Huawei Honor Bee Rs. 1 – HiHonor

honor-bee• Honor Bee given at Rs. 1 for first 50 orders everyday.
• Flash Sale on 8th, 9th & 10th April, 11AM.

Buy: Huawei Honor Bee

83 Responses to “Huawei Honor Bee Rs. 1 – HiHonor”

  1. Abhilash says:

    I think all its contests are fake…
    cheap publicity game

  2. User says:

    Genuine company keep outside the employees but for this opposite
    Here they participated and won
    So you imagine what’s going on
    See image

  3. Vineet says:

    I got one.. Thanks SMI..

  4. User says:

    Agreed with Pooja
    All thread days tried won’t success
    When clicked on payment msg comes out of stock or sale ended
    Today also

  5. charan says:

    dnt believe this totally fake
    the people who work in honor they might given an opportunity of service & mobiles

  6. Murtaza says:

    Fake sale I tried 3 days but not got anything.

  7. gagan says:

    out of stock @ 11.00.05

  8. Anonymous says:

    fake sale

  9. LLEKHHA says:

    ITS All fake one,dont waste ur valuable time.

  10. Pa says:

    Again out of stock

  11. GHANSHAM says:

    out of stock

  12. Pooja says:

    Sbi mera order b krdo ithe hi lucky ho to

  13. Pooja says:

    But how it’s possible yr

  14. sibi says:


    In payment page you should be very fast. you should memories you card details. bcoz if you just see and type your card details it will be out of stock. so type as fast as you can.

    Main thing is dont press buynow or placeorder button more than ones. bcoz pressing more than ones it will say out of stock. when buy now comes press ones. the press place order ones. dont try to press more than ones.

  15. User says:

    Hey sibi
    Just how you done payment in upto 5 seconds
    I tried both days
    Add to cart clicked on payment now out of stock/ sale ended

  16. sibi says:

    This is not a fake sale. i am one of the 50 winner list. i got my mobile delivered yesterday. to know about the fifty winner list just go to the honor offical facebook . they have displayed their result . and winners mailid and order id. if you think it’s a fake sale you can mail to 50 winners list and ask wheather they received or not. it upto your lucky try it .

  17. sripad says:

    India now became china’s big marketplace due to bunch of indian fools

  18. mahe says:

    Promotion of the website and planning to make direct marketing for future products… To avoid accelerates like Filpkart Amazon etc

  19. Lakshmanan says:

    Surely fake sale. Please dont waste your time.

  20. Pa says:

    Redmi n kb fool bnaya ?

  21. ahswin says:


  22. sud says:

    fake offer.

  23. ASHISH says:


  24. Ankit Jain says:

    Fraud sale,

    It was added to cart same like yesterday.and it doesnt allowed me to pay and redirected to home.
    Even lease line will not allow you to process in 1 second.

    Have you seen billdesk processing in 1 second???

  25. kiran says:

    Its really really fake sale… i just pressed buy now immediately when buy now option highlighted. when moving to next page, meanwhile it shows Out of Stock @11:00:02 seconds. how its possible.??? it takes atleast 2 seconds to enter debit card details. Its just for site popularity, Creating Rush & Ratings. If they really sold 50 pieces, just make them explore the 50 winners. Dont waste time, Just Blaming People.

  26. Neha says:

    fake sale…
    jab place order par click karte hai…
    sorry sale has ended…

  27. Ashish says:


    U need to be fast or lucky enough

  28. Pooja says:

    Hadd hai.. Is se Achha to freedom 251 tha.. At least order to place ho raha tha.. Bakwaas.. Unka banaa rahe haib

  29. Pooja says:

    We aren’t robot.. Who do it in 2 sec.. ???

  30. brijesh says:

    fake sale again sold out with in 09 sec..
    getting hits only

  31. sreenath says:

    it all fake with in 5 sec its out of stock

  32. rupam says:

    bana. Rahe he, cart me add kiya fir b kart Me no item likh k. Aa raha he

  33. Pa says:

    Aaj bhi n pin glt bolkr out of stock kr diya

  34. Mounish Sai says:


  35. ashish says:

    order placed!!

  36. avinash says:

    fake sale !!!

  37. NIkhil says:

    Are yr ek baar full payment karna hai kya iska???

  38. Pooja says:

    Where is the screen shot siva

  39. Pooja says:

    Sale ended… When add it into Cart.. Lol… At least give the 20 sec. To make order.. .

  40. Pooja says:

    Nothing.. Add to cart.. Session expired… :-(

  41. Anil says:

    Fake sale. Got one in my cart. When going to make payment they told it is sold out.

