Kingfisher Goodtimes Jackpot

Hit the jackpot & win a fortune of cool goodies including wrist watches, good times mugs, miniatures bats, t-shirts & tickets to T20 matches!

100% luck. Can take 20-100 tries. If you hit the jackpot, prize is assured.

Play: Kingfisher Goodtimes Jackpot | Winners List

3 Responses to “Kingfisher Goodtimes Jackpot”

  1. vishal chavan says:

    I hit the jackpot many time but my name is not their in the winneer list.

  2. rahul says:

    thanks for the link of the winners list.but its showing the 30may 2012 winners and behind the 30 may 2012 winners name only.
    will i get the prizes if i won the game today?
    if u know the answer then pls revert SMI.

  3. rahul says:

    i hit the jackpot
    but the contest is closed allready.. :(

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