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free-tshirtsMyntra is offering Free T-Shirts. Free shipping on new accounts 1st purchase.

Coupon: MISSYOU500

Free T-Shirts:
• Men’s – Design 1 | Design 2 | Design 3 | Design 4 | Design 5 | Design 6 | Design 7 | Design 8 | Design 9 | Design 10 | Design 11
• Women’s – Design 1 | Design 2 | Design 3 | Design 4

85 Responses to “Free T-Shirts – Myntra”

  1. Shailendra says:

    banae ka kaam hai myntra ka.
    ko nhi dena tha to kyun pareshan kiya?
    Ab daily mobile & email pe shopping ki message bhejte hai.
    Unko apna promotional messages bhejne k liye yahi jugaad chahiye tha.

  2. nikhil says:

    i got 1 of my 5 tees ordered today…
    all others got cancelled but one of them got shipped and that’s really cool one…
    smi you rock and myntra also rocks…

  3. NEERAV says:

    Dear smi and all this is fake and makinh to all chu_____ we are done for free orderas after they send mail to us

    We regret you to inform that coupon used in placing the order has been disabled, hence we are cancelling the order. PLEASE DONT PURCHASE ANY ITEOM FROM THIS SITE

  4. WTF says:

    Robin Singh frustrated…Rofl…;)

  5. Robin singh says:

    I bouth 100000 tees and one baba ji ka thullu for myntra

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sale a myntra hum ko ullo banaya…. Sab ka sab order cancel kar diya…

  7. srinath says:

    myntra ki aisi ki taise….refunded 99credits…baba ji ka tullu…i want in cash emailed them lets c.

  8. bhavik says:

    sabhi order cancel kr diye du bnadiya sab ko

  9. girish says:

    i ordered 6 of which 5 are cancelled & the other is shipped
    @senthil: call myntra customer care and ask them to refund to ur account instead of myntra credits

  10. senthil kumar says:

    Myntra cleverly fooled us, my order has been cancelled and 99rupees went to myntra credit

  11. sujay says:

    i order only 1 with new a/c but now they canceled it. It just to get ppl details. They will cancel all order.

  12. dare to say says:

    all the people who mentioned that they have placed orders of 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on all those people are from Myntra…myntra really sucks making people fool really A sucking brand name

  13. Ankush says:

    order cancelled they are saying that coupon used to get the tshirts has been disabled and hence order is cancelled!!

  14. abu salim says:

    april fool my myntra ……..hahahaha

  15. Jatin says:

    My 2 out of 6 orders got cancelled by myntra

  16. RAHUL says:

    hahaaaaaa,bad day for those who bought 400,300,800….tees,finally all orders have been cancelled,i am happy that i missed this deal today,BABAJI KA THULLU…..

  17. RAHUL says:

    @bansal,PLEASE can you some proof

  18. Bansal says:

    @basant if u can track courier then its shipped till tomorrow eod . Else they cancelled order

  19. Akash says:

    i ordered 3 tshirt and one is cancelled as they mailed. one is shipped and the third one is pending on shipping… hope they will shipped the third one… finger crossed…

    but anyways thanks to SMI that atleast i got one tshirt … happppyyyyyy…..

  20. Basant says:

    I ordered 2 . Got shipment detail of FedEx . But now got mail of cancellation.

  21. shub says:

    all those who buys 500/400/300…..they are making peoples fools ……secondly all orders whether including shipping or not must be cancelled by myntra…..

    Most the peoples got email from myntra about cancelling of orders…..

    placing 500 orders takes more than 5-6 hrs…..impossible

  22. meet says:

    all orders cancelled……..

  23. Bansal says:

    OMG !!! All orders cancelled , i just check email now (: . Very bad myntra . Wasted 1 hour

  24. Bansal says:

    all orders shipped . I have proof of shipment :)

  25. srinath says:

    Vikram I bought sher singh tshirt first one itself xl size

  26. AJ says:


  27. MEHUL SHAH says:

    All those who are telling that they ordered 10/50/100 tees. Pl give proof of purchases

  28. Bansal says:

    @buyer no body is agent of myntra here . I am myntra platinum member so for platinum members free shipping on every order and coupon working multiple times :)

  29. raj says:

    bought 30 tee shirtzz free off cost…yipee
    u make my day

  30. a says:

    coupon expired

  31. vikram says:

    @ srinath
    send the link which shirts you purchased

  32. WTF says:

    bought 800 t shirts…lol

  33. srinath says:

    ordered 1 t shirt..99rs shipping chrge we have to bear.

