Cartoon Print Single Bedsheet Combo of 2 Rs. 525 – Tradus

• 4 Beautiful combo options • Cotton Based • Beautiful colorful print • Vibrant color Combination • Skin Friendly • Easily washable.

Coupon: BED574

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3 Responses to “Cartoon Print Single Bedsheet Combo of 2 Rs. 525 – Tradus”

  1. Ruchir says:

    Thanks Kuldeep for helping Tradus lovers.Great job

    Although stated-
    Cartoon Print Single Bedsheet Combo Of 2.That means two single sheet as you got.You gone by photo.Ridiculous is no rating etc on that page,Tradus hiding it,not even percent.Another foolish thing is why 2 sheets on a double bed.He should show two folding beds covered.Shrewd seller that is what is tricky.Many cheater sellers and Tradus wants to shield them and no cell no. therefore Tradus disclose.

  2. SUDY says:

    kuldeep thks for intimating us well in advance ..some sellers are cheaters

  3. Kuldeep says:

    Be aware, These are single bed sheet…while in illustration is look like double bed sheet. i catch this information after placing 2 order and now requested to send same color option as these are single bed sheet.

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