ICICI Mobile Recharge 25% Extra

ICICI is offering 25% extra recharge on transaction done using mobile. Maximum discount is Rs. 25.

ICICI: Free Recharge Offer

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    Dear Sir, i have been savings on you are Bank A/C in 015601514984. Please give me a rchare on my mobil no as +919994101403 at RS-100 Only .
    Thank you!

  2. Ruchir says:

    @ Arif Bhai-Sorry but sour grapes?Almost all ICICI A/c holders when asked which bank they want to switch to will say NO to all including maybe Citi. Axis may become as advanced and honest and professional as ICICI is now after 20 years.It is India’s pride and would not get into its details and history as that would eat SMI bandwidth but for Axis-

    1-Sister who had salary A/c in an MNC,Axis deducted charges for sending SMS alerts.
    2-Its employees created many problems for a relative aged above 75 and had to shuffle many times and lost mobile at bank which never got recovered.
    3-I have an option to open a zero bal A/c with free insurance via an MLM company but never entered the branch as after having two ICICI A/c based on all true facts,it would be a demotion-After becoming CEO to a steno of a branch manager.

    So,it is subjective.For you it is a pathetic scheme. ICICI holders will continue getting cash for free,every week,every day.Don’t know what Axis does but those who had A/c in both banks know that what original in the world ICICI brings in terms of programs,schemes,security checks etc,HDFC replicates them(Annu Malik bank) and still no comparison.And Axis is nowhere near HDFC B.Which is a clearing bank for a stock exchange and the most active bank,having tie-up with most entities of all shapes and sizes etc. HDFC and ICICI together are virtually backbone of Indian economy.They are the AXIS of Economical Empowerment to India.

  3. Arif says:

    pathetic scheme ICICI… Learn something from AXIS BANK……

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