  42. Ramesh says:

    My order has been handed over to fedex and estimates delivery is 9/4/2016 . wow i am so happy thanks honor. guys try ur luck. be too too fast. you need to to fast in payment. going to try tomorrow and 11. lets see my luck.

  43. Siva says:

    here the screenshot, Now its shipped. Hope will get it by Monday!!!

  44. King says:

    every website does the same thing, They always know that lot of people will come and register themselves.
    so now you have registerd yourself they have your emails, where they will be able to durectly send their offfers, Many of you wil not take of their offers but at least 2% will for sure be interested to buy their mobile, so to reach to that 2% companies do all this.
    We just dance on their tunes.

  45. A says:

    Siva is rajnikant probably :’D

  46. Manigandan says:

    Super Siva. how to you book this! please give any tips of booking. i also save my shipping address in mY account section. but order page ask another time to fill the shipping address this is time waste.

  47. aniket says:

    Freedom 251 se kam

  48. Ajay says:

    bananai ki scheme hai

  49. User says:

    *Siva put screenshot or confirmation msg so we know that

  50. Siva says:

    I ordered one. Thanks SMI.

  51. soni says:

    no sale.bewakuf bna rhe hi.

  52. yo says:

    Fake. Only in 15 second.server were.showing end sale.totally waste of.time.

  53. boom says:

    Waste of time.Its all fake, All sites now a days playing the same game

  54. Manish says:

    Bakwas offer with in 5sec it is saying sale has ended

  55. boom says:

    Its all Fake sale

  56. sumit says:

    fake 1 sec m hi sold out

  57. Raje says:

    They are making fool of us. Buy now pe click karte hi sold out ho gaya.

  58. brijesh says:

    in 2 mint website say sale out >>>
    making full
    site want getting hits on his website

  59. mtf says:

    bana rahe yeh log.

  60. VAIBHAV says:


  61. amit says:

    its all fake.Within one second it said out of stock.Stop this shit .

  62. aniket says:

    fake sell hai

  63. hasmukh patel says:

    Hi all,

    Totaly Bakvas site, not trustable this Deal. I have click sharp 11:00 AM and that time error server is busy after 1min end of sale :(


  64. shakti says:

    11:00 bajte hi stocks last

  65. John says:

    same like paytm and mobikwick. fake offer.

  66. usman says:

    total fake …time waste with in 15 seconds it is showing out of stock

  67. Lokesh says:

    Bakwass hai .. server busy server busy chalta raha and within 5 sec sold out

  68. Pa says:

    Sale has been ended. n pincode hi glt bta diya… y nhi milne wala kisi ko bhi 1? m

  69. vishal says:

    it was just a publicity and not real they made the surver busy as we proceed to address page

  70. Namit says:

    sale ended while entering address. Fake sale enede at 11 am only

  71. ash says:

    sold out

  72. bhaumik mittal says:

    Farji :)

  73. deepak kumar says:

    login to ho nai raha ..apni goodwill khud kharab karegein yeh,,

  74. Shobhit says:

    I think you need to pay full amount first, and if your order is withing first 50, then you will get refund. Read the T&C

    “To confirm order(s), customers must make FULL payment within 72 Hours. Order(s) without FULL payment made shall be cancelled automatically after 72 hours.”

  75. Ashish Sharma says:

    Koi ye bata do ki buy now ka button abhi deactivated hai ?? Kya ye 11 baje activate hoga ??

  76. SKS says:

    Let’s try the luck.
    Now the site is working.

  77. Rizwan says:

    Bhaiyo Aur Behno Acche Din Aayenge

  78. AMIT says:

    To confirm order(s), customers must make FULL payment within 72 Hours. Order(s) without FULL payment made shall be cancelled automatically after 72 hours.
    COD payment method is not supported for this promotional event.

  79. Vk says:

    Sirf traffic Ke liye or apne paise banane k liye company ese offer deti ha. Or milta kuch bhi nahi …because when people come to their sites they earn money..nothing else
    Aur ham logo ka time waste ho jata nai..

  80. Anonymous says:

    Bhai ayse offer Ku dalte ho bas apne site me publicity ke lye?

  81. sandeep matwa says:

    Site to ab bhi open nhi ho rhi h kya phone denge ye

  82. kiran says:

    Wow super offer…
    Guys once understand… to create rush & get lakhs of hits(to get money), they were kept this offer just by spending 150mobiles in 3days. Inspired by Freedom 251

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