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hero-cyclesFlipKart is offering minimum 20% off on Hero Cycles. Free delivery.

Buy: Hero Cycles

Good Buys:
Hero Flash 12T Cycle Rs. 2241 (25% off)
Hero Blossam 16T Cycle Rs. 2925 (26% off)
Hero Urban 26T Mountain Cycle Rs. 4283 (22% off)
Hero Blade 26T Hybrid Cycle Rs. 5870 (34% off)
Hero SuperStar 26T 18 Speed Dwrim Glsy Cycle Rs. 6364 (36% off)

2 Responses to “Hero Cycles minimum 20% off from Rs. 2241 – FlipKart”

  1. Raj says:

    Last time same seller cancelled my order. I will never recommend to buy this product from Flipkart.

  2. Omprakash Arya says:

    This was publicity stunt only. Order canceled by Flipkart due to pricing error.
    Order ID:
    Product: Hero Blossam 16T S365BBDBL02 Road Cycle
    We are sorry to let you know that your order has been cancelled by the seller as its price was incorrectly listed by them on the website and app.

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