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google-duo• You may earn Google Pay scratch card rewards for inviting your friends to join Duo during the offer period, once they accept the invite. In addition, they will earn Google Pay scratch card rewards themselves.
• You can earn a maximum of 30 rewards for this offer while supplies last. For each eligible invite that is successfully accepted, the inviting Duo user and the invited Duo user will receive a scratch card reward worth up to Indian Rupees One-Thousand. The rewards will be issued after the invited user accepts the invite and successfully activates a new, unregistered Duo account during the offer period. The invited user must sign up for Duo using a phone number that has never before been registered with Duo.
• Invite scratch card rewards are for Android users only. If the invited user is on iOS, the invited user may still sign up for Duo, but in that case only the inviting Android user may receive a reward.

Website: Duo | Referral Program

2 Responses to “Google Duo Referral Program – Google”

  1. Amit Garg ( amitnrw ) says:

    @ Mohit Yadav – Have you registered for google pay also ?

    “If you are a registered user of Google Pay, the set of credentials provided in Duo to earn the scratch card reward needs to be the same credentials used to register for Google Pay. If you are not a registered user of Google Pay, you will need to register for Google Pay with the same credentials provided in Duo to earn and access the scratch card reward.”

  2. Mohit Yadav says:

    Still me and both friends are not found any scratch card while they login first time of my invited code and making first video call as well

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