Genesis Sweaters Rs. 201 + Shipping – Tradus

genesis-sweatersTradus has discounted Genesis Sweaters to Rs. 201 + Shipping (varies depending on location).

Buy: Genesis Sweaters (7 designs)

11 Responses to “Genesis Sweaters Rs. 201 + Shipping – Tradus”

  1. sunny says:

    fraud after 16 days cancelling the order

  2. MANISH says:

    I havent received any updates about my order yet. The seller is too busy with the no. of orders he might have received. huh? better late but the quality should be good.

  3. Sri says:

    @ ANKUR ,

    Can you mail me the photo of the sweaters you have received ?

  4. ANKUR says:

    got my order today, it is completely different from the one i ordered, and both are of different sizes, the sweaters are of kind of school uniform

  5. RC says:

    Did any one get there Ordered …desired Option ?

  6. ami says:

    its working

  7. MANISH says:

    sunil did u try? Is the code working? SMI is mobile and tablet device code still working for tradus?

  8. Sunil says:

    buy 2 nd try SAVES200 to get Rs.200 off on 499…..only from Mobile & Tablet

  9. G D AIRAN says:

    price shows 276/= and shipping charges

  10. MANISH says:

    I added in the cart with price 276 and when tried payment it showed 652 for 2 sweaters … I should have ordered that time :(

  11. ABC says:

    It shows Rs. 276 with shipping even for Delhi/NCR. Is there any coupon code for this?

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