Free Website by Google

Here’s what you’ll get (it’s fast, easy and free): Business listing on Google, Easy-to-build website & Customized domain name.

Offer: Free Website (any US address)

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  1. abhishek sharma says:

    I am unable to point my domain name on website which i get through this website SMI please help and guide me wha to do, it said contact your current domain provider but who is domain provider in this case go daddy or someone else

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Viking-Have you tried it.It says so,but lies.I made one and after one month it said it is expired and you have to buy to continue using it.The PAN card cannot be used for second one.Ultimately only disappointment will be the result as what can be gained after a month or two of free trial.

  3. Ruchir says:

    @truth-Not an issue.Default is always paid after first year.Also always an option to uncheck auto renewal.Virtual credit card is better.

    Problem is it is not a free website,but a subdomain which is nothing and serves nothing.Almost everybody is dying to give a sub-domain for free like geocities by Yahoo, and what not.Sub-domain is useless.Keep visiting SMI for free bargains like Godaddy 1 yr virtually free.That is deal.

  4. viking says:

    Better site by google India
    absolutely free

  5. the truth says:

    0ne year its free then after $4.5 charged :P

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