Free Swastik Neem Soap

Swastik Neem with skin conditioners has healing properites that disinfect, prevent bacteria and are antiseptic; which make skin soft and smooth.

Offer: Removed. Offer looks suspicious.

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  1. aman jain says:

    nice scheme god one


    1) No Proper Details:- No proper description in about tab, there should be email id, Phone number and website information.

    2)Using Free Contact Email- Not using business email, they have made free email at, their email id is

    3)Only 250 Facebook fans:- They have only 266 facebook fans (in morning it was only 145). Usually companies spend first on facebook advertisement to get atleast 5k – 10 k like before they go with any kind of give-away.

    4)Not Professional page look- Page is not looking professional, even they have set free “Give-away” widget with 1 question. That widget allow to ask 1 question for free and more than 1 question charges 5$. If they willing to give-away of more than 25 Lakh then they supposed to spend at least 1 thousand on their widget and page.

    5)Using General BSNL number:- Initially they asked to send sms to be eligible of free soap and that was on general cellone number of MP/Chattissgarh +919425366444. Now they asking to send details at due to they have received over entry.

    6)Old Soap Pack Photo:- They using old soap pack photo at facebook page.

    7) False Msg:- In morning they had written “All Participants As Well As Non Participants Can Claim This Offer ByJan 1 2013 “. Looking strange how non Participant can claim free sample offer. Now they have down this post.

    8) Not Professional writing:- Writing not looking professional, they writing too in place of to.

    9)Amazon details:- They have written, their products can be bought from Amazon. its strange cause after giving free samples companies believe people will buy their product. And no one here in India going to buy from Amazon due to high shipping and taxes.

    10)Cheap Banners/Image:- All their images are self made but normally companies take professional developer service to make banners.

  3. Ruchir says:

    Thx,there must be strong reason to believe that.Furthermore these are new companies,at least I don’t know Swastik soap.Have nothing to give freebies. P&G,ITC,Nestle,Facebook etc do in practice,not 1 day babies. Rs 3 also involved,also privacy.If I wouldn’t have refreshed this page,I would have thrown Rs 3 in the Arabian Sea.

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