CromaRetail Liquidation Sale upto 60% off + 10% off

croma60New - Laptop Bags & Backpacks from Rs. 405 | Camera Tripods & Stands from Rs. 949

10% off Max Discount Rs. 500 Coupon: ICICI10M

Website: CromaRetail | Liquidation Sale (select category)

7 Responses to “CromaRetail Liquidation Sale upto 60% off + 10% off”

  1. raja says:

    all items are out of stock already. prbably making money from pramotion this is a startagy of cromaretail

  2. sam says:

    i bought 2 items from this site, both received within 5 days in delhi . price on site are usually on higher side for most item but they always sell few itemS very cheaply.

    last month i bought camera bag ‘Caselogic DC 307′ for just rs 825 where as every other site were selling it at atlest rs2990 or rs3990,

    In sept 2012 i bought 1 TB USB 3 western digital hard disk for just rs Rs 3994. where as minimum selling price on other site was atlest 4800 at that time. most site were selling above rs 5000 at that time

    my experience has been good on croma,

  3. @jit says:

    It does not matters that they are tata or anything but there customer support is worst & frustrating to buyers. I have order a mobile & they gave me a defective item. That is not the problem but after that they are not giving replacement & refund too. All though a proper answer they don’t have. Order id SLE006EC0000496 CHECK FOE YOURSELF. JUST BUY THE ITEM FOR GOOD PRICE DON’T EXPECT A GOOD TREATMENT LIKE FLIPKART . IF YOU ARE GIVING A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY DON’T SEE SOME HUNDRRDS DIFFERENCE.

  4. Ruchir says:

    Alto(abb. of although)[My termi..} TATA most trusted and most Indians proud of but I believe D K has been cheated.Disappointed more for obvious reasons.But what can one do.I suggest u go to and see all links and to CORE and lodge there.That is official and the errants shivered and in some cases returned double the loss and sometimes free gift,CSL(Common Sense Logic){Applied for Patent} suggests amount also refunded.
    But don’t presume much.Ask reasoning,if cancelled then reasoning etc to understand in own capacity and then all guns firing if they are dishonest and not bcoz OOS etc which types NO ECOMMERCE site in India can avoid.SMI is so helpful,he may even drop in if you tell the case history in FULL

  5. D K says:

    my Rs.9K of 2 pc of micromax funbook pro blocked for 14 days cheater site not shipped deal items avoid to purchase from this site.

  6. pavan says:

    website has a technical error, payment summary is not coming

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