[Delhi NCR] Free Vodafone Talktime/SMS

vodafone-talktimeVodafone is offering Free Talktime/SMS in Delhi NCR circle. May or may not work for everyone.

Dial: *121*43#

85 Responses to “[Delhi NCR] Free Vodafone Talktime/SMS”

  1. Manish says:

    yr ye delhi mein postpaid per bhi valid hai kya

  2. gaurav says:

    Got 75 loc/natnl SMS and 10 V2V nights mins free.. Thanks smi

  3. Electronic says:

    Got Rs.57 talktime validity 10 days

  4. Akhilesh says:

    Got only 5 minutes V2V… And it’s night minutes… Wtf… Huhh

  5. kapil kapoor says:

    not working in hp

  6. Akash says:

    Got 43 Deducted in Ap Region

  7. Universal Papa says:

    Got 8 GB 3G for 10 Days
    (Panchkula Region)

  8. simo says:

    Does it cause any deduction in balance?

  9. AJAY says:

    ITS GR8

  10. aan says:

    offer is for DELHI users only

  11. bhavya says:

    mere 43 rs cut gaye faaltu code

  12. umesh says:


  13. deepak says:

    Its only for delhi NCR, Kuch unpad log aa jate hain (main rajasthan se, main bangluru se)
    kuch pado. Aur ye *121*43# hai. 42 daloge to gadde mein hi jaoge na…..

  14. Neeraj says:

    got 10 std mins

  15. kailash kher says:

    15 local v2v + 10night local v2v valid 7 days

  16. sandeep says:


  17. AJAY GAUTAM says:

    chal tu…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Nthing bt fake

  19. haamid says:

    got it. 30 nyt V2V mins for 7 days.

  20. jatin chawla says:

    got it

  21. Ruchir says:

    It looks effect varies greatly but got-You have activated free 85 local and STD min. and will be notified soon.So far so good.Hope a message to remind and confirm is underway

  22. ANKUR says:

    got 10 std mins

  23. sum says:

    got it

  24. harsimran says:

    got free 10 loc sms and 10 night mins for 7 days from vodafone….thnxx smi

  25. karan says:


  26. chaitu says:

    it is saying the offer is taken off

  27. Shakti says:

    got local v2v 10 min.. :)

  28. Rahul says:

    None of the codes are working in Bangalore Region.
    It asks to enter 10 digit mobile number but there is no space to enter the number.

  29. Swati says:

    got 7 std mins :)

  30. Gagan says:

    Its asking to enter the store code…any idea ?

  31. GD Virhaan says:

    tell few more codes plz

  32. vinod says:

    how much should i recharge?

  33. Bhavik Dalwadi says:

    invalid request

  34. Nirmal Kumar says:

    I got 15 std min with 7 days validity… thanks smi

  35. Mukul says:

    got 10 v2v min for free … why everybody is crying so much.. just followed the stpes… in Delhi circle

  36. sahil says:

    got 10Lac V2v Min Free

  37. naresh kumar says:

    not done :(

  38. Gaurav Singh says:

    Yes it Says Please Enter 10 Digit Mobile no. I Have Postpaid No. Is It Vaild On Postpaid Also.. Mine is Rajasthan No.

  39. harry says:

    it’s realy worked ?

  40. Tushar says:

    it says please enter 10 digit mobile no.

  41. srinath says:

    says invalid mrp.

  42. kailash kher says:

    *121*XX# is a short-code for recharge; to recharge for the amount XX. This amount XX and the benefit/balance u get varies according to ur circle. This amount XX is deducted from your phone’s balance. If you have Rs.20 balance and u try to recharge for Rs.42, it will not happen. recharge will not happen is the amount XX is not a valid recharge option for your Vodafone circle.

    So please, do not do any foolish recharge as the money will be deducted from your prepaid balance.

  43. Chan says:

    Invalid MMI Code.

    Don’t waste time. Time is money

  44. akshay says:

    mre bhi 42 ka balance cut gya

  45. Anik says:

    SMI please help, if you have tried it. It is asking for 10 digit mobile number, but there is no place to enter it.

  46. Gaurav says:

    got 20 local V2V + 10 nights Mins with 7 days validity as a giftttttttttttt:) love u SMI..

  47. akshay says:

    fake mera bal cut gaya

  48. Eshu says:

    I have recivied
    20 V2V local min+10 nyt v2v local min for 7 days

  49. Manoj says:

    Asking for 10 digit Mobile number Only option available “ok” when I press it, it simply quits

  50. Manoj says:

    Not Working Dear

  51. manoj bhatia says:

    i got 20 local minute free with inputing store code 100 after dialing *121*42#

    *********its true************

  52. ankit says:

    i got 10 local minute free with inputing store code 301 after dialing *121*42#

  53. kartheek says:

    invalid mrp and it is time waste work.Don’t do it.

  54. Samkeet says:

    waste of time and money, cheats..!!!
    got 42 rs deducted from the balance..!!
    they are using this cheap publicity stunt for advstmnt..
    BEWARE..!!!! ITS NOT FREE..!!

  55. albert says:

    Stupid message amount 42 got deducted from my account.
    when I call the cx: service they infomed me that I have acrivated a bonus pack in which vodafone to vodafone 40 paise,othermobiles 40 paise,STD 75 paisa and land lie 90 paisa

  56. ashish says:

    invalid request

  57. Geno says:

    It says enter 10 digit mobile number but where to enter?

  58. ashish khandelwal says:

    ten digit mobile number

  59. Dilip says:

    It’s not free……
    You will get the benefits by recharging or else money will be deducted from your account.
    For 42 ….Rs.42 will be deducted frm your balance and for 88….Rs.88 and as such……
    It’s just like bonus recharges…..Check Vodafone site for more details……

  60. RAVI says:


  61. RAVI says:


  62. Bhavdip Shah says:

    Fake entry !!! Please do not dial this number… It simply a time waster… :(

  63. Umesh Dhorajiya says:

    invalid request

  64. siddarth says:

    enter 10 digit mobile number

  65. Anil says:

    Invalid MRP

  66. Prabhakar.Lead says:

    Got the benefits by doing the recharge 100/- rupees.

  67. Prabhakar.Lead says:

    I got the SMS by doing *121*88#
    Congratulations, you have received free 900 V2V night sec+10 locnat SMS. kindly recharge before enjoying free benefits.

    How much I need to recharge….to get the benefits.

  68. abhishek sharma says:

    invalid request or wrong mnp no

  69. hrishant says:

    Invalid Request

  70. Anita says:

    result unknown

  71. gaurav says:

    from *121*42#

    get 5 std min

  72. shreekanth says:

    It Says Enter 10digit Mobile no But Doesnt Allow you To Enter Any No

  73. Rachit says:

    got that in time…

  74. Dilip says:

    What Benefits?

  75. rahul home says:

    reply came “Thank you for subscribing.You will be informed shortly by sms.”

  76. Shivam says:

    invalid request

  77. Ashish Jain says:

    invalid request

  78. vishnu says:

    I got it, but we need to recharge to get benefits

  79. S MANOHAR says:


  80. kirti says:


  81. Sahil says:

    Invalid Request? why ?

  82. RAMAKRISHNA says:


  83. Sachin says:

    awesome man thanks!!! :-)

  84. Jigar Shah says:

    invalid request

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