Free Vivel Cell Renew & Body Lotion 250ml

cellrenewConfirmed working.

Recommend Cell Renew to at least 3 of your friends by filling in the form below along with a personalized message for them. We will deliver a Cell Renew sample to your friends along with your personalized message and also send you a 250ml Body Lotion as a token of our gratitude.

Offer: Free Vivel Cell Renew & Body Lotion 250ml

27 Responses to “Free Vivel Cell Renew & Body Lotion 250ml”

  1. Sudeesh says:

    Ya I too received….a big 250 ml pack and 2 small pack for my reffered frnds…!!!!!!!!!!! Loot lo


    i have not received it yet ….. i participated twice in this contest still not received any freebie … is this a fake offer or what

  3. cherry says:

    i too got it yeahhhh,but my frnds didnt rcv it yet!!!!!

  4. vinzi says:

    FINALLY GOT IT YESTERDAY!! :D none of my friends got though :-/

  5. aatif says:

    i got mine and my friends too. its real and working .
    i am excited :))

  6. shail says:

    not working

  7. K K Singh says:

    I got sample After 1 month & the cost of that sample product is RS-225 and its good product with wonder smale…………,

  8. pankaj says:

    they send me sample but after 4 months

  9. Shashank says:

    lets see… :-)

  10. Bhaskar says:

    Orissa also

  11. dongree mama says:

    Tamilnadu & Kerala missing in that delivery list…………. :((((((((((((((

  12. Mohd Misbah says:

    today i got it..its worth is rs.229

  13. vinzi says:

    still did not get :(

  14. Ragini says:

    I received mine, and this is completely genuine offer.. I love it

  15. Sudeesh says:

    Those who feel its fake, pls dont try and keep away from such deals…Lets try luck others if u feel good. U may get it if its true.No loss for those trying…there r so many other freebie offers like this… I hav got several items free bfore…so dont comment those who dont want to try

  16. donald says:

    I did lets see when I will get my sample…. :D

  17. angel says:

    done…. let seee….

  18. G D AIRAN says:


  19. rashmi bathani says:

    I like lotion

  20. Gendu says:

    Kya kar rhe ho bhai ,aisa cheez ka offer kyun dete ho jo kabhi nahi milta

  21. satish says:

    wtf vivel…

  22. Alam says:


  23. Swati says:

    @Mehul Shah
    They will provide samples to your friends and 250 Ml is for you friend.

  24. Hanif says:

    I think, SMI should keep `like` and `dislike` button

  25. Mehul Shah says:

    100% data collection trick, nothing will come, they want data of at least 4 person at a time. They mean to say U & 3 others will get 250 ml X 4 = 1000 ml free per person, what a Nonsense offer.

  26. Nauman Mohammed says:

    Y they force us to give the details of at least 3 frnz of mine.

  27. Jasmine says:


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