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48 Responses to “Grocery, Personal Care, Baby Care, Household Supplies, Pet Supplies upto 50% off – Amazon Super Value Days”

  1. anil gupta says:

    atta toe hai nahi iskae pass

  2. Amit Garg says:

    Much better offer for ICICI bank customer this time

  3. Anand says:

    Minimum purchase should be 1000 so some changes are not better

  4. rahul says:

    500 cashback for 3000 purchase too much not interested previous offer was best, so its too much for small families buying.

    last one was best 1000 cashback for 3000.

  5. Anand says:

    1200 cashback for 5000 purchase too much not interested previous offer was best as for 5000 purchase I have to wait for 2 months buying together so better next time as also minimum purchase increased by 1500 rs from 1000 rs so its too much for small families buying so may be next month buying together

  6. amit garg says:

    Finally Amazon reduced the cashback drastically

  7. Anand says:

    I paid using Icici ATM pin payment so no issue with payment as obtion for separate Icici debit ATM pin is mentioned on gateway of amazon payment obtion

  8. Anand says:

    Bought products worth rs 3000+ paid by Icici debit card on 2nd Feb and got 1000 cashback today on 7th march so waiting period for cashback was 90 days so got cashback within 35 days only so very satisfied by amazon service which really works great for customer satisfaction I am very satisfied bought daily essentials items and got very good cashback thanks Icici ,amazon and smi

  9. Him says:

    Not 3rd Jan, but 1st or 2nd Jan…
    I also did not got remaining 400/-…
    Guys update as and when you get it

  10. Rinku says:

    i placed an order worth 3000 using icici debit card on Jan 3rd and got an amazon gift card of 1000 yesterday.

  11. Samik says:

    same case with me too.400 less pay balance credited!!

  12. Dheeru says:

    @ Amit mine also is same. They are saying remaining 400 it will be credited by 31st March. Did u use Debit card or Credit card?

  13. AMIT GARG says:

    I got this message from Amazon
    If your order was eligible for the additional ICICI bank offer, then the same has also been added to your account
    But additional 400 was not credited to my account.

  14. Anand says:

    This is just super offer

  15. joy says:

    Can we pay using ICICI pockets card to eligible for the offer???

  16. AMIT GARG says:

    did anyone got cashback for icici bank transaction as well ?

  17. Mounish Sai says:

    ICICI Bank CB will be Credited within 60 days (300rs.)

  18. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Yashwant

    Same Here.

    For ICICI – Rs 300 voucher they mentioned with in 60 days

  19. Dheeru says:

    Yashwant Ji Same Here

  20. Yaswanth says:



  21. keshav says:

    @dheeru: i also got rs 500 voucher for a purchase of Rs 3000+ purchase made through icici bank. But when i called customer care they demanded a screen shot of icici bank statement showing the payment amount and granted me Rs 400 voucher and made if of rs 900.

    call customer care.

  22. No name says:

    @dheru I also got 900rs voucher on 27th March for March 1st purchase

  23. AMIT GARG says:

    I also receive rs 900 in one voucher.

  24. Mounish Sai says:

    @Dheeru I’ve got Rs.900 for purchasing for Rs.3k using ICICI.

  25. Dheeru says:

    has someone received previous month bashback i mean both from Amazon and ICICI bank

  26. Dheeru says:

    Has somebody received full amount after paying with ICICI account? As i purchased for 3000 i received 500 Gift Card only. Pls Share

  27. mahendra says:

    ye kya hua, kaise hua, kyu hua, kab hua, oooo chooro ye na pucho…
    it seems jayada discount dena bhari pad gaya amozon ko…

  28. Samik says:

    Additional GC for ICICI bank customers

    a.Spend Rs. 1000-Rs. 2000 : Get Rs. 100 as GC

    b.Spend Rs. 2000-Rs. 3000 : Get Rs. 200 as GC

    c.Spend Rs. 3000 and above : Get Rs. 300 as GC

    Its 10%

  29. Kapil says:

    sirf ICICI wale hi khana khate h bakki bhuke hi sote h kya? ICICI per 30% off and bakki only 10% on 1000 very bad

  30. AMIT GARG says:

    1000 par 250 se seedha 1000 par 100

    Very bad

  31. AMIT GARG says:

    @ datta , yes i received in last week of feb for 1st Feb.
    @ phani , yes you can do.

  32. king says:

    Feb only

  33. def says:

    plz just check t&c it clearly says
    The Gift Card will be sent to the registered email ID of the eligible Purchaser by Amazon within 60 days from the date of purchase.

  34. datta says:

    @king its feb or january…???

  35. Dj says:

    i also received about a week back.

  36. king says:

    i got 250 cashback on 23 rd only

  37. def says:

    u suppose to receive after 60 days not 30 days, so u will get for feb endin of march.

  38. datta says:

    hello,frnd any one have got gift coupon for 1st nd 2nd feb…???plz rply and mostly got on 26-29 monthly end of month but now it is not recieved.

  39. phani says:

    thanks to AMIT GARG. one more shall i combine 1000 from super value day + any other items for free shipping purpose. ie 1000 super value day offer + any item 200 total 1200

  40. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Phani – Yes , you can use existing gift coupon

  41. phani says:

    shall i use existing gift coupon for this offer

  42. Harish says:

    Amazon always does what it says. I have been taking advantage of this scheme since last two months and getting the coupons regularly. But they credit it at the end of the month so that there are no issues regarding return of the product etc.

  43. mounish says:

    Bought worth 1014 plus 250 gift card! wat u told is correct priya. Amazon rocks always

  44. priya says:

    Don’t bother guys amazon will give coupon amazon is best site in the world it rocks asusual

  45. varshini says:

    When will I receive gift voucher? Still not yet received. Any one?

  46. ChennaiBoi says:

    Bought for Rs.2013. Lets see if the coupon crediting process is smooth

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