Hit Mosquito Spray 320ml + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 88 – ShopClues

hit_spray_7aprShopClues has Hit Mosquito Spray 320ml for Rs. 88 and on order completion you will earn Clues Bucks worth Rs. 2. Features Kill mosquitoes and flies instantly with new Hit, which is considered the most powerful & efficacious of pest solutions that gets rid of pests instantly.

Coupon: SCMH39

Buy: Hit Mosquito Spray 320ml

48 Responses to “Hit Mosquito Spray 320ml + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 88 – ShopClues”

  1. Pawan says:

    Shopclues ab tumara shop close hone ka time aa gya h

  2. Hahahaha says:

    Itne me tao good night ki 60-70 tikiya aa jayegi.. Puri raat chain ki neend..

  3. Misbah says:

    now shiping goes upto rs.39

  4. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Smart is selling at 110/-

  5. surji says:

    waste deal also shipping take 10 days as land shipping, better avoid it, also expire date is less than a year from now

  6. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Discount of Rs 51 is not that Bad…a must buy for this season…so ordered one…

  7. Buyer says:

    This is “JAW BREAKING” Deal. Ahh…… pain ! pain !

  8. krish says:

    shipping charge k naam pe lutte hai…..don.t buy friends….

  9. gourav says:

    this is not fair ye order toh ho hi nhi rha

  10. sanjeev kumar says:

    Rs.29 for shipping, not 19… site showing wrong information.. maine sc customer care se baat kiya tha..

  11. sandy says:

    hahahaha… stock over :D shopclues at last realised the shit they were doing on this OUT-RAG-EOUS deal :D

  12. sandy says:

    Mini.. could you get it through? that we can see as well.. tell the end result as well..

  13. Mini says:

    They have dropped the shipping charge to Rs. 19/-

    39+19 = 58 :D

  14. ABHI says:

    The coupon you entered is no longer valid.

  15. sandy says:

    hahahahaha…mast game khel rha hai SHOPCLUES bhai logon…
    pahale 29rs.. fir 19rs.. fir out of stock.. fir back in stock..fir coupon code no longer working..
    and FINALLY- they are back to Rs.29 shipping! not sure of coupon code working or not… hahahahahaha… aakisaaka naakitaaka…

  16. Satyen says:

    The coupon is no longer valid….??

  17. anonymus says:


  18. sandy says:

    back in stock but no more outrageous now :D

  19. sandy says:


  20. Praveen says:

    Sold Out

  21. Vivek says:

    Fir bhi.kaam ki nahi hai…pehle ka hi bacha hua hai…

  22. sandy says:

    OOS yaron…

  23. Thanuj says:

    Coupon code is working and the final price is 58.

  24. ...??????... says:

    no shipping is rs 19 only total rs 58. now . check.. ordered one at rs 58…

  25. kanna says:

    hi guys and SMI> Shipping fee reduced to 19 rps.total cost 58INR.Update it.Just now placed the order.

  26. ...??????... says:

    1st shipping rs9,after rs 19 , now rs 29….. next rs 39 can be.. ????? shipclues.com…

  27. saurabh says:

    shopclues reduced the shipping to 19

  28. saurabh says:


  29. arpit says:

    Again the price has changed to 19(shipping price)

  30. atul says:

    Waste , just bycott it shipping charges will automatically reduce in next deal

  31. Suman says:

    Don’t bye it, its not working, thodi der ke liye iffective hai, iske kharidne ke bad mujhe dengue ho gya tha, aur mujhe 15000 hospital me dena para tha,

  32. Alien says:

    not worth

  33. Dheeraj says:

    Shipping charges …tooo high…
    started from Rs 9/- and now Rs.29/-..

    kisi ki Salary me bhi itne increment nhi hote…

  34. ankur says:

    shopclues cheated me twice continuously…can’t trust shopclues now….:(

  35. Srinath says:

    last one still there…29rs shipping cost too high..shopclues you need to reduce it.

  36. Hi Hello says:

    Purchased before @48 from ShopClue!!!

  37. Sima says:

    Shopclus ki khud ki frnchisse he couriour ki

  38. Gagan says:

    pechle hi khatam nahi hue abhi tak

  39. Rahul Arora says:

    bhai ye product supermarkets main 75 ka mil raha hai …
    and 140 main 500 ml waala milta hai that lasts 2x longer and comes with a free refill of good night liquid ..

    With such a high shipping , the only saving is of 5 – 7 rupees .. worthless

  40. Munna says:

    NOTE: Due to nature of product, product will be shipped by ground so expected delivery time will be 7-9 days

  41. harish says:


  42. prithvi says:

    shipping high Rs. 29/-

    its not fair

    lagta hai ab shopclues b corrier co. se comisson lene lagaa hai, ekdum Rs. 10/- high

    so be careful

  43. sam says:

    Coupon code not working….:/

  44. Rahul Arora says:

    Kahan aa rahi hai bhai .. they are not letting us buy !!: (

  45. outrageous says:

    outrageous shipping charge….
    i hope jaw mn bhi 29 na ho jae….

  46. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Wow! They have increased the shipping charge from 19 to 29….hats off to shopclues…soon the shipping charge will be more than the deal price…

  47. Munna says:

    Oops Shipping 29! Thts not fair!!

  48. Munna says:

    its 58! not 68

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