JustEat Online Food Ordering 50% off

justeatValid on orders placed online using online payment option. Coupon may not be applicable on deals and a few select restaurants.

50% off Max Discount Rs. 250 Coupon: JDVDUSS50 or DUSSEHRA50 (vegetarian restaurants only)
40% off Max Discount Rs. 200 Coupon: JDMSEP40

Website: JustEat

44 Responses to “JustEat Online Food Ordering 50% off”

  1. VISHAL says:

    Can other cities take benefit? VADODARA is not in list

  2. Ibsahay says:

    They will take order, and then call to cancel your order as restaurant has been closed for the day. It has happened twice with me. Later when i checked, restaurant was open.

    JE fooling people.

  3. bhupi says:

    they do give discount but somehow the food quantity and quality is not what we shud get..one day I ordered paneer tikka masala n chicken tikka masala from chawlas restaurant through tastykhana site..food was gud n quantity was gud too according to high prices of chawla’s, but a day later I saw this 40% offer frm justeat and thot of ordering same food from chawlas..but this time the quality of both items were poor n no great taste and also the quantity was almost half of what I had ordered frm tastykhana..so I think this discount thing shud nt be taken seriously with Justeat..my experience of online food ordering is best with FOODPANDA and TASTYKHANA..they dont cheat like JUSTEAT

  4. Abhishek says:

    People who are complaining here please read carefully the instructions and for order select good resto or known one…… If you will select any crap one absolutely you will get crap service.

  5. Abhishek says:

    Thanks Save Money India Team.

    I have saved lot on this site… keep doing great work.

  6. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Total 321.00
    Discount 100.00
    Taxes 40.13
    Amount Payable 261.13

  7. Gagan says:

    None of the above coupons are working.

    Oops! You have entered an incorrect Coupon Code (all coupons applied)

  8. Ganesh says:

    Ridiculous site.
    After i placed order i instantly get the sms that my phone is not reachable and my order is on hold. After i call them they say they will all back in 2 mins and they never call. They never reply back to mail as well.
    If they dont want to process the order then why take the order in first place ?
    Tasty khana is better than this, At least they call back and update you on the status of your order.

  9. nazim says:

    Very nice offer..

  10. Mehul Shah says:

    Lowest discount offered by just eat compared to its competitors.

  11. Rajeev Nambyar says:

    menu 50 works ony for first time custmers..and maximum of rs.100..

  12. Him says:


  13. MEHUL SHAH says:


  14. Subhra Majumder says:

    This coupon does not work. Why are you publishing this again and again?

  15. Dhruva says:

    NOT WORKING (>_<)
    IT SAYS : Error: menu50 is either invalid or expired or does not meet all terms and conditions

  16. Monu says:

    It is not working for new customer also.
    please check.

  17. Uttam Kumar says:

    It says Condition not met, admins, please mention all the conditions here, Thanx

  18. Mehul Shah says:

    Not getting applied for order of Rs.350/- from Srinathji, Mumbai. Something is wrong.

  19. Mehul Shah says:

    Menu50 does not match the criteria. Not working.

  20. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Total Rs. 258
    Discount Rs. 129
    Container charges Rs. 12
    Amount Payable Rs. 141

  21. Monu says:

    menu50 not working.
    wrong code.

  22. viv says:

    nt happening..code nt gtn applied 50%

  23. Ram, says:

    very few hotels in chennai

  24. Kawal says:

    Awesome deal …. oh bale bale

  25. kumar says:

    In chennai they have just PAPA JONES & Pizza corner, that too only selected stores. Very disappointed Justeat.in

  26. mehul says:


  27. girish says:

    Unable to place order using visa cards.
    Any suggestions!!

  28. Rahul says:

    Nice deal. :)

  29. snikam6691 says:

    good offer!!

  30. raman says:

    never order worst service this site is a bunch of crooks

  31. Mehul Shah says:

    Ordered for pick up after online payment at Shrinathjis. When I reached to collect no information were sent to the store & he was not clear about online payment. Very embarrassing situation. After confirmation from his boss he gave me my order but had to wait for 20 min to get it.

  32. Rohit says:


  33. Mehul Shah says:

    tasty khana is far better than this site

  34. Tanuja says:

    Fake site. Never deal with Just Eat. Ordered food at 2 PM received SMS at 9 PM with a message your order is on hold. Your mobile is not reachable. Pls contact customer customer where they never picked-up the phone.

  35. Mehul Shah says:

    Check restaurants accepting online payment in your area & after that take coupon.

  36. Krishna says:

    Great Offer…:)

  37. anita says:

    Worst experience………Ordered pizza from Pizza Stop outlet in Bangalore. After 2 hrs they called and said we will not be able to deliver your order….

    Now i am cooking maggi for my dinner.

    Please avoid and spread your experience.

  38. nitesh says:

    ordered from RFC Sweets indirapuram and got delivered also

  39. Rohit says:

    gr8 for indirapuram…

  40. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Hardly any restaurant accepting online payment. Without accepting online payment coupon cant be applied on COD. Not good at all. Instead go for Tasty Khana & apply code TKTATA100 to get 100 off on 300.
    Lot of choices available.

  41. Mehul Shah says:

    Where to apply code?

  42. Krishna says:

    Maja aaya …mast deal hai

  43. Hola says:

    Good one !!

  44. Snikam6691 says:

    Good!bought 2!

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