iBall Slide i701 Tablet + HDMI Cable + 3 Covers + Rs. 1200 PayTm Cash Rs. 2995 – Amazon

iball-i701Rs. 1795 after Cashback. (Rs. 2995 – Rs. 1200 PayTm Cash = Rs. 1795)

Features 7″ Touchscreen Display, 1.83GHz Quad Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory Expandable upto 64GB, 2MP and 0.3MP Camera, 3200mAh Battery & Windows 8.1.

Free Rs. 1200 PayTm Cash: Terms & Conditions

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45 Responses to “iBall Slide i701 Tablet + HDMI Cable + 3 Covers + Rs. 1200 PayTm Cash Rs. 2995 – Amazon”

  1. Tarik says:

    Have you guys got cashback credited at paytm yet?
    I got the code from Microsoft, redeemed it on paytm by “add money to wallet”. The code was accepted, but the amount has not been credited to the account yet.

  2. Omprakash says:

    @Ranjan singh shiva

    Same here… I got call but no cashback.

  3. Ranjan singh shiva says:

    i get call from microsft regarding 1200 paytm cash they promised to me that they mail on my registered mail but they not mail microsoft not right so wrong …they wrong promised to customer

  4. Tarik says:

    Okay, here it goes… After having not received / missed call, I tried contacting them over twitter and facebook without any luck. Tried contacting them on phone via their tollfree 1800 numbers but ended up talking to centres in North America or Asia pacific who had no idea what I was talking about. Finally I found success after calling them on their no and spoke to a guy who knew everything about the offer and promised me a callback within 2 days. I did get a call the same evening and the voucher code on my email the day after. So all well… very happy to have got a reasonably good tab for 1799( being sold currently above 4000)… Yippeeeee. And finally I hope this helps others…. the no from which I received the call was. I wonder why others on this forum were so hesitant to share this no.

  5. Ajmat Khan says:

    Dear Friends As i told earlier that i purchased two tablets. i registered for the offer on 23 dec and 30 dec 2015. for the first registration i received call on 25 dec but didn’t receive any promocode so i think that they are cheating but on 8 Jan i received my promocode on my email id and succussfully redeemed it.. for the second tablet they called me many times till i got the code.. even two time i missed their call. they called my regularily and also mailed me for giving alternate no. for calling. finally today i got the code.. so i think everybody will receive code if you are eligible.. They told me to call on 18001021100 for activation if need.. but i didn’t call them.. if anyone want to call you can.
    Thanks SMI..

  6. Rohit says:

    Manny there is no way to contact them ,but u will surely get the call till tomorrow.

  7. Mannu says:

    Hey can anyone tell me where to contact for this offer as I am yet to receive call from microsoft windows for paytm offer confirmation. can anyone please help me out?

  8. Tarik says:

    Yesterday I got a call from this no +71285128, which I missed. Could this be the no from Microsoft? And what happens if anyone missec the call. Please enlighten.

  9. Ankit says:

    got promo code & received 200 bucks. Thanks for such a great offer Microsoft.

    Did anyone tell me that we use same code each month or we get new promo code every 6 months.

  10. Ajmat Khan says:

    i have also received and redeemed the paytm code for rs 200 without adding extra money..
    i purchased two window tablets.. yet i am waiting for another call.

  11. Rohit says:

    SG u will surely get the call on or before 14 Jan. So don’t worry

  12. sg says:

    I registered on 24th dec.. but didnt got any call till now. Is there someway that i can contact them?

  13. Rohit says:

    Ankit u just have to put promo code in add money that’s all u don’t have add extra money.

  14. Ankit says:

    you received confirmation call today, can u tell me when you get confirmation call.
    and how its works just put promo code and 200 add or we have to add some money for it.

  15. ABC says:

    got the first coupon

  16. aNIKET says:

    Its started.. !
    plz make sure u redeem each month

  17. Bhargav says:

    Yuppy! I also got the coupon just now

  18. Rohit says:

    I got my first redemption of 200 paytm cash ,,..thanks you so much SMI.

  19. rohit says:

    i registered on 27th dec…but didn’t received the call till now…is there any possibility that i can get coupons without receiving the call

  20. aNIKET says:

    dont worry , check ur inbox within 10 – 14th jan

  21. rohit says:

    has anybody got paytm coupon yet?

  22. aNIKET says:

    Dear SMIans
    You have to submit detail within 31st..
    And must activate your windows with your microsoft email within 31st..
    All entries will be randomly contacted from 20th dec to 12th dec.
    Microsoft representative will validate your bill with the store, then call you to verify model id , Serial Number , Email , And Windows Product ID.
    After verifying you will receive paytm code of 10 digit and ad must be redeemed within 15th of jan.
    you will then receive 200 paytm cash . and 200 post 30 days for total 6 times =1200

    so keep calm..

    by the way if you not eligible dont worry you got suberb TAB CUM PC CUM CPU under 3000 … you are lucky! ;)

  23. Ajmat Khan says:

    i think they are really cheating.. i have received the call.. they activated my window. when i asked them for paytm code.. they replied you would get it from paytm via email… but yet i have not got any code..

  24. nicky says:

    but tell me with out sim card how can we us it…and i had register today when i will get coupon 1200 coupon code or 200*6 code it will be given any one have customer care no of microsoft plz share

  25. ABC says:

    i have too contacted the customer care of microsoft they told me that if you have registered you will surely recieve a call.But i dont think that they will provide a coupon.Because the device should be activated before 31 dec

  26. Prasant says:

    I registered my device on 25th December but didn’t get call. Contacted Microsoft via Twitter. See their reply.
    “If you have filled out the form, you should be getting a call not later than 15th Jan. ”
    I think we are cheated they will not give any code because
    As per T&C,code will be given within 14 days and 1st redemption should be before 15 Jan.

  27. urman says:

    not getting a call from microsoft for activation of the device. Did anyone get a call. Please help SMI

  28. Ajmat Khan says:

    i registered on 23 dec and received call on 25 dec.. but i haven’t the paytm code yet..

  29. sanjay says:

    No . lagta hai ab nahi milega. Whom should we complain?

  30. ABC says:

    Does anyone received call?

  31. ABC says:

    @ajmat please tell us that when have you registered and when have you received the call?

  32. Ajmat Khan says:

    i have received a call.. she told me that the copoun would have sent on email by paytm.. but i haven’t got any coupon yet..

  33. Rohit says:

    I also didn’t receive any kind of call or coupon.

  34. sanjay says:

    ABC same here. Did not get any call or email. Please reply if any body get that. Thanks

  35. ABC says:

    I have registered but till now i haven’t received any call from microsoft.

  36. uday says:


  37. Rohit says:

    Harish the offer is gone now ,& I ordered 2 of that from different ids at 2995 each.

    Wait 15-20 that offer will back again.because this forth time that I see this tablet price at 3000

  38. Harish says:


    no seller is offering at rs2995.
    If you find it please post the link

  39. ap says:

    price hiked. at 4900 at amazon> how to get deal?

  40. Rohit says:

    Guys view more sellers & u’ll find that price

  41. Arjun says:

    Ordered one

  42. nicky says:

    price showing more…

  43. ABC says:

    ordered one..
    A damn good offer

  44. SeKaR says:


  45. sahil says:

    Bought one…though not sure now after reading reviews about poor viewing angles

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