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Arzoo is having One Day Mega Sale on hotels and is offering Flat 55% off on room rate. Valid on all hotels. Use discount coupon to get discounted rates.

55% off Discount Coupon: EEC1WFWH3
50% off Discount Coupon: MEGASALE

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25 Responses to “Hotel Booking 55% off – Arzoo”

  1. Vik says:

    My booking actually worked. I am staying at Sasan Gir with 50% disc. I asked the hotel guys here now and they said they five a discount of 15% to customers. So this offer was superb. I saved Rs. 3,500

  2. mehul says:

    Nirav, call ARZOO TMR Morning, Tell them to confirm booking from hotel & let you know that confirmation. Pl. Update me after you call Arzoo.

  3. nirav says:

    mehul sahi hai bhai hotel walone mana kar diya i dnt know what to do now

  4. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Dear SMI, I understand your point, but please be informed of the following facts :
    Ebay, Shop clues & Pepperfry issue discount coupon but they have a cap limit, for eg the running coupon of E Bay where they are offering 100% off but with a cap limit of Rs.400/-. I have never seen SC & Pepperfry Coupons without cap limit. Here they were offering flat 55% off without cap limit.
    I have planned holiday of 10 nights to Himachal from April – 15 to 25. & my average hotel price is Rs.8000/- per night. So instead of Rs.80000/- they offered me Rs.35000/-. So as per your opinion Rs.45000/- will be funded by Arzoo. This is not called funding but this is sponsorship. If this is the case I will salute Arzoo.
    If my booking is honoured for Rs.35000/- I am sure Arzoo will have to closed sooner or later.
    I am a business man & from my point this offer is totally illogical.

    Moreever, Just to check, I called 3 hotel in Shimla today morning, they all told that We dont know Arzoo, their travel partner are MMT or Yatra & they accept bookings from them & nobody else.

  5. Vik says:

    Correct. I got disc of Rs5000 for my booking.
    Thanks SMI

  6. nirav says:

    i sugess this is free service by savemoneyindia if you want to take then take ow leave it all bakvas

  7. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    mehul: Its similar to discount offered by eBay or ShopClues. Its usually funded by them and seller gets full amount. Seller doesn’t even know if coupon was used. Discount has been reduced to 15%.

  8. hemant says:

    Seesm to be a fake. First check with hotel if they accept arzoo’s booking

  9. nirav says:

    may be you are right but they dnt me that if you paid then give me receipt will allowed bot at all issued

  10. mehul says:

    Dear NIRAV, you are not getting my point. If you have paid 55% less than who is going to bear the balance amount. I called 3 hotels which was available on Arzoo site at 55%discounts but they all told we not accept booking from Arrzoo. Pl. Call the hotel you have booked & ask them to give confirmation. I am trying to contact Arzoo helpline but nobody picking the line. Just think twice how they can offer 55%, who will pay for the difference. pl post your thought on this.

  11. MEHUL SHAH says:

    hi Nirav Are you sure your booking will be honoured at this price?

  12. nirav says:



  13. Vik says:

    Booking done. It is working

  14. dinesh says:

    booking page gone

  15. SACHIN says:

    Pagal Bana rahe hain, call cyberjet they have better deals

  16. Rachit says:

    SMI plz respond… site not working…..

  17. yasir says:

    ullu bana rahe hain

  18. sandy says:

    Bloody cheap publicity by this hotel site..

  19. Praveen says:

    The hotel page not opening……………..

  20. yash says:

    site not responding………just tp……….ullu bana rahe hai

  21. mehul says:

    Freinds, is this site trusted? It should not be like Move Holidays.

  22. Abhishek says:

    Arzoo website not working while selecting hotel

  23. VARUN KAPILA says:

    after selecting any hotel,the page gonna hang

  24. Vik says:

    the site seems to be not working on booking page??

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