. birju mistry says:

    i would like to say thnx to p&g. for the make a free stuff & free sample for the peapole.

  2. Ruchir says:

    Shivam Bhai,it will look unfair to some that you can’t wait for few hours for a freebie.
    Got- Thank you for submitting your details.
    Prima Facie,they acknowledge and we should have patience.Most people I met say thay never received India Today etc after full payment and missed many mags.They were unable to muster courage bcoz of non delivery even after they want to subscribe to many excellent magazines.
    Nobody can guarantee that after filling a 30 sec form,one WILL get it.Surprise is not if I am not getting freebies after 30 sec effort,greatness is when you actually get one.Like I received some P&G sample worth 519+5 others prods from P&G.That is HUGE.That is miracle.Great heart P&G.

  3. Shivam says:

    Just Fake Link I am Alredy Booked Does Not Recive Book

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