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himalaya-soapsShopClues is offering 87% off + 15% off on Himalaya Soaps.

15% off Max Discount Rs. 300 Coupon: SCN15OMG

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  1. AJEET PATEL says:

    I think, same tracking id is provided to more than 1 customer. Like above mentioned by APARABAL KUMAR that his tracking id is H22876809, everyone should write and matched his tracking Id. Also check that your item is showing delivered in “Chennai” or somewhere else. Worst service by DTDC and Shopclues.com.
    Thanks God that I was unable to place this order due to sold out of that item.

  2. Mehul B says:

    And yes, it seems DTDC is their fraud partner, otherwise how could a courier company give tracking number and fake notification.

  3. Mehul B says:

    I am a victim of the same fraud. I too order 3 quantity, and got a confirmation mail of delivery. After 5 days I got a mail that the items is delivered whereas it was not delivered. I checked the dtdc site and they were showing all junk data of items at Hyderabad, at Chennai and finally delivered at vishakapatnam. when I wrote back to SC they apologized and have said they will credit the amount. What a fool they are making of themselves and the people. I believe this is a huge scam and these guys shud be taken to task. I am in for filing a case in Consumer court.

  4. SK says:

    So let us all join hands and take shop clues.com to court.


    I think, everyone suffer with the same problem which is with me. They have provided wrong tracking id, shart to show delivered and they cross the limit when they send the mail regarding that your item is delivered,please provide merchant feedback. When I send mail, first they start to misguide me and not supporting well. Actually, shopclues now start to make a fool to people and they are thinking that they will compensate all these drawback with few Jaw dropping deals etc. After few days customer will forget these matter and will start to believe in shopclues. Now a days, in the field of online shopping, shopclues start to dismiss the thought and believe of customer and now customer start to think many time to place an order. Now, I have horrible experience with shopclues, indiatimes shopping, rediff shopping and tradus.com as most of the order either they are cancelling or providing wrong tracking Id. In some case, they are not providing purchase INVOICE etc.
    I think, homeshop18 and snapdeal is better, in the sense that customer can place order COD after applying any discount code.

  6. VIKAS MADAN says:

    I am also a victim of cancelled shipment for wrong delvery by DTDC. It is purely fraudulent on part of company.

  7. snikam6691 says:

    they have fooled every1

  8. Mehul Shah says:

    I recd following mail from SC.

    1) Purchase confirmation
    2) Product shipped.
    3) Product delivered
    4) Clue Bucks credited.
    5) Rate seller.

    Everything came as scheduled except the product. 5 mail for 5 soap but the main item is missing. What a joke from SC.

  9. sk says:

    Waiting for response to my above mentioned mail, then let us proceed and save others from getting conned.

  10. Mehul Shah says:

    Good SK I am with you, pl let me how we can proceed.

  11. sk says:

    This is my last communication to shopclues.com on the fraud they committed, I am keen to take them to consumer courts and get the site closed. Any one else want to join please revert here asap.

    Shopclues.com is going timtara.com way!

    You have been lying all along!

    First you lied about the item being shipped 5 days back with fake tracking no. and then again you lied by sending a mail about item being delivered with another fake tracking no. and on being confronted with your regular lies you sent a mail apologising for delivery mail and re-confirmed about item being in process of delivery and would be delivered within 3-5 days whereas on your site it was updated first as delivered and then as return to origin.

    So all along it was one lie after another and that too within a short span of time!

    I am sure Consumer Courts would be interested in matter like this where online sites are making fools out of gullible customers, it seems fate of timtara.com awaits shopclues.com

    I want a proper explanation of all these actions your company did or else I will be moving consumer courts to restrain shopclues.com.

  12. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    I have placed order with order Id : 6531597 of 2 soap which they have shipped by DTDC with tracking number : H22876809. After few days, when I track my consignment, it shows delivered somewhere else (Chennai) but it should be deliver at Kurukshetra. After writing several mail to shopclues regarding this, they become agree to refund my money in the form of clues bucks (which still I have not received). Very bad experience with shpclues this time.
    Also, I have used 15% discount code with this product. This discount code is not working again in my account as it is showing “discount code used “.
    Better experience on pepperfry.com compare to shopclues as when they are cancelling order, they are sending 25% discount coupon, if we have applied discount code on your order.
    Now I am waiting for the refund of my money back in the form of clues bucks. See what shopclues will do..

  13. Mehul Shah says:

    Actually this product is not shipped to anybody anywhere, its all humbug. They very well know that customer will contact them when product is not delivered. At that time we will cancel the order & initiate refund. New way of cheating customer.

  14. sk says:

    they have not shipped it anywhere just lying! I recd. a message 5 days back that it has been shipped thru DTDC with tracking no. when I checked on site the number did not exist. On my complaint I got a message saying it has been delivered vide some other tracking no. on checking that no. it again turned out to be fake.

