Gold Coins 12% off, Silver Coins 25% off – ShopClues

coins1225Both discounts add up:
12% or 25% off: Use coupon from product page.
5% off upto Rs. 50 from: In Step 3. Payment Options > Cash Card > PayU Money > Continue > Place Order > 5% Discount.

Examples: Gitanjali 5gm 24KT 995 Purity Gold Coin BIS Hallmarked + Rs. 134 Cashback Rs. 13404 | Gitanjali 10gm 24KT 995 Purity Gold Coin BIS Hallmarked + Rs. 262 Cashback Rs. 26125

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9 Responses to “Gold Coins 12% off, Silver Coins 25% off – ShopClues”

  1. Gagan says:

    PayYouMoney Discount is not applicable …..

    Same price after selecting PayuMoney

  2. Aman soni says:

    Pure silver 385/10G
    Gold 27443/10G

    Now compare price :D

  3. Ravi says:

    Shopclues, you order and your children receive the delivery. Tooo Slooow delivery.

  4. shrey says:

    Try after some hours it will work, I faced the same problem.

  5. Kishorchinni says:

    Code is not working.

  6. zafar says:

    SC7GC69 not getting applicable…anybody has some other code?

  7. Murali says:

    I’ll not go as far as buying Gold from ShopClues. Site is full of cheaters and fake products listed as the real deal. Need to be extra careful about this.

  8. srinivas says:

    Hello SMI
    The Example offer is not working. could you please post the correct one.


  9. praneeth says:

    good offer

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