FreeCharge Predict 2 Win

fc-p2w• On your FreeCharge App, open the menu, select ‘Rewards’ and click on ‘Predict 2 Win’
• Select the match that is open for prediction. All matches happening on the day will be open for prediction.
• Enter your prediction for the score of the 1st innings of the selected match.
• Your prediction is registered! If your prediction is correct you will get a cashback of the score at the end of the match!

FreeCharge: Predict 2 Win

2 Responses to “FreeCharge Predict 2 Win”

  1. Prashant Verma says:

    Yes 155 got cashback

  2. Akram Reza says:

    Last day I predict 155 and free charge give cash back155 yipeee…!!!

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