    On my protest i got an apology mail saying there was a mistake by courier in updating it wrongly as delivered, but delivery is in process and would be delivered in next 3-5 days.

    On SC site it has now been updated as Not delivered returning to origin???

    So all cock & bull story.

  15. Mehul Shah says:

    They have shipped the product some where else & now refunding the amount. Stupid site & a group of stupid people who never cares for its customer. Pl avoid SC they are now became a bunch of cheaters.

  16. sk says:

    Mine order of Ozomax also cancelled without assigning any reason! got a mail saying refund under process. Very poor service & communication on SC’s part

  17. Mehul Shah says:

    Him, Write to Cc of sc & then on FB Page.

  18. Him says:

    Mine order of ozomax also canceled

  19. Mehul Shah says:

    But ozomax massager 2 orders cancelled.

  20. Him says:

    Congrats mehul
    Nice loot…. :-)

  21. Mehul Shah says:

    Oh. 2 orders shipped by DTDC, 1 refunded. 1 order for 7 soap & other for 5 soap shipped.

  22. Mehul Shah says:

    No one will get this, all orders ultimately will get cancel. I already received refund of one order which was backordered.

  23. Arjun says:

    did any one get the soap ? does the status changed from paid to any other ?

  24. Harchand says:

    I had ordered three soaps. Now the the order status is completed. but the product has not been delivered to me. It has been delivered somewhere in HYDERABAD in stead of my address. I have raised the complaint online, even call at the customer support but no satisfactory reply from them.

  25. munish says:

    aal my orders are backordered. what the hell with shopclues. in future no shopping from shopclues.com. fake site. fake prodcuts. making customers fools.

  26. Chintan Thakkar says:

    Ordered 20 @ 85 Rs in first few minutes. Lets see if they cancel it or not. Dont know if they will supply or not. Either Way, it is quite silly!!!

  27. Nabasri says:

    Hardly 50 soaps were in inventory. Just creating gimmick for cheap publicity.

  28. Mehul Shah says:

    All my orders are backordered. Try to place 4 order but all of them backordered except 1.

  29. Mehul Shah says:

    Likely pricing error. Orders will get cancelled.

  30. sudhir says:

    sold out .. !!!!!!!!!!!!! no inventory !!!!!!!!!!!!….

  31. Yashwant says:

    This is a fake. SMI is making us fool for other available soap.

  32. Sum says:

    Zero Inventory :(

  33. deepu says:

    Duplicate product

  34. Nilam says:

    Not adding in the cart. zero invetory and cant add the card. how can i purchase?

  35. Prateek Jain says:

    Lolzzzz OOS within 15min..hahaha..I guess it must have been a system error..order may get cancelled..:-( :’(

  36. sk says:

    Chances of cancellation are very high! SC does not have any clue about the offers it put on site. They should call themselves as clueless.

    Some one just informed me he booked 25 soaps for 125 bucks.

  37. sunil says:

    i oredred 3 soaps total 24 rs only thank u smi…

  38. Rahul says:

    Sorry Kiran but that means your order is placed after the zero inventory.

  39. SUNIL says:

    Shopclues is a cheating and duplicate products. Better to avoid it..

  40. kiran says:

    “Your order has been backordered “after making the payment I get this message why????

  41. donald says:

    I am unable to add it in cart… I think it is out of stock….

  42. sajad says:

    @ashis SCN15OMG coupon use kiya hot tu 80 nahin68 mein 16 mill jati. Amazing offer tha. every soap is 80g n i got 13 in rs 55 only. great offer.

  43. Rahul says:

    I ordered 3 neem and turmeri soaps in 15rs..no shipping charges …..tried to added more soaps but suddenly it started showing zero inventory for all other soaps…over in just 1 minute after i added the soaps.. :D

  44. krishan says:


  45. chandrashekhar says:

    zero inventory

  46. ashish says:

    i ordered all 4 flavours total 16 soap, total rs80 paid…shipping charge rs0…now lets see wether they r not cancelling order.

  47. sanjiv says:

    out of stock now

  48. suhas says:

    “Your order has been backordered “after making the payment I get this message

  49. Rahi says:

    sold out :’(

  50. krishan says:


  51. anuj says:

    shipping charges 20/- per piece

  52. Arun says:

    Job tak weight pata chalega tab tak to out of stock bhi ho jayega! nahi to sare details hai weight kyun nahi hai? contomer ko sab chalaki pata lag gayi hai unke jhase men koi nahi aane wale hai, jago grahak jago

  53. Bhuban says:

    Are bhai weight kiya hai? 75g or 125g, Ehi to trick hai sab ko buddhu banane ke liya, I’m sure it will be 75g

  54. kailash kher says:

    75 gram pack. waste!

  55. Sunny Grewal says:

    yep .. weight of soap ?

  56. kailash kher says:

    how many grams?

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