FreeCharge 20% Cashback for 10000 Lucky Customers

FreeCharge is offering 20% cashback for 10000 Lucky Customers. Lucky Customers will be selected randomly by the system.

Promo Code: FC20

Good Coupons: McDonald’s, Cafe Coffee Day, Bikanervala, Barista Lavazza, ShopClues.

Website: FreeCharge

4 Responses to “FreeCharge 20% Cashback for 10000 Lucky Customers”

  1. Ruchir says:

    True.but this scheme is clearly fraud even before hoping and attempting. Is it possible to give 20% disc to 10000.Is it realistic.And who will hold the lucky draw.Is it mentioned.By a third party or own IDs without transaction.If they are not transparent and serious,why will they seriously actually lose money when easily everybody will think he has just been unlucky.Or will anybody report to CBI. And will anything happen.No.If known fully well to Freecharge,why would freecharge charge for free.Simple.

  2. hImnaghsu says:

    Thank you @ Joginath Behera and @ vivaswan
    for informing….
    otherwise just now m going to recharge from this site

  3. vivaswan says:

    yap .. plz dont post any thing from freecharge ….

  4. Joginath Behera says:

    Thief company, last time I have recharged on 27.12.2012 & 01.01.2013 in new year offer for 10% cash back, still I have not received the cash back, SMI plz. verify the truth & make advertisement.

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