HitPlay Rs. 911 off on Purchase of Rs. 912

hitplayHitPlay is offering Rs. 911 off on purchase of Rs. 912. Features Gifts and Gadgets like you’ve never seen before.

Rs. 911 off on Rs. 912+ Voucher: 524915078 (Voucher Successful > Pay Now)

Website: HitPlay (new website)

70 Responses to “HitPlay Rs. 911 off on Purchase of Rs. 912”

  1. swastik says:

    Nonsense people cancelled my order too…..nobody gonna make buy from dat site in future….
    Bad tactics played with customers
    Gonna suffer in Long run…

    Best of bad luck wishes to HitPlay team……


  2. Praveen says:

    Bewkof Bana Diya, Dono orders cencel kar gaye

  3. bharu says:

    order cancelled…this site is gonna close very fast as the items are over priced and it has lost the faith of customers

  4. pankaj says:

    Hi i ordered only one item and they cancel my order too. looks like they want to spread them over the internet and thats it. marketing stunt

  5. Jagadish says:

    Cancelled my orders….

  6. Jatin says:

    @Devin dont you have the brain to write this before all the orders.And what you think you can sell those overly over priced items to peoplr. you should have specified that during the coupon application time. ok thanks.

  7. nikhil goyal says:

    invalid voucher

    try again!

  8. wr says:

    These have cancelled my order too.
    They are fooling peoples.
    I lost 2 hour on browsing that website.
    Never ever believe on new website.
    @SMI please be careful while posting.

  9. soumya says:

    Both my orders are cancelled…….Huraay…….

  10. Sukhwinder says:

    Order cancel today without any reason
    Very bad

  11. AJ says:

    looser site… guys lets just boycott this site forever.

  12. Coolbuddy says:

    It seems like this is just a marketing gimmick to introduce traffic to this site.

  13. harish says:

    They have cancelled my order.. foolish site…

  14. Shyam says:

    yes .. it;s not working now ….

  15. Pradip Rathod says:

    This is not working. Looks deal is over or may be fake.

  16. VINOD GOEL says:

    fake site

  17. RAHUL says:

    Invalid code.

  18. Robin singh says:

    coupon expire

  19. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Non Sense all orders cancelled at one stroke

  20. purshotam says:

    not working

  21. virender says:

    Invalid Voucher.
    Try Again

  22. Agam says:

    I order 8 product hope receive any one

  23. vk says:

    this site totaly fake…..time wasting

  24. sd says:

    nik they are going to refund money.
    check the msg by vishal

  25. ...??????... says:


  26. NIK says:

    HAHAHA.UR MONEY GONE.YE BHI sastawala.com jaisahi nikala

  27. sd says:

    smi we are happy with genuine vouchers u provide. thanks .pls dont share such kind of voucher again.

  28. SSS says:

    Cheap Publicity stunt to gain traffic n registered users.

  29. sd says:

    shit smi didnt expected such voucher from u .

  30. shwetha says:

    WTF… ll never visit this site..

  31. vishal says:

    they just started to cancel the orders

    Dear Customer,

    This is to inform you that the merchant has initiated the cancellation process for order number W79548 for your transaction on http://www.hitplay.in. This cancellation request has been forwarded to the concerned bank and we await their reply.Rest assured amount would reflect in your account as per the bank’s procedure.

    Until then we request for your cooperation.

  32. shwetha says:

    @Devin.. only it took so long to realise.. :P

  33. chandrashekhar says:

    they cant “hit” as i wont “play” from now on with these kind of sites, just sheer waste of time

  34. viki says:

    WTF !!!!!!!

  35. Arup says:

    Shit dude how did i miss that :/

  36. Devin says:

    Nothing in life is free guys. Vouchers are for genuine Radio City contest winners only. We have the list of winners. Unsolicited orders will not be fulfilled.


    Team HitPlay

  37. viki says:

    invalid voucher try again !!!!!!

  38. shwetha says:

    voucher expired

  39. lucky says:

    invalid voucher

  40. Avi says:

    Invalid Voucher.
    Try Again

    The deal is over now but it was working till 2 min. back. The page showed no price change on applying the code but on payment page you just had to pay the discounted price.

  41. DEEPAK SINGH says:

    @sunny for me the same situation came. i think we are late camer

  42. sunny says:

    voucher successful but amount not changed

  43. preyank says:

    bought skull glass, newton and wooden pen for total 112.
    hope they dont run away with our money and deliver all those which promised.

  44. aman says:

    sastawala.com jaisa haal to nahi hoga

  45. Ankit says:

    Guys i am still getting to pay the full amount on my bank website.. Please let me know how to avail the discount.

  46. rajat says:

    Not Working .. Amount Not changing…. Help SMI

  47. GoodFellas says:

    @friends, kya buy kia woh link bhi dalo yaar probably it will save othere’s time

  48. wr says:

    ordered 3 item for rs 12/-

  49. Jagadish says:

    @Tushar What u ordered?????????

  50. Jagadish says:

    finally purchased 4 disney notebooks and a phone stand for Rs84….

  51. NIK says:

    on voucher successful message and clicking on pay full amount appears on payment gateway
    maybe there are some t&c like category or minimum purchase.what to do?

  52. Jagadish says:

    Site is slow…

  53. Kunal says:

    Bought one successfully @68/-


    Use the Coupon code and dont refresh or add anything else….

  54. Amey says:

    amount not changing after applying coupon

  55. Arup says:

    ordered a travel toiletry case for rs 38 MRP 949, hoping that they deliver

  56. sherlock holmes says:

    I got one Desktop USB Lamp & Fan (699) + One set of desktop dart (249) for Rs37 only.
    Just hope that they do not do some mischief later

  57. zafar says:

    God knows real or not…done 3 purchase for 38, 58 & 88 rs.
    aa jaye to Jadu.

  58. tushar says:

    ordered products of 918 in rs7

  59. sk says:

    works smoothly, although items overpriced but with 911 off it still makes sense.

  60. Sudha says:

    on voucher successful message and clicking on pay full amount appears on payment gateway
    maybe there are some t&c like category or minimum purchase

  61. bharu says:

    ordered one thanks…

  62. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Click Pay Now.

  63. sitar says:

    not working

  64. Sudha says:

    voucher successful but amount not changed
    looks fake

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