Ganesh Vegetable & Fruit Chopper with Chop Blade & Cleaning Tool Rs. 199 – Amazon

ganesh-vegetableFeatures Easy To Clean, Non Skid Feet, High Quality Stainless Steel Blade, Dish Washer Safe, Large Detachable Container, Easy To Clean and Can also Be Store Vegetable and Fruits in Refrigerator.

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39 Responses to “Ganesh Vegetable & Fruit Chopper with Chop Blade & Cleaning Tool Rs. 199 – Amazon”

  1. amarjyot says:

    very good quality product, one should got for it if available in 120/-

  2. priya says:

    i got 1 delivered itz quality is very good dnt think twice before buying go for it

  3. sahil says:

    not getting in 120/- Rs. can anybody help me?

  4. rajeash says:

    i bought two

  5. dR says:

    Right now got 1 for 120(80+40)…thnx smi

  6. Rinku says:

    Got one for 120 (80 + 40 shipping)…thanks SMI..

  7. sam says:

    yaar had ho gayi amazon walo ki price dikhate kuc he bhecte kuc hai

  8. right says:

    come on,5 pieces here also..seriously.!!

  9. SURAJ says:


  10. varun kapila says:


  11. kku says:

    available now at 100 bucks frm seller India Retail…grab It

  12. Anonymous says:

    Guys try to buy just now i buyed at 100 rupees try two. To three tym prices get changed and ordered 3 cutters

  13. nitin says:

    100% working order now with free shiping

  14. varinder says:

    Its live now. Just placed order for 1 pc

  15. right says:

    friends..!! even i despised it.but i was able to ordered it afterwards.
    its not fake.i think its like that battery offer which offers you after an interval of time.
    thanks smi.

  16. prithviraj says:

    fake, logo ko fool banane ka naya fanda, are amazon agar item prize show rate per nahi de sakte to aid kyun dete ho, kam se kam apne naam ki to izzat rakh lo

  17. vab says:

    order one

  18. ShahJahan says:

    AGAIN missed it for Rs.100 price!

  19. Anonymous says:

    price keeps getting changed.even if you are able to add in the cart you would not be able to pay it.

  20. anand says:

    YAbought 100 rs for cash on delivery obtion

  21. sails says:

    Got it at 100! And already shipped :D

  22. ved says:

    Ye kon h jo 100 rs dal rakha h

  23. ShahJahan says:

    NOT available for Rs.100

    Now its atlease Rs.350 or more (price + delivery)

  24. right says:

    its either 275 or 299.
    saw 100 also once but couldn’t get it.

  25. MAHESH BEST says:

    100% WORKING.

    Try Again.

    U Will GET IT.

  26. vishbu says:


  27. Himanshu says:

    showing 100INR from India Retail

  28. priyanka says:

    go here guys you can find this item 100 rs

  29. Amit says:

    its great deal…

  30. priyanka says:

    got ot one thnss amazon rocks smi shocks

  31. ramesh dash says:

    Guys .. its working now

  32. Amit says:

    Its work..

  33. Azharudeen says:

    Yes guys now its working

  34. ppp says:

    its not showing 100rs…deal not working..

  35. Azharudeen says:

    Its showing 300 rs

  36. VNS says:

    In Website its showing 300INR.Wrong Information as 100INR.

  37. ANAND says:

    Fake Ad Prize shown 300rs

  38. Karna says:

    April fool;-

  39. RA says:

    300 now

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