[ICICI & SC CC] Zoomin Samsung Galaxy Sale 12 Months EMI + 15% Cashback + 32GB MicroSD Card + Scratchgard

samsung_offer_mailerimageGalaxy Grand Duos Rs. 17765 (32GB MicroSD Card), S3 Rs. 25793 (32GB) or Red Rs. 24225 (FlipKart), Note 2 Rs. 31148 (32GB), Tab 2 P3100 Rs. 13617 (16GB), Note 800 Rs. 29325.

Zoomin is 12 Months 0% Interest & Processing Fee EMI + 15% Cashback + 32GB MicroSD Card + Scratchgard Screen Protector on Samsung Galaxy Mobiles & Tablets.

Note: 15% Cashback offer is applicable on purchases using ICICI or Standard Chartered credit cards only. The Cashback will reflect into the credit card account on or before the 15th of June ’13.

Zoomin: Grand Galaxy Sale | Samsung Galaxy S3 Garnet Red Rs. 24225 (FlipKart)

28 Responses to “[ICICI & SC CC] Zoomin Samsung Galaxy Sale 12 Months EMI + 15% Cashback + 32GB MicroSD Card + Scratchgard”

  1. rahul says:

    hi i have samsung galaxy grand duos in white color buy but i have no credit card plz suggest me how to buy this mobile

  2. LALIT says:


  3. Arun says:

    As given in the website, 15% Cash Back is applicable on the Galaxy Note II (N7100) ONLY with 6 month Free EMI.

  4. Shubha says:

    Can I Get this phone paying from SBI ATM card?
    Reply very soon.

  5. devendra says:

    i was not have a credit card how can i buy this mobile

  6. ashish says:

    the EMI did not get reflected in my standard chartered account today, going to follow up, hope zoomin has not cheated

  7. skumar says:

    Still Add is coming in TV’s. Is that offer extended?

  8. Gangadhar says:

    Still Add is coming in TV’s. Is that offer extended?

  9. RAj says:

    No Ajay, the offer valid only till 30th Apr 2013

  10. Ajay Bissa says:

    Can i purchased today samsung galaxy grand dues mobile in this offer (15% cash back offer) icici bank credit card.

  11. Pavan says:

    I don’t believe Ruchir…

    After going throw his review he bought dated

    11 February 2013 Lost around ?
    7 February 2013 Lost 39990

    still he bough the Items from Flipkart and he bought

    12 April 2013 Lost ?

    personally i believe Flipkart.Mostly I bought around 10 Items from them,Everything is perfect.

    one of my colleague bought around 50 Products from them he loved the flipkart service.He didn’t face any problem till now.

    I am sure Ruchir was telling false… don’t believe in his words…

  12. Kuldeep says:

    This not a offer at all you can get same with less price for galaxy S3


    Zoomin is just making people fool and we are not fool :)

  13. Sam says:

    @ruchir try this site these guys will make sure your complaint against flipkart is addressed http://www.akosha.com within 2 days.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi on which cards do they provide 15% cash back????? i wonder if it is on HDFC????

  15. Sam says:

    dear Anivesh u should have bought it from tradus.com or homeshop18 they have tab2 in less tahn 1000rs, by this u could have saved more….

  16. SMI-fan says:

    hey, why u guys even want to purchase it online when the same exact deal is available @ each & every branded mobile store. there is almost daily an add about this on newspaper & that ’000015%’ add on TV.

    better go & buy in person!

  17. Ruchir says:

    @Ashok-NO,don’t even think about it.

  18. Ruchir says:

    Rest are minor things. Cashback and replacement are not real issues.Problem is their courier Ekart which is Flipkart arm.After ordering,surprised to see Ekart as a courier as never heard of it.It was shipped within 24 hrs but here are its splendid reviews,looks 17765 in danger.

    1st review-
    I ordered Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (Pure White, with bundled 8 GB Memory Card) on Date: 11 February, 2013 11:54 AM. The
    Order ID: OD30211031328. Today morning my family received the box. My family couldn’t track the delivery guy when they realized the problem. There were no cell phone inside the box.
    Detail information is given below:
    Mobile Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (Pure White, with bundled 8 GB Memory Card) Shipped on
    Feb 12, 2013 ekart Logistics [?]
    Track: DP02741653
    This is terrific situation!!! I never expected it from Flipkart. If I do not get my phone in a day, i will contact with lawyer
    Im still in shock to know that Flipkart has done it.

