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leonardo-oliveDalmiaShop is selling Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil 250ml for Rs. 10. Features main cooking grade oil & Its neutral flavour and high smoking point make it ideal for Indian cooking.

Coupon: DELFREE10

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53 Responses to “Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil 250ml Rs. 10 – DalmiaShop”

  1. GANESH says:

    Received it Yesterday , Taken time but they dispatched properly..Thanks Dalmia Shop and Posted SMI…..

  2. Krish says:

    Received it today…after a month..but glad I got it.

  3. sahil singal says:

    i also recieved

  4. Mehul Shah says:

    Received today

  5. GANESH says:

    me in chennai, not yet received my samples neither mails from dalmia…

  6. Sarthak says:

    i didn’t got it…:-(

  7. G D Airan says:

    received all samples

  8. Soumya says:

    I also received today

  9. KIDA KAPOOR says:

    Received today :-)

  10. amit says:

    fraud site they never replies beggers eaten my 10rs

  11. Man says:

    They are sending. Just wait a little more. I got it yesterday.

  12. amit says:

    they r beggers group we hv been cheated by them they hv earned money from us as 10/-rs per entry i m gonna file case against thm at consumer court

  13. Gotu says:

    Can anyone order shipped or not ????? waiting from 8 days but still not any order shipped…….

  14. amit says:

    @abhisek this article very old now they improved i orderd 1 qty

  15. Abhisek says:

    Just read the article and you will come to know why they are giving these samples http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/olive-oil-business/asia/leonardo-olive-pomace-oil-health-complaints/28779

  16. Rahul says:

    Yesterday i place 11 orders, Just checked all orders got cancel. fake site.

  17. baru says:

    dint’u read the t&c … orders get cancelled if u order more than one..

  18. Krish says:

    I hope that was not a fake website..because the Dalmia website looks different..SMI ..please confirm..if this was a valid offer ..

  19. vibha says:

    As you all can see all orders are in cancel state, they are simply making money, i dont think they will process the refund for this, neither they will ship, so people stop placing order.

  20. Kiran says:

    I placed total 9 orders from morning….. Just checked all my orders cancell…. what the hell

  21. vibha says:

    did anyone got it done sucessfully , check order status , mine is showing as canceled, but amount has been debited, anyone got the same?

  22. amit says:

    @soumya congrats u got 7 me trying from morning cant get even 1pc

  23. G D AIRAN says:

    working ordered on 5 ids

  24. shweta says:


  25. Shirish says:

    Multiple Order will Cancell…..

  26. soumya says:

    Hurray…..ordered 7

  27. pranav says:

    ordered…its working fine now…

  28. Mehul Shah says:

    Working fine now, but risky.

  29. harsh says:

    i ordered one but do not thing it will delivered at my home

  30. chandrashekhar says:

    Write to us with your queries at info@dalmiaglobal.com

    10, DARYA GANJ, NEW DELHI (110 002) INDIA
    Phone : +91-11-43744900
    Toll Free : 1800 103 8626
    Fax : +91-11-2327-7875

    leonardo is brand name of dalmia continental.

  31. Rahul says:

    “scamadviser.com” can tell you whether any website is genuine or not. And for this site its showing only 71% trusted. So don’t order anything from this site.

  32. Sameer says:

    There are no Contact No. or address of this website….. Looks like 100% fake site…….

  33. Netrafter says:

    Braved all site errors & managed to complete the order.
    Lets see if & when they deliver..

  34. Gotu says:

    Just bought one…. Now showing out of stock…..

  35. G D AIRAN says:

    now shows out of stock

  36. Sumanta says:

    keep on refreshing and ordering. but no order id, after payment, may be fake, let’s wait and see

  37. Anonymous says:

    Error in site

  38. kapil says:

    tecnical error

  39. mehul says:

    Absolutely Unreliable.

  40. Robin singh says:


  41. amitkumar says:

    let see its fake or not

  42. FARID AHMED says:

    I ordered one, look good product. …

  43. Anmol Bharti says:

    There is 1 error: You cannot use this voucher anymore (usage limit attained).

  44. harsh says:

    bakwass site hai

  45. harsimran says:

    service unavailable

  46. SANJU says:

    Ordered 1 ….site is very slow ….lets see whether its genune or fake offer

  47. GoodFellas says:

    payment done while returning back to site site didnt recognize payment done :( dont do now they are not stabilized

  48. kailash kher says:

    flop show

  49. Naveen says:

    not working

  50. Rahul says:

    Service Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

  51. mehul says:


  52. anil gupta says:

    bass faaaaaa gaye why

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