Free Truecaller Premium 1 Year Subscription

truecallerTrue Software is offering Free Truecaller Premium 1 Year Subscription. Feature Find phone numbers, connect with people and make your phonebook beautiful.

Download: Truecaller (Install > Open > Search for #ILOVETC in Application Search Bar)

42 Responses to “Free Truecaller Premium 1 Year Subscription”

  1. chets says:

    Not working. ..

    If u have amy other promo code plz tell

  2. Rahul says:

    Getting this msg –
    No Matches Found
    There is no #ILOVETC in your network. :-(

  3. shrayansh says:

    it worked..and i got till 17 november 2015

  4. abc says:

    Typed the code in search bar….its not working

  5. Divyang says:

    Yes I got it Thnx SMI….

  6. lol says:

    Check the date of that article in times of india .. that news published on 18/july/2013…

  7. Samuel says:

    That’s true that truecaller site hacked 1 time but that’s not meant they are stealing the numbers.
    See full details of hacking attack here

  8. Milan says:

    Yup it’s working…..Once you will type # I LOVE TC without any space than it will give you the message “Promo Code Accepted”

  9. Subhasis Das says:

    Very Important News:

    Everyone pls immediately remove “TrueCaller” from ur phone as its database has been hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a hacking group… And truecall’s data base is linked with all ur accounts (facebook, gmail, yahoo, twitter..) to save ur accounts from going into anyones hand, pls remove truecall from ur cell phone.

    Its not a fake… You can confirm it from google.

    Those who have true caller pls uninstall/Delete IMMEDIATELY this app has been hacked …. news also published in Times of India.

    ???? Please do share with others….

  10. Lalit Sharma says:


  11. bhupi says:

    working totally..u just need a good internet connection, wifi did it in seconds while 2g data was not able to connect

  12. srinath says:

    jo bhi ho dosto..1yr free premium service milgaya :-)

  13. Arun says:


  14. ali says:

    not working

  15. Sahil Jain says:

    Awesome! Working Fine

  16. BAIBH says:

    Frnds, have you ever thought how they build up their database.
    Actually, It is a spyware which collect all contacts from ur phone. The names shown after any number which u search for are collected from other users. Do u want ur contact list to be public?
    Rather, I would like to suggest u that u should remove ur number from Truecaller database by using link :-

  17. KiNg says:

    Working Fine……!!!!!
    Keep It Up Bro…..

  18. anand says:

    Kaise ho ga…?????

  19. Naveen says:

    Yes its working.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thnx. .san and diwakar for your info. .i won’t be installing it now

  21. anjali says:

    Truecaller Premium objective?

  22. Bharath BK says:

    Got it:):):)

  23. SAI KISHOR says:

    That’s fake yar
    i am getting promocode accepted
    but i can’t find any new features and improvements

  24. vivaswan says:

    thnx smi

  25. Diwahar says:

    It require internet and is an illegal software banned in European countries as it steals the privacy of those who installed it .Dont ever Install it

  26. arya says:

    How to do it…?? Search me dalne se kaam nahi ho raha

  27. San says:

    Warning: those who nvr heard abt this app or software, plz dnt download it. It was hacked in july by SEA(The Syrian Electronic Army). It is still under their control…your data will be on high it!

  28. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    A very dangerous app to our privacy .
    It access our call contacts and call log not usefull at all.
    A threat to privacy.

  29. soumyaranjan says:

    thanks SMI for this great trick .I got it.

  30. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    What’s the use of it.
    Do it require internet everytime

  31. Zeeshan says:

    Where is application search bar????

  32. suman says:

    Got it…Txs SMI

  33. Anonymous says:

    how i do it?

  34. pawan says:

    yippe… I got it. Thnx SMI

  35. dinesh punjabi says:

    no happening

    please help


  36. Rajiv says:

    Yo???? Got it, thanks smi

  37. Anonymous says:

    it working.
    enter promo code in search bar.
    you will find a result as
    “promo accepted “as a result.

  38. harish says:

    i got it….. thanks..

    i was looking for this offer for a long time..

  39. Anand says:

    Yes I got it. Thnx SMI

  40. xyz says:

    how? not getting

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