Joy Non-Ultra Dishwashing Liquid 414ml Rs. 80 – Tradus

joy-dishwashingTradus has discounted Joy Dishwashing Liquid 414ml to Rs. 80. Features great cleaning liquid which is hard on grease and soft on your hands.

Buy: Joy Dishwashing Liquid 414ml (Procter & Gamble brand)

12 Responses to “Joy Non-Ultra Dishwashing Liquid 414ml Rs. 80 – Tradus”

  1. sandy says:

    arey yar.. after reading through you guys inputs i agree to some extent with you all BUT TRUST ME – homeshop18 sabse GHATIYA ecom site he.. tradus has set a deadline for its sellers to ship the items.. homeshop18 to 4-5 delivery days likhte hein but item kabhi nahi bhejte…infact bar bar follow up karne k bad they say ki unkie stock exhaust ho gaye itna logon ne khareeda unka product! :D.. hahaha..

  2. sanjiv says:

    ullu banate hai tradus wale, sale pehele order book karte 10 din baad order cancel ki mail behj dete hain, tradus chor hai, koi buy mat karna yeh product. is baar bhi canecl hi hoga

  3. Sunny says:

    They cancelled all the Orders last time. They just promote such schemes to get money and use it . Anyways its too costly.

  4. Ramanuj says:

    dis is good I think …. they r cancelling the order as seller could not meet the deadline …. tradus is a reliable site so far I have bought the items /….

  5. sabyasachi says:

    yestday my ordr got cancld. tradus is cheat n fraud.. am givin proof below

    Hi sabyasachi

    This is to inform you that Seller Zedds sales has not met his ship out timelines and has not yet dispatched your Sub-Order 8923790_01.

    As per our policies, we are initiating the cancellation of this item. We will send your another email in 24 hrs with confirmation of cancellation and intiation of refund (for prepaid orders).

    For more information on our Return/Refund policy please refer to T&C.

    We value your relationship and look forward to delighting you with our services.

    For any queries, please refer to Tradus Help.

    Best Regards,
    Team Tradus

  6. Khaali Dabba says:

    I’ve ordered it @ Rs99 but now they have cancelled my order. TRADUS is not reliable site. till now they have cancelled my so many orders with real good discounts, and always deliver items with no discount or overpriced. and customer care also not good…

  7. Khaali Dabba says:

    now Rs20 shipping charges added, total amount 119

  8. DEEPAK SINGH says:

    just got one let us see who is the quality of the product. first time going through the name of brand.

  9. Ruchir says:

    Thx SMI,got it @99.Perfect site and most hard working relentlessly.Although not sure about retail rate.

    @Dilip-Lesson to be learnt.Better control over instincts.Learn from SMI. There were other 2 rarely available serviceable options and Tradus was forcing with a costlier deal pan India.But even on the 2 deals not available for most,they must be making money in that also.So, how can this be a real deal costlier than rest 2.The stock could not have exhausted and if you had frustrated them,99 would be the result.Waiting and going for the BEST deal,not good deal is something we all can learn from SMI.

  10. ajk says:

    delhi mei bhi shipping not available…. joke?

  11. Dilip says:

    Just bought yesterday for Rs.139 with shipping charges now they have made the shipping free…What to do?

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