  34. Buyer says:

    Who the are these people who are writing they bought, 300, 400 , 30, 40 Tees.
    how the is it possible.
    I am not able to buy even one.
    plus there is a shipping charge of 99. How do you create 30-40 new accounts.
    all these people look like myntra agents publishing wrong info.

  35. Aman says:

    bought 15 , 10 of them are shipped too.

  36. Manali says:

    Bought 308.
    Thx SMI

  37. meet says:

    coupon is still working on all products max discount is rs 500… refresh the page every second after applying coupon if it shows expired…..

  38. abu salim says:

    are admin deal expire ho gye h…..mall aa gya h

  39. ankit says:

    coupon expired

  40. abu salim says:

    Bought 404 …. yepiiiiiiiiiii

  41. Smriti says:

    These are all fake people….coupon expired since start

  42. vivek mohan sahay says:

    its not possible…the coupon code is xpired nywayz…hw many of der order has got shipped??

  43. Sunny says:

    bought 15 tees :)

  44. ANAND says:

    ordered 2

  45. Ashish says: n my team bagged 129 tees altogether. lets c if even a sigle tee comes :D

  46. WTF says:

    everything sold out…

  47. Bansal says:

    @diksha placed from same account :)

  48. Ashish says:

    I Bought 33 T-shirts all thanks to SMI You are the best …..

  49. Rahul says:

    All SOLD OUT.

  50. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Ordered two ‘s’ size tees for my sweet sweet nephew…hmmm..kanjoos mama… :)

  51. diksha says: u have 23 different accounts or u have ordered through same account

  52. tushar gupta says:

    One of my 4 orders is shipped

  53. meet says:

    orders will be cancel of new accounts….

  54. MOHIT says:

    bought 4 tees at no cost

  55. Bansal says:

    Hi All

    Myntra loot is great . Earlier when they issued Rs 1000 off coupon I got all Products worth Rs 10k . Today I looted 23 T shirts For Free . They Never cancel order :)

  56. pankaj says:

    mazaa aa gya kaafi order ka liya
    loot kiya

  57. Mansi says:

    They Are Making Fool of Us

  58. nirav says:

    bought 42 tshirt…hahahaha. :DDDDD

  59. NITESH BAAJ says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    Coupon Expired!!!!

  61. Hardik says:

    Abe coupon expire dikha raha hain yar

  62. nitin gupta says:


  63. Aswini says:

    where to apply the code??

  64. Anonymous says:

    bought 26 teees…..But don’t think that I ‘ll receive any

  65. Deepak says:

    Sorry This Coupon is not Valid shown on screen

  66. anonymous says:

    bought 13 for free !!!!!!!

  67. bhavik says:


  68. Ashish Jain says:

    Bought 25 for free….

  69. ram says:

    i ordered 6 t-shirts and order is confirmed

  70. meet says:

    bought 7 for free!!!

  71. G. Senthil Kumar says:

    Bought one for 99 let’s see

  72. Josh says:

    Sorry, this coupon is not valid

  73. dhokha says:

    ordered 4 lets see what happens next….
    order is confirmed so i think they will ship the product.

  74. zeeshan says:

    bought 6..hope they ship all

  75. sada says:

    bought 4, lets see wat happens

  76. Raju Chacha says:


  77. Vicky says:

    Bought 4 but don’t know will i get these or not……

  78. Saurav says:

    It is showing 99 Delivery charge how to buy in Rs. 0

  79. Samik says:

    Guess something wrong with the site!! I think they’ll cancel the orders :-/

  80. Amit says:

    oRDERED 3 tee’S …. :)) @Rs 0/-

  81. tushar says:

    bought 4 but dont think they will ship

  82. bhagwan sahay says:

    I like inline shopping is beast deep proct.

  83. Robin singh says:

    where to apply the coupon

  84. rk says:

    fk myntra coupon apply button greyout

  85. bhagwan sahay says:

    I try it

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