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Perfumes & Deos – Rs. 999 off on Rs. 2499 Gift Coupon Number: GCE353EJ15PF
Beauty – Rs. 399 off on Rs. 999 Gift Coupon Number: GCYUPUGECN8Q
Contraceptives – Rs. 199 off on Rs. 499 Gift Coupon Number: GCC9SU53K85D
Health & Wellness – Rs. 599 off on Rs. 1499 Gift Coupon Number: GCEP5F5YTNFB

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3 Responses to “Health & Beauty 40% off – HomeShop18”

  1. Ruchir says:

    Obviously since one cannot have instant stock of costlier items.It takes time to arrange since no regular demand.Outside arrangement is then done.If there is a stickynote worth 75,that category of seller will send it maybe the next day.

  2. Ruchir says:

    Pained at your experience.Probably these costly items are difficult to dispatch.Its sellers are generally BEST in India if we go into detail.But I have purchased 2 recron pillows,2x coffee combos,2x karbonn 102+ ,stickypad, sprouter cookware and all were perfect in every term.2nd Karbonn took more than a week.But they are the most professional ones at least in Indian context.Whenever I buy anything from HS18,I forget and ultimately everything remains perfect.Other sites I have to remember I have purchased something until delivery.
    Ask for a timeline and decide,if it is more,just cancel on the phone and they should and will refund the full amount.It took month or more 8 years back but after thrashing,they refunded in full immediately.They are not for your money.Their associated independent seller is the reason in all cases.

  3. Milin Shah says:

    Dont buy anything from homeshop18 as they are not able to deliver products on time and everytime they have the same answers “our team is working on it” “sorry for the delay” “we are try to dispatch the product” I ordered HTC one S phone but from last 15 days they are just giving the same answers.

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