    2nd review-lease Help!! Fraud by online shopping website (FLIPKART.COM)!
    I purchased a Samsung laptop (Model NP300V5A-S0CIN) from Flipkart.com on 7th of February against order number OD30207090428 for an amount of Rs. 39990/-. The laptop was shipped promptly by them using some company named ekart Logistics against Tracking ID DX24795696 and the package was delivered on 9th of February at 7:00 PM and my wife had received the package.
    Upon reaching home at 9:45 PM of 9th Feb, I felt that the package is fairly light and upon opening the package, I found that there is no laptop inside the package. There was a Samsung box inside a Flipkart carton, and the Samsung box was having the packing materials, a disk and some user manuals, a small brown box and an invoice from Flipkart, however, there was no Laptop or the Charger for the Laptop inside that box.
    I immediately called Flipkart customer support at their customer support number 1-800-420-1111 and lodged a complaint against a reference number 130209-019215. I was promised a callback within 24 to 48 hours. I kept on chasing it up again and again and on 11th Feb, I received a call from some escalation department of Flipkart telling me that they are still investigating and need more time to fix this up. They promised a call within next 24 to 48 hours. There on again, I kept on chasing this up with them time and again, but to no avail. They kept on promising of times when they would call, however no body called. Yesterday I was promised of a call by 1 PM, however, again nobody called. I called them back at 1:10 PM and upon a lot on efforts, spoke to Shankar from escalation team, who promised me a resolution by 7 PM. Shankar called me at around 5:30 PM and told me that the courier company has confirmed that the laptop was delivered.
    I told him that the courier company delivered the package, however to no avail. They did not listen to me at all. This seems like I have been cheated. That too at hands of such a reputed online sales portal. I cant run around to consumer courts and wait years for having this issue resolved, however, the amount in question i.e. Rs. 39990/- is not that trivial that I would be able to leave this and live with a light head here on. I have made purchases from various online stores in past, have received duplicate products, broken/damaged products or lost shipments and these concerns were addressed pretty promptly by the respective companies. However, this incident has left me shattered to an extent that I would never be able to trust an online retail store to place an order.
    It seems like, Flipkart, like most other systems that we have seen, is good only till the time everything goes as expected, however, should there be a need to redress the issues, there is nothing that they would do to set things right. I went to the extent of writing a message to Sandeep Bansal (MD of Flipkart.com) and received no response from him either.
    I understand that this might be a small case that has come forward to this forum, however, means a lot to me as this amount in question is something that I have worked very hard to earn. I would appreciate any assistance that I would receive via this forum.

    3rd review-This is in reference to my Order no: OD30406051107 dtd. 06.04.13 [Q&Q Analog Watch - For Women (Pink) ] and tracking id no: BP06360635. The consignment against the above materials has not been delivered till 12.04.13.
    However, surprisingly Flipkart is showing delivery of the consignment on 11.04.13 in their website and vide their delivery confirmation e-mail. In this regard, complaint has been given to Flipkart customer care on 11.04.13 as well as 12.04.13 and yet to receive a reply.
    Can anybody please provide me any contact details of E-kart Logistics such that I can arrange to collect the consignment from them on my own.
    Amrit L Bora

  19. gbk says:

    totally agree with you mayur. secondly the service of flipkart has also degraded , earlier it used to deliver the next day but now it takes 5-7 days

  20. Mayur N says:

    Better go to nearby Branded Mobile showroom like TheMobileStore, ezone,croma….
    same offer is available at same price..
    I bought grand at 20900 at TheMobileStore….. converted in 12 EMIs with no extra cost + got 15% as cashback… (here my full cashback is going to be credited to my account in next months bill.. and Flipkart will devide it 12 months.. so which is better? to get cashback in next month OR wait for 12 months and get cashback in pieces? :)
    for Flipkart you have to wait for some days, u may get faulty piece… in shop purchasing there is no an advantage over this problem…
    so I will suggest better purchase mobile in branded shops and get the same offer :)
    Happy Shopping

  21. Anivesh says:

    Thanks SMI. you are amazing. saved me 1400 bucks. Ordered tab 2 2 days back from shopclues for 15 k. got it here now for 13.6 k. great thnx again

  22. Ketan says:

    Bought S3 in this offer on 14th. Havent shipped yet. eBay is faster. 2nd time bad experience.

    Also dont trust flipkart so blindly. They send a demo camera to my friend which had all photos of showroom in a packed box,

  23. Raghavan says:

    Gurantee – Well, it is Flipkart and really a good website I have ever purchased. I ordered it on Tuesday and Got yesterday itself. And for how they will return….. They will divide 15% by 12 and then credit to cc account each month….For example, 15999 rupees we are paying by CC and 1334 is the EMI for 12 months. 15% of 15999 is 2400 rupees and 2400 / 12 is 200 rupees per month…So every month 200 rupees will be credited to your CC account. And we can just pay 1334 – 200 = 1134 every month.

    This is how Flipkart explained to me. I purchased one and the Tab is amazing

  24. siddarth says:

    flipcart is charging 1500 extra for emi option

  25. Ajay Bisht says:

    What is the guarantee that amount will be reflected back

    Also are they gonna give cashback every month

  26. ashok mangnani says:

    Whether I can purchase two mobiles on the Same Credit Card.

  27. satish says:

    how the amt will relfect to cc…..conform it will relflect to cc or money will given as cash back in the flipkart account…….plz help smi….

  28. Tarun says:

    What is the guarantee that amount will be reflected back

    Also are they gonna give cashback every month

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