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zebronics-laptop-skinFlipKart is offering minimum 50% off on Laptop Skins. Orders of Rs. 500 or above are delivered free. Rs. 40 charge for delivery per item is applied if the order value is less than Rs. 500.

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3 Responses to “Laptop Skins minimum 50% off from Rs. 119 – FlipKart”

  1. Victor says:

    Deal title should be “Laptop Skins for 199 only”.
    This makes sense.

  2. vijay says:

    shipping cost rS it is high price

  3. Srimanth Saha says:

    For a Product of Rs 99 – 100Rs Shipping charge is just an idiotic act. I think Both Seler as well as have lost their sense of Marketing.

    Stupid Offer
    SMI please you dont be stupid like the others to post these senseless posts

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