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laptop-crazyHomeShop18 is selling 12 laptops at discount. Use coupon from offer page.

Good Buys: Fujitsu LH532 Rs. 18995 ( Coupon: GCKPMP5P5M5T )

HomeShop18: Laptop Sale The Crazy Dozen

6 Responses to “Laptop Sale The Crazy Dozen – HomeShop18”

  1. sanjay goyal says:

    I would agree to some of the points that Ruchir made….but the point I am making here is- who is stopping HS18 to get back to customer with a new deadline.

    They were quick to mentioned on or before 17april but when they could not meet the timeline, they could have informed…this is the least they can do.

    Otherwise, I would agree even I never had any issues with them before though I do not use them too often.

  2. Ruchir says:

    It is still India and we are not a rich country. HS18 itself doesn’t have as big pockets as its US counterparts.Laptops are one of the costliest items and even HS18 is as much dependent upon its sellers as other online sites in India.There lies the issue.Otherwise HS18 is OK.

    Very worrying as 15 days and big amount but my hunch is they are not for reversing but unavoidable delay which they cannot like themselves.First reversing means loss of reputation,no sale,charges still gone via PG etc etc.But they should be asked the reason and the intention very clearly.Delay and intention can be totally different issues.Traffic is needed for sites like mginger etc. HS18 cannot be imagined wanting traffic but maintaining reputation to compete with other giants.

  3. Amit Varyani says:

    sanjay your thoughts are true happened with me also lots of time.

  4. sanjay goyal says:

    Guys, pls be careful. I ordered Fujitsu laptop 15 days back under HS18 Super Deals. The payment was deducted thru Credit card.

    Till now no word from HS18 even after repeated followups thru mails or calls. All they can say is ‘someone will contact you shortly to let you know the status of delivery’

    There is high probability of this order getting reversed. Seems many of their deals are fake just to get traffic and also users money which they will keep without interest and return back after month.

  5. Ruchir says:

    But U.P. West is in.And this is the craziest prices till now for the best brands.No-one can beat this ever.Just as there is nothing like SMI,there is nothing like HS18 OVERALL.Go and get it and say thanks to HS18,particularly the HP with 1 Gb card.
    Another probably thought of point is below 25k the premium ones.Many like me have credit limit of 25k and for the first time I am in for the world’s best deal.
    No online shopping without particularly HS18 and 4-5 other main ones.

  6. Somnath says:

    Any laptop from homeshop18 is not serviceable in kolkata…I hv to miss every laptop deals.!

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