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campus-tshirtsLikely pricing error. Orders may be cancelled.

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37 Responses to “Free Campus T-Shirts – SnapDeal”

  1. Boss says:

    It show as Pending.

  2. mehul says:

    My 6 month before order also showing pending. They never close the order & at the same time they never ship the order

  3. gopis says:

    any status? still it is pending??

  4. abc says:

    Did anybody receive free Tshirt?

  5. taranbir singh says:

    people like sam are of no use neither they get anything but he has called customer care and made them aware

  6. Rahi says:

    now Rs. 137

  7. sam says:

    Just called to snapdeal, they said it was by mistake.
    So all orders are gng to b cancel soon.

  8. shashank says:

    too many orders placed. i know it will be cancelled

  9. amit says:

    congrats order started packed

  10. Abhishek says:

    30rs shipping charge is extra :p :p

  11. Suresh Ram says:

    ..BabA g ka thulloo

  12. GANESH says:

    Now they are charging for shipping charge of 30/-….but product price showing 0 only and added shipping charges..hmm.

  13. srinath says:

    shipping 30rs add hora ab

  14. Tulan says:

    Just purchased 17 T shirts in RS 0………………Lolz

  15. srinath says:

    baba ji ka tullu milega!

  16. sahil says:

    bought 10 milega thullu

  17. gagan says:

    ab mai order karta hua thakk gaya hun, aur order karne ka mann nahi hai, i have done 55 and more

  18. ankur says:

    yes my order is complet…

  19. Kirti says:

    It doesnt allow to order…shows error

  20. Kuldeep PAtel says:

    placed 11 T-shirt order.

  21. deepanshu says:

    nhi ho rha order

  22. gagan says:

    ordered almost 50 T shirt and still going on, Try Express checkout. surely you will be done.

  23. Devender says:

    how u guys placed orders???

  24. Anonymous says:

    Orders will be cancelled.!! :(

  25. Narayan says:

    Thank you.. Ordered 8 shirts

  26. Kunal says:

    completed all t shirts orders, lets see. haha

  27. gopis says:

    doing trick like sc

  28. Jay says:

    Bakwas h…..when click proceed payment show error HTTP STATUS-400…in previous time when they launch that offer same problem happen….this is only promotion and registraion…not any order will complete and if any order will complete that not be delivered….Dont down ur image SnapDeals…if u dont have guts to fulfill ur offers…do not give that shit offers….

  29. Saviour says:

    5 t shirts for

  30. Prasanna says:

    Hi placed 5 tshirt in 2 different order. hopefully i will get that.

  31. nikhil says:

    completed three orders..
    lets see whether they ship or not…!!

  32. Gurjit singh says:

    Gupp hai
    fraud hai
    order hi nhi hunda

  33. Devender says:

    unable to place order anyone got?

  34. arjun says:

    no ullu banaving…

  35. Ankush says:

    done but it will be cancelled i know!!!!!!

  36. RIZWAN says:

    Empty cart while checkout

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