Kamasutra KS Spark Deodorant Spray 150ml Rs. 114 – Amazon

ks-sparkFeatures Hot new flame. Burning passion. Sizzling chemistry. Hearts on fire. Pulses set alight. And a man who blazes a trail where women follow. Just some of the benefits of the spicy and sizzling fragrance of Spark!

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15 Responses to “Kamasutra KS Spark Deodorant Spray 150ml Rs. 114 – Amazon”

  1. g d airan says:

    purchased one @105

  2. Gags says:

    Its 105 not 82…Mind it..

  3. manit says:

    great offer.. bought 2.. Thanx Smi

  4. Bk says:

    Pranab now its 105.00, go and grab it, before price hike.

  5. Pranab says:

    not showing the price..its now 160 minimum.

  6. Bk says:

    Purchased 1, thanks SMI.

  7. GANESH says:

    Thanks SMI..bought one@82

  8. neha says:

    purchased 1.
    ty smi.

  9. Dashrath Bala says:

    Unable to get this for 78

  10. Anonymous says:

    78 nahi show kar raha hai.

  11. Raja says:

    I get it @78

  12. Kiran says:

    Not 78. Its 105

  13. ankit says:

    105 la h yeh deo..
    78 me kese milega..plz tell me

  14. vivaswan says:

    m unbl to add product in cart :(

  15. Vikram says:

    Good deal, bought one. Thanks SMI :-)

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