Haldiram’s Khatta Meetha 350gms Rs. 9 – eBay

A sweet and spicy blend of gram flour noodles, puffed rice, green peas and peanuts.

• This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.
• Only 1 qty of the featured product can be availed per person or household.

Buy: Haldiram’s Khatta Meetha 350gms (seller will only ship if it is the accounts 1st purchase)

9 Responses to “Haldiram’s Khatta Meetha 350gms Rs. 9 – eBay”

  1. Sonu says:

    Bad site i will never purchase anything from this site. and my suggest same for all people.

  2. amit says:

    hahahhahahahahhahahahhaha this selller sankalp is fraud cheater he is not good in selling products he just play with collection of money to get lot of interest

  3. THAKUR says:

    make new id’s ,new mobile number,new name and some modifications in address to get ur product, and before placing order check ur deliver area in bluedart site as if its not covered by bluedart courier then ur oder will b cancel also..
    i got my product in delhi evrytime.

  4. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Well! it’s easy to criticize other….Nobody ready to accept their own mistakes…
    i got almost everything from sankalp deals…in the best of time and in the best possible packaging…There is few points to get these deals without any problem:

    1. New id: yup! u have to make a new id everytime. so best thing is to make a id as soon as possible…dnt wait for the deal…
    2. New Contact Number: hmmm! u have to verified ur new id with a new number…i think this is the main problem for many…getting a new no. everytime is a big headhache… I’m lucky..am from Bihar…Reliance GSM sim is available in Rs.5 with 200 free talktime…so it’s a kind of double bonanza for me…. :)
    3. Address: No matter! u can use the same address again n again…(What else! u can’t buy a house in Rs.5!!!)
    4. Blue Dart Courier Service: They covered almost every big n small cities…so not a prob…anyways u can check u PIN code on their site…

    So follow the above Rules n u r not gonna complain again…..Enjoy Sankalp Deals…[Before he bocome a Bankrupt.... :)]

  5. VARUN says:

    i always got all products from e bay

  6. Munir says:

    After adding the product into cart getting the following message “Sorry,the item you are trying to purchase is no longer available.”

    Deal is not working…

  7. Anuj says:

    Whether u r a first buyer or do any trick, u will never get cheap things from ebay, it’a a tact of advertisement and earning from ur money. The supplier doesn’t gets penalised as both ebay and supplier are tied in a same knought.

  8. Ruchir says:

    Some points-
    1-First purchase will be shipped and clearly stated in the heading.That is why 88% feedback despite many second purchases and -ve feedbacks.Whether policy restriction is right or wrong,that may be debated,not lie or injustice.If we are trying to trick,we will have to wait for longer refund time although at Ebay it is better and relatively guaranteed than most others.
    2.If one has credit cards he does not lose anything if it is refunded before bill date.
    3.Amount is so small and at other sites bigger risk of never being refunded and people lose big money every day from so called great sites-Naaptol,Starcj,Indiatimes etc as per reviews and complaints.
    4.The seller gets money in his A/c only if you acknowledge,till then it is with Ebay but before auto acknowledgement you should raise complain so that if you are active and knowledgeable,since he has not shipped and cannot counter your refund claim,you will get it for sure in the min time as per other things move in India.
    5.He is losing as he has to lose listing charges,later insertion charges,and maybe refund service charges and in case of selling 5% fees to Ebay and after all clearly he is not gaining in any transaction.Even Haldiram must have a higher preparation charges.
    Nothing for or against anybody but merely arguably trying to see things in a full view and objectively.Keeping money is never an objective for sellers.Others selling at profit prices are not blamed as nobody gets nothing for not being 1st time buyer.Simple fact is we make a 2nd purchase hoping for some miracle which cannot happen.

  9. Anuj says:

    Never waste time on buying cheap things from ebay, I will never be shipped to u, they will use ur money for 25-20 days and then refund it back. See How it works….
    Suppose u opt to buy this deal for Rs. 9 and like u 100000 people buy this deal, they will get 100000*9 = 900000 and they will use your 900000 for 30 days and then refund u without interest. and earn interest from ur money

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