Free Xorknob Bag of Cookie Chunks

Although Xorknob is not yet available at Trader Joe’s or Target, you can taste him with a free sample. Xorknob’s current production runs are small, but we always have a few extras. Enter your information below and we will send you a bag of cookie chunks, and we’ll try to include at least one whole Xorknob.  He’s delicious!

Offer: Free Xorknob Bag of Cookie Chunks

5 Responses to “Free Xorknob Bag of Cookie Chunks”

  1. Abhay Kumar says:

    Thanks for the link…

  2. TARUN DUA says:


  3. Msquare24 says:

    Who says not applicable in India. Learn to appreciate fellas ..

  4. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    India is there in Country option.

  5. Naresh Jain says:

    @SMI:- Wen u know dis is not applicable for India den wtz d use of givin it in dis site?

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