Haldiram’s Moongdal 350gms Rs. 9 – eBay

Salty and crispy fried split green gram snack.

• This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.
• Only 1 qty of the featured product can be availed per person or household.

Buy: Haldiram’s Moongdal 350gms (seller will only ship if it is the accounts 1st purchase)

7 Responses to “Haldiram’s Moongdal 350gms Rs. 9 – eBay”

  1. sanjay goyal says:

    You will definitely get it….even I got my pack @9 within 2 weeks…..SUPERB DEAL

  2. srikar says:

    i got my delivery and i was shocked that it manufactured in 23 november , and very good deal

  3. priya says:

    lagta to nahi ye bhejge

  4. jaya valecha says:

    aayega or jaroor aayega, agar unka ship nhi aaya to alag baat hai, per ebay aisa nahi karta

    Thank u eaby & haldiram

  5. Sanjana says:

    Aane wala to kuch nahin hai….wapis ho jayenge 9 rupaye……hehehehehehehe

  6. dipambor says:

    Hi Richa…. I also bougth it… :)

  7. richa says:

    i bought it…hehehee

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