Groupon 10% Cashback on Purchase of Rs. 50

groupon10• This cashback is not valid on Cash on Delivery orders.
• The cashback is in the form of Groupon Credits.
• The cashback will show up in your Groupon account in 3 days.
• Transactions made with full or partial Groupon credits won’t be eligible for the cashback.
• The cashback is only valid for today, 18th September 2014.

Website: Groupon | All Deals | Terms & Conditions

6 Responses to “Groupon 10% Cashback on Purchase of Rs. 50”

  1. sharad says:

    this is very good deal if you are buying paytm coupon which live now.

  2. sam says:

    Ruchir is it good deal or not? i will go or not?guide

  3. sharad says:

    where is this written that 10% cashabck will be given on second transaction ?

  4. Ruchir says:

    OK calculation is flawed.Disc depends upon first tranx unlike some previous cashbacks. But net disc will be around half which is 5%.First tranx should be great and VFM. Next should be VFM plus lesser value so that cashback amount which is fixed is a bigger percent of value.Then second VFM becomes bigger VFM which is the whole point.First VFM is independent of any cashback thingy anyway. FULL MATHEMATICS NEEDED.First purchase should be VFM and larger amount so that cashback value is larger and second should be VFM and smallest value where one needs to make a killing

  5. Ruchir says:

    Actual cashback is 5% approx.Depending upon second transaction value.For ex.
    1st purchase-500,you pay 500
    Next time suppose 2nd purchase also 500,disc got is 50.
    Net paid=1000,disc recd=50 which is 5% only.
    If next purchase 1000 not 500 disc is 100
    Total paid=1500,disc=100 which is 6.6% only in effect and so on.
    So actual discount is not outrageous,some items which are unique may do nevertheless like Football sofa which sold like hot cakes etc.Here both purchases should be good without discount to make a net gain as small cashback can only magnify it.Difficult task otherwise Groupon deals were making a heading for specific deals not just discounts.Unlike Snapdeal,Flipkart,Pepperfry etc now having a ball at this moment.

  6. Ruchir says:

    Great work SMI. You knew is a scam and so didn’t mentioned the 50% deal for towels.All allegations henceforth are,will be baseless and not worthy of replying.There can be a different viewpoint and both maybe correct.

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