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khaitan-coolerSnapDeal is selling Khaitan Room Cooler Hit-Bit 30 for Rs. 4740. Features 30 Litre Water Tank Capacity, Auto-Swing, Water Level Indicator, 20 Ft. Air Throw & 2400 rpm Motor Speed.

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One Response to “Khaitan Room Cooler Hit-Bit 30 Rs. 4740 – SnapDeal”

  1. Tudor says:


    I recently bought 2 units of this product – Khaitan Room Cooler Hit-Bit 30. The worst decision, I could ever make in my life. I was thinking that a cooler could make life easier this summer. But this cooler made it worse to say the least.

    If you think, that this cooler operates silently; then you are wrong. This machine makes enormous noise that you will not be able to hear anything other than this thing working.
    Please, people; don’t go for this one. This machine is not at all worth the money spent. The overall design is very crude, with no finish. No STARS can be given to rate this cooler. It is a disaster by Khaitan and has the capacity to make life a disaster for you.

    A very disgusted customer, still thinking, why I bought this one and that too, 2 units.

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